Dublin v Mayo

It's deja vu all over again as Dublin and Mayo meet in the All-Ireland football final replay

Ruaidhri Croke Sat, Oct 1
LIVE: Dublin v Mayo

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  • Good afternoon and welcome to The Irish Times liveblog of the All-Ireland SFC final replay between Dublin and Mayo. I'm Ruaidhri Croke and I'll be with you for all of the action from Croke Park as Mayo look to end 65 years of hurt while Dublin aim to make it two in a row.

    After a scrappy but extremely tense first game everyone will be hoping for just as exciting an encounter this time around with a bit more quality from both sides.

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    Team news on the way!
  • TEAMS (as listed in the match programme)

    DUBLIN: Stephen Cluxton; Philip McMahon, Jonny Cooper, David Byrne; James McCarthy, Cian O'Sullivan, John Small; Brian Fenton, Michael Darragh Macauley; Paul Flynn, Kevin McManamon, Ciarán Kilkenny; Dean Rock, Diarmuid Connolly, Bernard Brogan.

    MAYO: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Patrick Durcan; Séamus O'Shea, Tom Parsons; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O'Shea, Diarmuid O'Connor; Jason Doherty, Andy Moran, Cillian O'Connor.

  • The pre-game entertainment is underway in Croke Park with Damien Dempsey treating the fans to his usual excellence despite the fact that it's now lashing rain. If you haven't listened to him then do because you're missing out. His Christmas concerts at Vicar Street are the stuff of legend.

    We've got plenty of pre-match reading for you in today's paper and on the website.

    Keith Duggan: Logic screams Dublin but the impulse to pick Mayo goes beyond that

    John O'Keefe: Mayo can bring Dublin to the end of their road

    Mayo ripped up script - now they can write their own ending

    Dublin can be thankful for their fearless young guns

  • Here we go, the teams are due out in seconds for the pre-game parade and national anthem. Hill 16 is practically full already with the crowd sparse enough around the rest of the ground but no doubt it'll fill quickly over the next 20 minutes!
  • Dublin came out bang on time with Mayo exactly one minute early.

    So there's some useless information for you.

  • Just the one change to the two teams as Rob Hennelly takes his place in goal for Mayo ahead of David Clarke.
  • Hold up, we have three changes to the Dublin starting 15 and they're big.

    Paddy Andrews - who was excellent after coming off the bench in the first game - replaces Bernard Brogan in the full-forward line, while Paul Mannion comes in for Michael Darragh Macauley in the midfield and Michael Fitzsimons replaces David Byrne.

    Jim Gavin has dropped two former Footballers of the Year!

  • Just 10 minutes until throw-in now and the teams are lining up for the presidential salute.  

    There are still a lot of empty seats around the ground, particularly in the top tiers.

  • Jackie.fitzgerald@gmail.com Deja vu all over again? Do you actually know what deja vu means? And if you don't, you should not have used it. Appalling standard of journalism for The Irish Times.
  • Strangely enough I can't remember typing deja vu at all in this blog.

    Or am I just experiencing deja vu about not typing deja vu...?

  • The parade is underway and the ground is practically full. Just minutes to go!

    There's a light drizzle falling as the teams march around. It's all set up for another close encounter, let's hope that's what we get.

  • Yogi Berra It's deja vu all over again again.
  • The national anthem is complete, the band has left the pitch and the teams are lined out. It's time!
  • 1 min: We are underway in Croke Park!  (Dublin 0-0 Mayo 0-0)
  • 2 mins: Good build-up play through the midfield allows Tom Parsons to catch and pull wide to the right. He tries his luck from inside the Dublin 45 but it sails left and wide.  (Dublin 0-0 Mayo 0-0)
  • 4 mins: A poor first kick-out from Rob Hennelly after a James McCarthy wide is claimed by Diarmuid Connolly. He finds Ciaran Kilkenny but the Castlenock's man's ball nto the square is safely dealt with by Hennelly. A nervy start from the Mayo goalkeeper while Connolly wins his first aerial battle with Lee Keegan.  (Dublin 0-0 Mayo 0-0)
  • Gavin Collins Don't mind those tautology curmudgeons! Nearly everyone mis-uses déjà vu.
  • 5 mins: The first free of the day goes to Dublin just outside the square and Dean Rock easily slots over.  (Dublin 0-1 Mayo 0-0)
  • 7 mins: Dublin are building momentum now and slot over two fantastic points as Rock first turns his man and splits the posts before Kevin McManamon gets on the end of Hennelly's kick out and sails over another score.  (Dublin 0-3 Mayo 0-0)
  • 8 mins: Rock brings his tally of scores to three in just three minutes as he gets on the end of a looose ball inside the square and fists it over.

    However Mayo go straight down the other end and get their opening score through the left boot of Patrick Durcan.

    It's been a hectic start in Croke Park!  (Dublin 0-4 Mayo 0-1)

  • 9 mins: Cillian O'Connor quickly adds to that with an easy free after John Small was penalised but probably fortunate not to get a black card. Both sides are going all out from the get-go.  (Dublin 0-4 Mayo 0-2)
  • 12 mins: Mayo are coming right back into this now after Dublin came flying out of the blocks and racked up the early points.  

    The men in green and red have now cut the defecit to just one point as O'Connor slots over a good free from the right after a foul by Paul Mannion.

    Mannion has struggled a little bit so far and was forced to commit that foul after a misplaced pass was intercepted.  (Dublin 0-4 Mayo 0-3)

  • 13 mins: The scores are level!

    Andy Moran catches with his back to goal, 20 metres out and swivels before firing over with his right foot.  (Dublin 0-4 Mayo 0-4)

  • 15 mins: Dublin quickly take the lead again and once again it's that man Rock who knocks over his fourth point with a free.  (Dublin 0-5 Mayo 0-4)
  • 17 mins: Excellent defending from Jonny Cooper prevents Aidan O'Shea from catching in the square with no one around him.

    Dublin go on the attack but can't get a shot at goal due to some good defensive play from Mayo. However the Dubs' patience eventually results in a free and Rock once again knocks it over. The Ballymun Kickhams man is on top form today.  (Dublin 0-6 Mayo 0-4)


    DUBLIN 0-6 MAYO 1-4

  • 19 mins: Mayo find the net for the first time in the game!

    And it was made by some excellent movement from Aidan O'Shea. He caught inside the Dublin 45, twisted and turned into space before sending Keegan through on goal into the square and the Westport man made no mistake as he hammered it low into the bottom corner past Cluxton.  (Dublin 0-6 Mayo 1-4)


    David Byrne replaces Cooper after the Na Fianna man pulled down Donal Vaughan with an ankle tap while he lay on the ground.  (Dublin 0-6 Mayo 1-4)

  • 23 mins: It's really heating up now. Kevin McLoughlin pulls down McManamon on the left and Dublin get a free.

    Rock - who doesn't look like missing - slots it over again to level the scores.  (Dublin 0-7 Mayo 1-4)

  • 26 mins: Mayo's defending has been excellent but you just wonder how long they can keep it up for.

    Again they frustrate the Dubs, not letting them get a shot away at goal. Eventually the ball finds its way to Small a long way out and from a tight angle. His effort flies well wide when the better option was probably to pass it off.  (Dublin 0-7 Mayo 1-4)

  • 29 mins: Dublin are relying heavily on frees as Mayo continue to frustrate. But that will work just fine for the Dubs when Rock is in this sort of form.

    Again, from the left he curls one between the posts and Dublin go one point ahead.  (Dublin 0-8 Mayo 1-4)

  • 32 mins: Mayo get a free just inside the Dublin 45 and dead central after Fenton is penalised for pulling down Colm Boyle.

    There looked to be very little in it but the referee felt it warranted a yellow card for the Dublin man.

    O'Connor makes no mistake and we're level once again.  (Dublin 0-8 Mayo 1-5)

  • 34 mins: Mayo build-up the play slowly in the Dublin 45 but lose out as a charging Dean Rock comes back to disposses O'Connor.  

    Dublin get the free and attack quickly with Connolly cutting inside and slotting over with his left foot for his first point of the game.  (Dublin 0-9 Mayo 1-5)


    Well that's a huge moment. Another poor Hennelly kick out put Mayo under pressure and Keegan committed the foul that's seen him sent off for the rest of the game! Stephen Coen replaces him as Rock slots over the free and Dublin go two points ahead.  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-5)

  • 35+3 mins: Even the Dubs' Twitter account can't help itself.

    Mayo pull one back with a routine free from O'Connor as half-time ticks closer.  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-6)

  • 35+4 mins: Some aggro to finish off the half here as Small and O'Connor come together in the middle of the field. It was out of the referee's view but Small was on top of the Mayo man on the ground and swung a right hook at him! The linesman must have seen that!  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-6)
  • 35+5 mins: The referee is discussing it with the other officials...
  • 35+7 mins: Small gets away with a booking!

    Connolly and Vaughan are also shown yellows for their part in the general violence that followed.

    John Small is the luckiest man in Croke Park today. That was a certain red.  

    As it is he stays on the pitch while Tom Parsons is removed temporarily for Barry Moran after the Mayo man came away from the handbags with a busted eye.  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-6)

  • HALF TIME: DUBLIN 0-10 MAY0 1-6
  • Wow, what a half of Gaelic football. And what a finish that was. Dublin go into the break one point ahead but neither side have given and inch and there's absolutely nothing between them.

    But for Rock's superb free taking Dublin would be trailing. Mayo will definitely miss Keegan in the second half but they can feel very hard done by that Dublin are not down to 14 men.

    I'm in need of a cup of tea after all that. Back in 10 minutes!

  • Dublin are back out on the pitch already while Mayo keep them waiting...
  • 36 mins: The second half is underway!  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-6)
  • 37 mins: Just the one half-time substitution as Conor O'Shea replaces Donal Vaughan for Mayo.  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-6)
  • Mike Hunt "The linesman must have seen that!" Hilarious idea.
  • 37 mins: Straight away Mayo level the scores thanks to a Cillian O'Connor free.  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-7)
  • 38 mins: And Diarmuid O'Connor quickly adds to it with a close range point to put Mayo one ahead!  (Dublin 0-10 Mayo 1-8)
  • 39 mins: Dublin answer back with another superb Rock free - his eighth point of the day.  (Dublin 0-11 Mayo 1-8)
  • 42 mins: Well the Mayo goalkeeper has struggled for most of the game so far and it was his own mistake that led to his dismissal here. He came out to catch a high ball into the square with no pressure around him but fumbled and then dragged down Paddy Andrews as the Dublin man tried to prod it home. He's replaced by David Clarke as Connolly stands over the penalty.  (Dublin 0-11 Mayo 1-8)

    The Dublin full-forward slots home superbly into the bottom left corner and Dublin now lead by three points!  (Dublin 1-11 Mayo 1-8)

  • 44 mins: Mayo replay straight away with a Cillian O'Connor free. Just two in it now with 25 minutes to play.  (Dublin 1-11 Mayo 1-9)
  • 46 mins: Bernard Brogan comes on to replace Paddy Andrews.

    It's so tense now, every tackle and coming together is being cheered to the rafters. Paul Flynn receives a yellow card for a high challeneg on Parsons.  (Dublin 1-11 Mayo 1-9)

  • 49 mins: McManamon angles a good ball into the square but Clarke comes out to smother well among a tangle of various feet. Mayo are not going to give in here as Dublin struggle to pull away.  (Dublin 1-11 Mayo 1-9)
  • 51 mins: Andy Moran twists and turns on the left and tries his luck but it flies just wide.  

    Dublin attack straight up the other end and Brogan is brought down in the square but the referee waves away the penalty claims.

    Michael Darragh Macauley enters the fray in place of Paul Mannion.

    This is absolutely frantics, everything is happening at a hundred miles an hour and the whole stadium is on edge!  (Dublin 1-11 Mayo 1-9)

  • 54 mins: What a point from McLoughlin! He managed to evade his marker on the right and slot over from a very tight angle with his left boot for the game's first score in 10 minutes. Just one point in it now!  (Dublin 1-11 Mayo 1-10)
  • 55 mins: Up the other end Brogan gets his first point as he hammers one between the posts with his left boot.

    Meanwhile Barry Moran replaces Andy Moran for Mayo.  (Dublin 1-12 Mayo 1-10)

  • 57 mins: A superb point from Patrick Durcan cuts the gap to one. From miles out he measured it perfectly over the bar, the ball landing on the roof of the net, just out of reach of Cluxton. That was a huge point!  

    Cormac Costello replaces McManamon for Dublin. (Dublin 1-12 Mayo 1-11)

  • 59 mins: A lightning quick counter attack from Dublin finishes with the point it deserved as Costello immediately opens his acocunt.

    The Dubs are just managing to stay ahead here, you get the feeling Mayo will need a second goal.  (Dublin 1-13 Mayo 1-11)

  • 60 mins: And Costello again slots over a point from a practically identical position to put the Dubs three points ahead!

    Small is replaced by Eric Lowndes for Dublin while Alan Dillon comes on in place of Doherty for Mayo.  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-11)

  • 61 mins: Three points in it with nine minutes to go! What a game this has been!  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-11)
  • 62 mins: Mayo gets a free close in after good work from Parsons in cutting through the Dublin half-back line. Kilkenny is booked for the challenge and Cillian O'Connor slots over to cut the gap to two!  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-12)
  • 65 mins: Mayo get a free inside the Dublin 45 and dead in the centre...
  • 66 mins: And O'Connor slots it over once again! The gap is now just one point with four minutes to play! The tension is absolutely unbearable!  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-13)
  • 68 mins: Brian Fenton bursts through the Mayo defence and should have played Brogan in on goal but he opts not to and slips before getting a shot away! Mayo manage to scramble it clear and go in search of an equalising point.  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-13)
  • 69 mins: McCarthy has a chance to make the gap two with seconds to go but he misses and Mayo attack again!  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-13)
  • 70 mins: But Fitzsimons wins it back inside his 45 and Dublin have possession. We'll have six minutes of added time!  (Dublin 1-14 Mayo 1-13)
  • 70+1 mins: Point for Dublin! Costello manages to split the posts despite being pulled down as he shot. Two points in it now!  (Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-13)
  • 70+3 mins: Dublin have possession back and just need to keep it but Costello goes for a point and Mayo have it back!  (Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-13)
  • 70+4 mins: Barry Moran is fouled in the high ball just outside the square and Mayo get a free.

    O'Connor slots it over and now there's just one point in it with two minutes to play!  (Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-14)

  • 70+5 mins: Mayo on the attack after Brogan misses a point attempt!  (Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-14)
  • 70+6 mins: Free for Mayo!

    This could be the last kick...

  • 70+6 mins: O'Connor misses!!

    Dublin are on the brink!  (Dublin 1-15 Mayo 1-14)

  • FULL TIME: DUBLIN 1-15 MAYO 1-14


  • Dublin have done it!

    They win back-to-back All-Irelands and compound Mayo to at least another barren year. What a game of Gaelic football. What an occasion. Incredible.

  • What a game. A game fitting of an All-Ireland final replay. You have to feel for Mayo; they pushed Dublin all the way over the space of 140 minutes and more. Dublin cement their place as one of Ireland's greatest ever sports teams. Superb stuff.
  • Samo Well done Dublin... ovrall the best team won....
  • With that I shall leave you. It's going to be a hell of a night in town tonight.

    Dublin are All-Ireland champions for the second year in a row. Thanks for reading, bye!