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Weather warning, US monuments close, langers in Cork and the rest of today's rolling news

Genevieve Carbery Tue, Oct 1
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  • 09:01
    October has arrived with a bang…with miserable wet weather in many areas.
    And for anyone still stuck in traffic this AA Roadwatch tweet sums it up nicely.
    This is Genevieve Carbery on the Daily Wire.
  • 09:08
    It’s not a good day for  Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore
    This morning’s Irish Times poll shows support for the Labour Party is at its lowest in more than  a qquarter century (6%).  Harry McGee notes that the party’s support is a “distant fourth” behind the other main parties, FG, FF, SF which all have over 20%.
    “You have to go back more than a political generation to discover similarly abysmal figures for the party” he writes. More of his poll analysis and a video interview with Harry here.
  • 09:19
    But for all the Labour leader’s woes this morning it’s nothing compared to the headache facing US president Barack Obama.
    Simon Carswell has an ABC guide to the shutdown over Obama’s healthcare reforms here 
    It  has already meant tweets like this:
    Since the vote was at 5am Irish Time we’ll be watching as the US wakes up to the impact of its first day. 
  • 09:30
    Of course one of the biggest casualties of this US shutdown is the National Zoo's pandacam. The live stream of this female panda cub born in August will go dark, according to CNN .
  • 09:40
    Anyone who regularly drives the petrol and coffee desert that is the road to Cork will be delighted at this announcement by Topaz to build two service stations on the M7 (at junction 3 in Co Laois) and M9 (at junction 5 in Co Carlow).
    Driving to Cork last weekend I was reminded of journeying through the Australian outback when the next tumbleweed petrol station was 100 miles away (of course I may have been just a teeny weeny bit overly-dramatic since the Cork road doesn’t have just one passerby every six hours, the deadly spiders ….)

    More here 
  • 09:45

    The man due in court charged in connection with sexual assault of two girls in Athlone is expected to appear in Longford District Court in the next hour. Carl O'Brien captured the scene outside Athlone Garda station yesterday where a crowd had gathered. More here. We'll bring you the latest as we get it. 

  • 09:54
    No spoilers I promise, but anyone else missing Breaking Bad already after the finale?  But there’s a great video circulating today showing a youthful Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman) as a contestant on The Price is Right back in 2000. Watch here.
  • 09:54
  • 10:08
    A bad week for the rebel county has just got worse. Cork Rebel Week has apologised after describing Michael Collins as a  “langer” in the gender section of a mock passport printed in the brochure for the events.  
    “We want to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly for any disrespect caused to the memory of General Michael Collins and his family due to this error.”  It said. More here.  Here’s a photo of the unfortunate leaflet:   
  • 10:15
  • 10:16
    We could blame Walter White’s blue crystal if Breaking Bad were real but the so-called war on drugs is failing to curb supply, according to a new study out today.
    Street prices of illegal drugs have fallen in real terms since 1990 while the purity of the substances increased, a sign of increased availability. More on this study here.
  • 10:31
    Labour TD Arthur Spring has been busy scribbling. “I have four foolscap pages of promises we have kept,” he has told Today with Sean O’Rourke as another backbencher is sent on air to defend Labour’s dismal 6% support in today’s Irish Times poll. More here.  
    Asked by O’Rourke if there is a problem with the leadership Spring shoots the messenger: “We have a problem in the polls” he says.
    On the rise of Independent support (21%), Spring says “they can’t decide on the colour of the clouds” (**looks out window ** They are definitely grey).
  • 10:56

    Trouble also for the Labour leader in the UK as Ed Miliband has hit out at a Daily Mail article claiming his father was “the man who hated Britain”. Miliband claimed the profile was based on a diary entry by his teenage father who fled Belgium to escape the Nazis.  

    Today the Mail says  “Red Ed’s in a strop with the Mail” under the headline “An evil legacy and why we won't apologise”

    Read the Irish Times story on the row  here and the Mail’s defence of the article here.

  • 11:05
    Brendan Howlin has pulled out the much-used mantra coined by ex-Clinton strategist James Carville (The economy, stupid).  Defending Labour’s poor poll results he said the party would struggle to regain popularity until the economy shows signs of recovery.  “It’s not a good poll” for the party. “There’s no point in saying anything else,” he has told reporters. Dan Griffin has more here.
  • 11:16
    With Irish couples marrying at an older age than ever there’s some positive news for older prospective parents. Scientists have found a way to beat the menopause by waking up dormant follicles, offering new hope to women who run out of eggs early in life. More here.
  • 11:27
  • 11:28
    Feel like quitting your job today? Do it in style as this YouTube user did. She posted the video on Saturday and it has received 4m views.

    Marina Shrifin worked for  a news video company and produced one final video for her boss, quitting with an interpretative dance style. Watch here.

    Here’s her excellent blog post on why she quit journalism.  

    “Journalism is the worst! I mean if you’re not reporting about which Kardashian is pregnant, then you’re reporting about a baby that was shot in the head.”
  • 11:31
    News just in: A 30-year-old man has been charged with four counts of rape of two young girls in Athlone at the weekend. Judge Seamus Hughes remanded the defendant in custody ahead of a further appearance in court on Friday. He also requested the man be placed on suicide watch. Carl O'Brien has more here.
  • 11:53

    It seems the Dail isn't the only parliament where late-night sittings are alcohol fuelled. Reporters smelled alcohol from lawmakers on Washington's Capitol Hill ahead of last night's vote which has led to the US shutdown, Huffpo reports here.


  • 12:00

    Langer "is a Cork term of abuse whose usage was generally confined to Leeside but after Roy Keane reportedly used it describe Mick McCarthy during their contretemps in Saipan before the 2002 World Cup, its familiarity spread" so writes Barry Roche in a full report on that Langer/ Michael Collins incident we mentioned earlier. ...just in case it ever comes up in a pub quiz.  

  • 12:10
  • 12:10
    Cat claws are firmly out at the Vatican as Pope Francis concedes that in the past popes had been “narcissistic” as well as “flattered, and badly egged on by their courtiers”. More from Paddy Agnew on the interview here. Who could he have been referring to?
  • 12:31
    Lets hope the solar system stays quiet for a while, with 97% of  NASA staff  furloughed (on unpaid leave) it won’t  warn of  about "potentially hazardous" asteroids and comets that could approach Earth according to this tweet from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Near Earth Object Office.
    But fear not Bruce Willis does not need to be readied for action, the organisation later said that many other observatories, astronomers are watching the skies.  
  • 12:45
    It seems Saturday’s match was a victory of sorts for bullied kids everywhere as Clare hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald today recalled there was a two- to three-year spell where “a lot of lads were picking “ on him on the bus to and from school.  
    He spoke of one incident where he had his shirt pulled off his back and bullies threw his shoes out the window and wrote on his body with a pen. Ronan McGreeevy has more here.  
  • 12:49
    "A Yes vote on Friday will be taken by the Government as consent to its cynical game of pseudo- reform." argues Fintan O'Toole in an opinion piece on the Seanad vote published within the last hour.  
  • 13:19
    “People will be rattled within the party” Brendan Howlin says on the News at One as he gives out about parties basing policy decision on poll results.  
  • 13:22
    Spare a thought for tourists visiting Washington DC.  Workers are due to begin barricading monuments and memorials on the Mall and turn of its 45 fountains, the National Zoo, the US Capitol and the free museums are all closed.  
    See more of what’s open and what’s closed in this list .  
  • 13:28
    Children’s ombudsman Emily Logan’s has released a report which details how a child who made allegations of sexual abuse was forced to wait two months before she was examined by a medical specialist. The girl (11) claimed she was repeatedly violently raped and assaulted with a knife over an eight-month period.  
  • 13:43
  • 13:46
    The scene at the Lincoln Memorial which is sealed off from visitors in Washington DC today. Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters
    The scene at the Lincoln Memorial which is sealed off from visitors in Washington DC today. Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters
  • 13:58
    Bit of a media backlash at the shutdown, expressed in no uncertain terms by the New York Daily News front cover  
  • 14:10
    It’s one to consider next time your mobile phone has once again run out of battery while you’re out and about. Scientists in the UK have used a lightning bolt to charge a mobile phone, the BBC reports. Shock-ingly the experiment comes with a warning “not to  try this at home” . More here.
  • 14:34
    Musician Myles Kennedy has told Ronan McGreevy that he was asked if he was one of THE Kennedys "all the time". The full interview is here.  
  • 14:37

    A warning for rainfall of 50-60mm (that’s a lot) has been issued by Met Eireann this afternoon for Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford. In an Orange Alert (meaning 'be prepared') it says this is likely between tomorrow morning and early Thursday.

    But the rest of the country won’t escape  that easily, as there’s a yellow rainfall alert between today and Thursday for  Connacht, Leinster, Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Clare and Limerick

    After very bad delays for Dublin motorists during the rain this morning AA Roadwatch said evening commuters could expect “more of the same”.
  • 14:53
    The White House has just sent this to-the-point be interpreted as: Blame the Republicans and not Democrats pretty please.
  • 15:06
    Not great timing from Google's Doodle in the US today as it celebrates Yosemite National Park's 123rd birthday as the park is closed due to the government shut down. Woops.  
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  • 15:31
  • 15:33
    Enda Kenny is now taking leaders' questions in the Dail. You can watch live here  and here for iphone.  
  • 15:38
    Has the Breaking backlash begun? "The logistics of the plot became more important than the show’s meditations on humanity; the who, what, when and where superseded the why." Warning plot spoilers in below story.  
  • 16:03
    Potentially bad jobs news as pharmaceutical company Merck said it plans to cut 8,500 jobs worldwide. The company operates as MSD in Ireland but it is not yet known if Irish workers will be effected.
  • 16:06
    Despite the miserable weather in the capital students have gathered for a protest outside Leinster House.  
  • 16:29

    The online marketplace that will be central to the Obamacare law has gone live..this should have been the positive news for the US in contrast to the shutdown ...unfortunately there have been a few technical glitches with people attempting to sign up getting error messages citing online traffic as a reason for the difficulties.... oops.

  • 16:42
    'The Government has temporarily shut down' reads the sign informing people in New York that the Statue of Liberty is closed. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
    "The Government has temporarily shut down" reads the sign informing people in New York that the Statue of Liberty is closed. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
  • 16:47
    Breaking news: Liam Adams has been convicted of all charges relating to the sexual abuse of his daughter Áine. Adams was found guilty by an 11 - 1 majority verdict by the jury at Belfast Crown Court this afternoon. Gerry Moriarty has more here
  • 16:57
    Vince Gilligan has spoken of five alternative endings to Breaking Bad one of which sees Walt turn into a Rambo. Spoiler alert in this story here   (Almost have the Breaking Bad mourning out of my system I promise)!
  • 17:16

    Is it the first case of space littering or a scientific discovery on Saturn’s moon Titan where the chemical used to make plastic household containers (polypropylene) has been found? The latter it seems – “This is the first definitive detection of the plastic ingredient on any moon or planet” Nasa said…..presumably in a statement made before the US government shutdown or else they’ve left a mischievous intern in charge of their email account...More here.

  • 17:27
  • 17:29
    "It's the law" The Daily Show's Jon Stewart once again hits the nail on the head about the US shutdown. Watch here. And we'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading.