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Ronan McGreevy Fri, Jan 17
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    Hi I'm Ronan McGreevy and my trusty hand will be on the tiller of the good ship The Daily Wire for the day. Feel free to drop by. You can send any suggestions to Twitter at @rmcgreevy1301 or respond here.
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    As ever our Miriam Lord tells it better than anyone else can. "For the lucky ones in the loop, there really is a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow," she writes of yesterday's stunning and sickening revelations about the €740,000 pay off to former Central Remedial Clinic chief executive Paul Kiely. ""But what the Public Accounts Committee found was a steaming crock of something else". You can read her account here.
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    I hope you are all enjoying our military pensions archive supplement which can be accessed here. There's four pages of coverage today, but it is only scratching the surface. There are literally thousands of stories being unearthed. Professor Diarmaid Ferriter described it as the "single most important archival collection relating to the republican revolution from 1916-1923. Read it here.  
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    This account on Morning Ireland from a mother of a 17-month-old boy who uses the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) sums up the disappointment and disgust those who use the services at the stunning revelations relating to "you feel disgusted and saddened, not just for yourself, but for the staff of the CRC," said Maria Nolan. "For him (Paul Kiely) to do that," she said.
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    Fianna Fáil can hardly be delighted by the revelations about the CRC given how many of those involved in the scandal are part of Bertie Ahern's Drumcondra mafia. Nevertheless, Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin has called for the HSE to take direct control of the CRC. He said: “Yesterday’s revelation that the former Chief Executive of the CRC received €750,000 upon his retirement has left citizens across the country outraged.   The fact that the leadership of this organisation would decide to spend almost half of that year’s voluntary contributions to personally enrich a colleague demonstrates a catastrophic failure of basic moral judgement and raises very fundamental questions about the sustainability of the current governance model."

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    The Irish Cancer Society has called for the appointment of a charity regulator. Its chief executive John McCormack, who earns €145,000 a year, said the revelations about the CRC amount to a "fundamental breach of the trust placed in this board by the many people who supported the charity and its vital work for disabled people.

    "What has happened at the top of the CRC is entirely unacceptable and has shattered public trust in charities in Ireland. This trust must be restored to ensure that the vital work being done by Irish charities is not put at further risk."  

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    • The Wheel, the charities advocate, has done some research around the impact of the CRC scandal on Irish charities. It makes for grim reading. Some 97 per cent of the charites surveyed believe that the CRC affair has damaged public trust in Irish charities, and about half (54%) believe that this damage may be permanent.
    •  More than half (53%) of those charities that fundraise from the public say that the negative publicity has had a negative impact on their fundraising.
    • A fifth reported that their fundraising income is already down by more than 10%.
    • A quarter (26%) have received concerned phone calls or correspondence from donors or members of the public.  
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    Attention from the first tranche of files from the military pensions archive is rightly focused on the experiences of those who fought in the Easter Rising, but the release of the old IRA rolls will also be of interest to thousands of people. It details all those who were serving in the IRA when the truce was called in July 1921. Here's the signature of my grandfather Captain John F (Francis) McGreevy who signed the rolls to confirm the membership of the Carrick-on-Shannon company of the South Leitrim brigade.  
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    Find underneath the pension application from Patrick Walsh, the father of Easter Rising volunteer Philip Walsh who was killed during Easter Week. Philip Walsh is a great uncle of Irish Times reporter Fiona Gartland. Many stories like these will emerge form the military pensions archive in the years ahead.  
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    So you think you know O'Connell Street. Here's Patrick Freyne's report of spending 24 hours on it and the characters he meets. You can read and see it here.  
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    What country has the fastest growing construction sector among the EU28? Step forward Ireland. The sector increased in size by 16.7 per cent in the third quarter of last year, by far the highest increase in the EU. However, the increase is coming against an extremely low base with Ireland recording the highest fall in construction activity during the recession.  
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    Roddy Doyle has been contracted to write Roy Keane's new autobiography. The Second Half will be published in October next year just as Ireland is about to embark on the European Championship qualifiers. His previous autobiography, written by his erstwhile friend Eamon Dunphy, took him up to the end of 2002 after Saipan. Hopefully, we'll have lots of juicy titbits about the end of his career with Manchester United, his falling out with Alex Ferguson, his relationship with Mother The, sorry Niall Quinn and his return to international management.  

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    The Defence Forces press office has just informed us that the military service pensions archive has received 165,000 hits in the first day of its release. Goodbye and have a good weekend.