Cork v Limerick

How will Cork cope with a third weekend in a row? Can Limerick kick on further?

Philip Reid Sat, Jun 2
LIVE: Cork v Limerick

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  • 18:48

    Philip Reid here with the live blog on the Munster Senior Hurling Championship group game between Cork and Limerick.


    These Saturday evening games bring a great atmosphere and there's some 30,000 in the fabulous new-look Pairc Ui Chaoimh as Cork, table toppers with three points from their two games, and Limerick, winners of their only match so far, go head to head in what promises to be a great match between the two rivals.

  • 18:51
    James Owens from Wexford is the man in charge of the Cork-Limerick encounter ...... Cork are 8/11 favourites with Limerick priced at 7/5. A draw is rated a 9/1 chance.
  • 18:57
    The Limerick and Cork teams are parading and the flags are waving ...... no late changes on either side ahead of this anticipated meeting.
  • 19:01
    It's four years since Cork and Limerick last met in the championship .... on that occasion, it was the Rebels who won by two clear goals.
  • 19:03
    The band is leaving the pitch and leaving the stage to the hurlers .... Cork first on the attack.
  • 19:05

    Lovely opening point from Lehane for Cork.....and Cian Lynch repsonds straight away.


    0-1 apeice inside 90 seconds

  • 19:07

    Graham Mulcahy points - happy 28th birthday - and Limerick are ahead. Seamus Flanagan adds another. Limerick are on fire. Cork crowd a wee bit quiet.


    Limerick 0-3 Cork 0-1

  • 19:09

    Good point from Kearney as the wing-forward gets a point for Cork.


    Limerick 0-3 Cork 0-2

  • 19:09
    Some great movement from the Cork forwards and Shane Kingston taps over the equaliser   0-3 apiece
  • 19:10
    Declan Hannon has had to go off after six minutes..... now, that's a huge blow for Limerick.
  • 19:11

    Pat Horgan - off his left - points and Darragh Fitgibbon gets another off the puck out. Cork have responded really well.


    Cork 0-5 Limerick 0-3

  • 19:12
    .... and Seamus Flanagan gets one for Limerick to redue the deificit to one. Scores coming thick and fast in this game.
  • 19:13
    Pat Horgan strikes a wonderful pointed free from 70 metres .... Cork lead by two.
  • 19:15
    Some worried looks on the LImerick bench as Kyle Hayes gets treatment..... looks like he is okay to   continue.
  • 19:16

    Aaron Gillan scores a free for Limerick ..... Seamus Flanagan won the free on the endline.


    And Darragh O'Donovan wins possession on the puck out and points to level.   0-6 apiece

  • 19:17
    Gearoid Heggarty hits a great point on the run ..... Limerick ahead.
  • 19:18
  • 19:18
    Pat Horgan's attempt has floated wide.....six minutes without a score for Cork.
  • 19:21
    Huge puck out from Anthony Nash ..... would give Dustin Johnson a run for his money.... and the ball is deflected out over the endline for a Cork 65. That was a puck and a half.
  • 19:22
    Pat Horgan fires over the 65 .... that's his third point and the sides are level again 0-7 to 0-7
  • 19:22

    Not for long.


    Tom Morrissey hits a nice point for Limerick to edge ahead again.

  • 19:27
    Cork are flying again ...... 0-10 to 0-8 ahead now.
  • 19:29
    Aaron Gillane could be in trouble ...... referee Owens talks to him and issues a red card.
  • 19:30
    Well, that red card for Gillane could prove very costly for Limerick ....... and Shane Kingston's second point gives Cork a 0-11 to 0-8 lead.
  • 19:32

    Sean O'Donoghue a lucky man..... booked a couple of minutes ago and clearly pulls the jersey of Cian Lynch as the Limerickman raced through. Referee goes for book, doesn't book him again ..... .just a free and Tom Morrissey taps it over.

    Cork 0-11 Limerick 0-9

  • 19:35

    Usain Bolt wouldn't have caught Mark Coleman   ... speed and skill, great point.


    Limerick respond with a free from Dermot Burns.


    Cork 0-12 Limerick 0-10

  • 19:35
  • 19:35
  • 19:36
    Darragh Fitzgibbon with a nice point off his left for Cork to put them three points clear (33 mins)
  • 19:39

    Tom Morrissey with a pointed free for Limerick .... and then he dispossess Daniel Kearney and grabs one from play.


    Limerick fighting well.


    Cork 0-13 Limerick 0-12

  • 19:40
    Richie English is down after an off the ball incident..... getting treatment and referee James Owens is going to talk to his umpires.  
  • 19:41
    Referee has conferred.....what's he going to do? If anything?
  • 19:42
    Nothing. Referee talks to Conor Lehane and English ..... and that's it. Boohs from the Limerick supporters.
  • 19:44

    Colm Spillane hits a monster point from inside his own half to increase Cork's lead 0-14 to 0-12 and that's it, the half-time whistle has sounded. The referee has been a busy man. One red card and it could have been more......



    Cork 0-14

    Limerick 0-12

  • 19:55
    Cork have the edge over Limerick, on the scoreboard and also numerically with 15 against 14 heading into the start of the second half of what has been a thrilling Munster senior hurling championship at Pairc Ui Chaoimh. It has been a thrill a second encounter with barely any time for players to draw breath ...... the second half is coming up. All to play for.
  • 19:56
    The official attendance at Pairc Ui Chaoimh is 34,607 ..... not bad, eh?
  • 19:58
  • 20:01
    Not surprised to see that Sean O'Donoghue hasn't returned for the second half .... he was lucky to avoid a second yellow card in the first half.
  • 20:03

    Two yellow cards within seconds of the second half

    Mulcahy for Limerick, Coleman for Cork



  • 20:04

    Pat Horgan is fouled and points himself from the free

    Cork 0-15 Limerick 0-12

  • 20:05

    Fair to say that the Limerick supporters in the crowd not too impressed with the referee ...... but they have a free and Tom Morrissey fires it over

    Cork 0-15 Limerick 0-13

  • 20:06

    Seamus Flanagan does great work and Cian Lynch takes the pass .... over it goes for a point. One point game.


    Cork 0-15 Limerick 0-14

  • 20:06

    And Limerick are LEVEL ...... Graeme Mulcahy fires it over. Limerick supporters raising the decibel levels.

    0-15 apiece

  • 20:08
    Cork struggling to get going in this half ......
  • 20:10

    GOAL....that man Pat Horgan fires home past Nicky Quaid.


    Who was marking him?


    Cork 1-15

    Limerick 0-15

  • 20:10

    Quick response from Tom Morrissey.


    Cork 1-15

    Limerick 0-16

  • 20:11

    Conor Lehane's scores his second point of the game. ..... end to end to end!!!


    Cork 1-16

    Limerick 0-16

  • 20:12

    Tom Morrissey is everywhere .... he has scored his seventh point to keep Limerick in it.


    Cork 1-16

    Limerick 0-17

  • 20:12

    Luke Meade grabs his first point of the game.....he came on at half-time.


    Cork up by three.

  • 20:13

    Seamus Flanagan is playing well too.....he has grabbed his third point of the evening.

    Cork 1-17

    Limerick 0-18 (48 mins)

  • 20:14

    Seamus Flanagan again......Limerick aren't going away.

    Cork 1-17

    Limerick 0-19

  • 20:15

    Puck out to Darragh O'Donovan ..... and they're level. Great point for Limerick. They look fresher.


    Cork 1-17

    Limerick 0-20

  • 20:16

    Seamus Flanagan from an acute angle ..... what a score and Limerick are up by a point.


  • 20:17
    Well, 14 man Limerick are putting up quite a show in this second-half ..... .but Pat Horgan has pointed another free for Cork and it is level again.
  • 20:19

    Great burst out of defence by Richie English who feeds Graeme Mulcahy .... he's fouled. Free to Limerick.

    Tom Morrissey does what he does and fires it over, his 8th point of the game. Limerick ahead.


    Limerick 0-22

    Cork 1-18

  • 20:21

    What a point from Cian Lynch..... fed Seamus Flanagan, then took the return.


    Limerick 0-23

    Cork 1-18

  • 20:22

    Anthony Nash's puck out goes astray and Kyle Hayes points it over the bar.


    Limerick 0-24

    Cork 1-18

  • 20:24

    Cork look a bit tired...... Limerick - remember, 14 man Limerick - are not letting up.

    Free to Cork; Limerick players are not happy at all ...... Pat Horgan points.

  • 20:27

    Over 34,000 in the Park this evening and they've got a thriller ...... it's not over yet: Pat Horgan jogging out to take another free and he brings his tally to 1-9.

    Limerick 0-24

    Cork 1-20


    One point game.

  • 20:28

    Dan Morrissey fires over from long range to increase the lead.....anything his brother Tom can do!!!


    Limerick 0-25

    Cork 1-20

  • 20:29
    Seamus Flanagan has gone off....looks like cramp. He has been immense.
  • 20:30

    Now it is the Cork fans who are unimpressed with referee Owens..... it's a free in to Limerick and Tom Morrissey has increased the lead.


    Limerick 0-26

    Cork 1-20 (65 minutes)

  • 20:31
    Nicely worked move up the line to Conor Lehane and he points to reduce the deficit to two .....
  • 20:31
    and Fitzgibbon gets another .... one point game. Limerick ahead by one.
  • 20:32

    You can't afford to blink in this one.... and Pat Ryan had a great chance for a goal but fluffed his lines. Missed the ball entirely and Cork sweep down to the other end and Horgan points to level it.



    Limerick 0-26

    Cork 1-23

  • 20:34

    Darragh Fitzgibbon has put Cork ahead..... fine point.Kept his nerve well.


    Cork 1-24

    Limerick 0-26 (70 mins)

  • 20:35
    What a mighty point from Limerick's Diarmuid Byrnes...... wow wow wow. Level again.
  • 20:35
    Three minutes additonal time..... and there is a free to Cork. Pat Horgan licking his lips.
  • 20:36

    Yep, Horgan doesn't miss many ...... Cork back in front by a point.


    Cork 1-25

    Limerick 0-27

  • 20:38

    Kyle Hayes has produced a brilliant point to level it. Hearts beating hard all around the ground.


    Cork 1-25

    Limerick 0-28


    Only seconds left

  • 20:40

    Full time whistle sounds ...... and nobody can catch their breath. It has finished level. What a brilliant match.

    Cork 1-25 Limerick 0-28



    What a match and Limerick - 14 men for most of the match - will take so much more from it. Going into the lion's den and going away with renewed hopes of what the future holds.

  • 20:42

    Well, that was a belter. Some fabulous performances - especially Tom Morrissey and Seamus Flanagan for Limerick, while Pat Horgan was the star man for Cork. Both teams remain unbeaten in the Munster championship but Limerick will probably take more from this result.


    The summer of hurling has well and truly started, that's for sure.