All-Ireland SFC semi-final: Dublin v Tyrone

It's a semi-final showdown in Croke Park for chance to face Mayo in September's All-Ireland final

RuaidhrĂ­ Croke Sun, Aug 27
LIVE: All-Ireland SFC semi-final: Dublin v Tyrone

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  • 15:06
    Good afternoon and welcome to The Irish Times liveblog of the All-Ireland SFC semi-final between Dublin and Tyrone at Croke Park! After Mayo's win yesterday saw them into the All-Ireland final, it's time for these two powerhouses to do battle for the chance to join them in the September 17th clash. I'm Ruaidhrí Croke and I'll be with you for the afternoon as the action unfolds. You can get involved by using the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the blog or you can get me on Twitter @Ruaidhri_Croke. Team news to follow!
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    If, like me, you've been up since 4am to watch Floyd Mayweather get a light workout against Conor McGregor for the reward of a few hundred million quid then you will, like me, be quite tired at this stage. For that reason alone, let's hope we get an exciting game this afternoon and a lot of the signs say we will.  

    Dublin's championship encounters so far this year have, largely, been quite a good representation of this morning's fight in Las Vegas - i.e. complete non-contests. The main difference is that the likes of Monaghan, Carlow etc didn't walk away to the tune of $100 million despite being completely and utterly outclassed.

    Sticking to that theme, Dublin and Tyrone does always throw up the possibility of a few haymakers being thrown and we'd probably see more actual boxing action than was seen this morning - we certainly did in Mayo's win over Kerry yesterday evening.

    Speaking of Mayo, they have, once again, booked their place in the All-Ireland final as their desperate search for a first title in 66 years continues. Will Dublin once again be the team with the chance to deny them of that or will Tyrone get the opportunity to win their first Sam Maguire since 2008?

    We'll soon find out but what we do now for sure is that Diarmuid Connolly has not been named in the Dublin starting 15, despite now being available once again after his 12-week ban. However, that does not, of course, mean he won't start and it may well only be minutes before the 4pm throw-in when we hear that he is in the team.

    For now, here are the teams as announced:

    1. Stephen Cluxton (Parnells)
    2. Philly McMahon (Ballymun Kickhams)
    3. Cian O’Sullivan (Kilmacud Crokes)
    4. Michael Fitzsimons (Cuala)
    5. Jonny Cooper (Na Fianna)
    6. John Small (Ballymun Kickhams)
    7. Eric Lowndes (St Peregrine’s)
    8. Brian Fenton (Raheny)
    9. James McCarthy (Ballymun Kickhams)
    10. Ciarán Kilkenny (Castleknock)
    11. Con O’Callaghan (Cuala)
    12. Jack McCaffrey (Clontarf)
    13. Paul Mannion (Kilmacud Crokes)
    14. Paddy Andrews (St Brigid’s)
    15. Dean Rock (Ballymun Kickhams)

    1. Niall Morgan
    2. Aiden McCrory
    3. Ronan McNamee
    4. Cathal McCarron
    5. Tiernan McCann
    6. Pádraig Hampsey
    7. Peter Harte
    8. Colm Cavanagh
    9. Conall McCann
    10. David Mulgrew
    11. Niall Sludden
    12. Kieran McGeary
    13. Mark Bradley
    14. Sean Cavanagh (c)
    15. Matthew Donnelly

  • 15:39

    We have plenty of pre-match reading for you to digest before the action gets underway.

    These two sides are meeting in the championship for the first time in six years but it's a rivalry that's rumbled on for many years, as Seán Moran writes.

    A most eventful rivalry: 33 years of the Dublin-Tyrone files

    Meanwhile, Malachy Clerkin has been looking at Jim Gavin's management of Dublin and how he's overseen a consistent transition of new talent.

    Wily Jim Gavin busy ensuring a blue-sky future for Dublin

    Finally, Seán Moran has previewed today's semi-final clash.

    Dublin have the equipment to rage against the machine

  • 15:45
    Diarmuid Connolly will not start for Dublin. The teams have emerged onto the pitch with Dublin eight minutes late. The mind games have begun.
  • 15:48

    We do have one change in the Dublin team, however. Niall Scully has come in for Eric Lowndes. The reasons are yet unclear but if it's not an injury then Lowndes will feel hard done by - he's been excellent so far this year.

    Just over 10 minutes until throw-in now!

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  • 15:55

    It's time for the parade!

    Dublin will attack the Hill 16 end in the first half.

  • 15:59
    We have controversy already! As the parade approached Hill 16 the Tyrone team broke off en masse and didn't pass the wall of blue. This one is going to be feisty. Time for the national anthem and then throw-in.
  • 16:02
    1 min: We are underway in Croke Park!  (Dublin 0-0 Tyrone 0-0)
  • 16:04
    2 mins: Tyrone signal their intent early with a ferocious start. After Ciarán Kilkenny broke down the left for Dublin, Colm Cavanagh stuck with him, won the ball back and then got right up in his face to let him know full well that he was there. From the ensuing attack Tyrone won a close range free and Sean Cavanagh popped over for the first score of the game.  (Dublin 0-0 Tyrone 0-1)
  • 16:05
    3 mins: But Dublin answer straight back thanks to that oh-so valuable weapon of Stephen Cluxton's kickout. His first of the day flies all the way up to Niall Scully who turns and feeds Dean Rock. He's fouled and gratefully takes the easy free to get Dublin on the board.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-1)
  • 16:07


    DUBLIN 1-1 TYRONE 0-1!

  • 16:09
    7 mins: What a goal that was and it was all due to superb work from 21-year-old Con O'Callaghan. After Tyrone were caught out in the attack after some poor passing, Dublin broke. It was fed to O'Callaghan inside the 45 and he sped towards the Tyrone defence, ducking and weaving right and left around two defenders before absolutely hammering a right-footed shot past Niall Morgan into the top left corner of the net.  (Dublin 1-1 Tyrone 0-1)
  • 16:10
    8 mins: What a point from Tiernan McCann. After picking the ball up on the 45 he was given acres of space but so no movement up front. Instead he dropped it onto his right foot and smoothly slotted it over for a beautiful point.  (Dublin 1-1 Tyrone 0-2)
  • 16:12

    11 mins: But McCann's quality point is matched by the class of Paddy Andrews not once, but twice. From the right sideline and facing a tight angle he was given too much space to look up and curl a kick between the posts.  

    Seconds later he picked the ball up on the far side of the pitch and, once again, was allowed space to run into, take a look at the posts, and slot his point right through them. Dublin look very, very strong.  (Dublin 1-3 Tyrone 0-2)

  • 16:15
    13 mins: It's another point for Dublin and the gap widens further. After losing the ball in a good position John Small kept it alive by chasing after it and slotting a football-style left-footed pass through two Tyrone defenders and onto the toe of Kilkenny. He flicked it up, turned onto his right and curled a point over to put Dublin five ahead.  (Dublin 1-4 Tyrone 0-2)
  • 16:17
    15 mins: James McCarthy is the first name in the book for his high tackle on McCann. From the free on the 45 metre line, Peter Harte arrows a perfect left-footed effort over the bar.  (Dublin 1-4 Tyrone 0-3)
  • 16:19
    17 mins: But Dublin, as they do so often, answer straight back thanks to some excellent forward play. Rock is the man to kick over after a series of short handpasses opened up the space. That's Rock's first point of this year's championship from play.  (Dublin 1-5 Tyrone 0-3)
  • 16:21

    20 mins: Colm Cavanagh picks it up around halfway, dismisses any passing option and instead barrages through the Dublin defence, batting off O'Callaghan as if he wasn't there before slotting over for a Tyrone point.

    But, once again, Dublin answer back. Paul Mannion's lovely weaving run opened up the space to find O'Callaghan in a central position and the young man made no mistake.  (Dublin 1-6 Tyrone 0-4)

  • 16:24

    22 mins: Niall Scully receives the second yellow card of the game for an off-the-ball incident with Colm Cavanagh. From the attack Mattie Donnelly fired a point effort wide and Dublin have it back.

    Yet another pinpoint kickout from Cluxton finds Fenton in space. He turns and passes it off. About 20 or 25 short passes later, Fenton gets it back in space further up the pitch and slots a point over. That was a truly superb team score. Dublin's patience and accurate passing has the Tyrone defence all over the place so far.  (Dublin 1-7 Tyrone 0-4)

  • 16:25
    24 mins: John Small becomes the latest Dublin player to be shown a yellow card for yet another off-the-ball incident.  (Dublin 1-7 Tyrone 0-4)
  • 16:27
    25 mins: Dublin are on a different level altogether at the moment and it's showing. O'Callaghan's quick movement once again works him some space and he slots over his second point of the game to add to his early goal. Sublime stuff.  (Dublin 1-8 Tyrone 0-4)
  • 16:31
    28 mins: After being gifted possession from a poor Dean Rock pass, Tyrone attack well and work space on the left for Cathal McCarron. He beats one Dublin defender but is quickly crowded out and loses it. Dublin patiently pass it around the middle of the pitch as the "Olé" chants start from the Dubs fans. We're not even at the half hour mark yet...  (Dublin 1-8 Tyrone 0-4)
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    32 mins: The last three or four minutes have pretty much summed up the game so far.

    Dublin put together 25 passes inside the Tyrone half without a Tyrone player even touching the ball. The eventual point attempt from Fenton was a poor one and dropped into the hands of Morgan in the Tyrone goal.  

    However, the Ulster side could only manage four passes before losing possession once again and we're back to Dublin passing. When Dublin have the ball Tyrone simply canot get near them and it's absolutely killing their confidence and sapping their energy.  (Dublin 1-8 Tyrone 0-4)

  • 16:37

    35 mins: Colm Cavanagh should be off the pitch but instead he's only received a yellow card. After Fenton opened a gap and kicked towards goal Cavanagh came in with a vicious kung-fu kick to the abdomen of the Dublin man. UFC sort of tactics there from Cavanagh and he's a very lucky man indeed to still be on the pitch.

    Fenton is up after receiving treatment and Rock slots the free.  (Dublin 1-9 Tyrone 0-4)

  • 16:38

    35+1 mins: Tyrone have a point!

    It's their first score in 18 minutes and comes via the boot of Peter Harte. They needed that. And they need many, many more.  (Dublin 1-9 Tyrone 0-5)

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  • 16:45

    It's been an absolute exhibition from Dublin so far and a horror-show from Tyrone.

    Dublin's retention of possession has been absolutely superb with minutes going by without a Tyrone player touching the ball. Their point-taking has also been so accurate that they don't even really need to break through the Tyrone defence to create chances and the Ulster side simply look stumped by it all, devoid of ideas to change things up. When they get possession they look frantic and disjointed, inevitably giving it back to Dublin almost instantly and the cycle starts again.

    An interesting stat from that first half is that Tyrone's forwards scored a grand total of zero points while Dublin's scored four.

    The Dubs are just toying with them at this stage and that's been seen in the fact that the Dublin fans were chanting "Olé" to their side's passing before the clock had even hit 30 minutes.

  • 16:56
    36 mins: The second half is underway in Croke Park!  (Dublin 1-9 Tyrone 0-5)
  • 16:57
    37 mins: Tyrone win the throw-in and go on the attack immediately. Small fouls and gives away an easy free which Harte slots over. Is that the start of the comeback?  (Dublin 1-9 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 16:59
    38 mins: Another excellent Cluxton kick out starts a Dublin attack and ends in a point. Good handpassing from Scully and O'Callaghan works space for Mannion who cuts onto his right and slots over.  (Dublin 1-10 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 17:01
    41 mins: We're into one of the longest phases of Dublin passing inside the Tyrone half so far...(Dublin 1-10 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 17:04

    43 mins: That must have been over 30 patient passes before Jack McCaffrey saw the gap open up and burst into it. He twisted and turned past two Tyrone defenders before sticking over his first point of the game. Another example of superb team play from Dublin.

    Tyrone do answer back with a point from Niall Sludden on the left but you just feel Dublin will always hit back and maintain the gap.  (Dublin 1-11 Tyrone 0-7)

  • 17:06
    45 mins: Darren McCurry gets in behind for Tyrone and there's a goal chance on. But he decides to pass instead of shooting himself and Scully is able to intercept. Why did he not just have a go himself, he was practically on the penalty spot!  (Dublin 1-11 Tyrone 0-7)
  • 17:11
    49 mins: What a chance for Kevin McManamon! He's just come on for Paddy Andrews and nearly opened his account with a wondergoal. After picking it up on the right, he cut inside, weaved through three Tyrone defenders and hammered a shot past Morgan but it cannoned off the crossbar!  (Dublin 1-11 Tyrone 0-7)
  • 17:13
    51 mins: More good work from McManamon, this time on the opposite flank, works a free for Dublin. Rock makes no mistake with the free for the first score of the game in over seven minutes. Tyrone have had six wides already in the second half and just don't look at all like they;re going to get anything going soon.  (Dublin 1-12 Tyrone 0-7)
  • 17:14
    53 mins: Dublin pass up another chance to put the icing on the cake! The holes are getting bigger and bigger in the Tyrone defence now and, after some more good build up play, Jack McCaffrey burst through one-on-one with Morgan but his attempted effort to place it in the top corner flies wide.  (Dublin 1-12 Tyrone 0-7)
  • 17:15
    55 mins: O'Callaghan wins a close range free, Rock slots over and the gap widens to nine points.  (Dublin 1-13 Tyrone 0-7)
  • 17:17

    56 mins: Seán Cavanagh departs the Croke Park pitch for most likely the last ever time in a situation he would not have wanted. He's replaced by Michael Cassidy.

    Meanwhile, Peter Harte has cut the gap by one with a good free.  (Dublin 1-13 Tyrone 0-8)

  • 17:20

    59 mins: Once again devoid of options further forward, Colm Cavanagh kicks from range in frustration as much as hope but it flies over for the point.

    Seconds later Sludden follows it up from a tight angle and that's a third point in a row from Tyrone to cut the defecit to six points. Dublin have gone a little bit complacent in the last few minutes.  (Dublin 1-13 Tyrone 0-10)

  • 17:22
    60 mins: Dublin's drought doesn't last too long as substitute Paul Flynn fires a point over from way out.  (Dublin 1-14 Tyrone 0-10)
  • 17:24
    63 mins: It's just a case of the clock ticking down now but Tyrone have pulled another point back via Declan McClure after some uncharacteristically poor possession from Dublin.  (Dublin 1-14 Tyrone 0-11)
  • 17:28

    67 mins: Flynn makes it two points in a row for himself with another huge point.

    Meanwhile, Eric Lowndes has come on for Paul Mannion! Wearing the number 12 jersey the Dublin fans think it's Diarmuid Connolly making his return and Lowndes gets the biggest cheer of the day in Croke Park!  

    Apart from that the atmosphere has been pretty dull due to the fact that the match has largely been a non-contest.  (Dublin 1-15 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 17:29


    DUBLIN 2-15 TYRONE 0-11!

  • 17:31

    69 mins: There's the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. Dublin once again waltzed through the Tyrone defence with some good handpassing before McManamon handpassed it across to O'Gara his palmed it in from a yard or two out.

    Seconds later he follows it up with a point as Diarmuid Connolly makes his return to the Dublin team after a 12-week ban!  (Dublin 2-16 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 17:31
  • 17:32

    70+1 mins: And Cluxton saves it!

    After Jonny Cooper clattered into the back of Colm Cavanagh, giving the referee no choice but to award the penalty, Harte steps up. He opts to drill it down the middle but Cluxton reads it and saves.  

    As if Tyrone's day couldn't get any worse. Start the bus.  (Dublin 2-16 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 17:35
    70+4 mins: Flynn makes it a hat-trick of points since coming on after having a close range goal attempt well saved by Morgan.  (Dublin 2-17 Tyrone 0-11)
  • 17:35



  • 17:40

    Tears for Tyrone and particularly Seán Cavanagh who has played his last ever game at Croke Park with the worst result. Each of the Dublin players comes over to embrace him and wish him well which is nice.

    But Tyrone never really stood a chance out there today. They were completely and utterly outclassed from the very start and Dublin are just superb to watch.  

    If Mayo are going to do it they have seriously tough task on their hands.

  • 17:43
  • 17:45

    So, that's that.

    We have a replay of last year's All-Ireland final on September 17th and, if it's anything like the two epics we enjoyed 12 months ago, we're in for a treat.

    Dublin will take some stopping but maybe, just maybe, this is Mayo's year at last.

    Full reports and reaction from Croke Park will be online shortly at so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading this afternoon, bye!