All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin v Tyrone

Is Sam staying put or can Tyrone upset the odds and dethrone the mighty Dubs in Croke Park?

Ruaidhrí Croke Sun, Sep 2
LIVE: All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin v Tyrone

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  • Good afternoon and welcome to All-Ireland final day! It might be one of the most un-hyped All-Ireland finals of all time but, either way, it's the final act of a glorious summer and, so far, it's another glorious day in Croke Park. I'm Ruaidhrí Croke and I'll be with you for the afternoon as Dublin look to make it four-in-a-row and cement their place as one of the greatest teams of all time while Tyrone look to pull off what many feel would be one of the greatest shocks of all time.

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    Team news on the way!

  • It's an unchanged team for Dublin from the one that disposed of Galway in the semi-final.  Cian O'Sullivan has recovered from injury as expected, while Eoin Murchan retains his spot ahead of Michael Fitzsimons.

    For Tyrone  Mickey Harte has made one change. At right corner forward, Mark Bradley replaces Lee Brennan, who was a late change for Bradley before the semi-final against Monaghan.

    Tyrone have just arrived at the ground as the final whistle went in the minor final and it's a historic five-in-a-row for Kerry!

    The Kingdom's young guns came back from what was at one stage a six point defecit to beat Galway 0-12 to 1-14 and complete five titles on the bounce, just before the Dubs look to make it four at senior level.

    Tyrone:  N Morgan; M McKernan, R McNamee, P Hampsey;  T McCann,  F Burns, P Harte; C Cavanagh, C McShane;  M Donnelly, N Sludden, K McGeary; M Bradley, R Donnelly, C McAliskey

    Dublin:  Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Cian O’Sullivan, Eoin Murchan; John Small, Jonny Cooper, Jack McCaffrey Brian Fenton , James McCarthy; Niall Scully, Con O’Callaghan, Brian Howard; Paul Mannion, Ciarán Kilkenny, Dean Rock.

  • The teams have entered the stadium.

    It's hard to remember an All-Ireland final that was less hyped or that had less excitement around it with most presuming this will be another win for the Dubs, possibly without even breaking sweat. However, what the last three finals have taught us that it is never ever easy to get over the line. The final has been the closest game of the year for Dublin in each of their three successive title wins and this year their closest game so far has indeed been against Tyrone in Omagh.

    So this final shouldn't be written off as a foregone conclusion just yet. Kevin McStay certainly thinks it will be close, as he writes in his column below.

    Kevin McStay: Dublin to win but it will be closer than you think

  • Just three quarters of an hour until throw-in now and the teams are warming up. It's the biggest day of these Tyrone players' lives and, no matter how disciplined they are, their minds are sure to have wandered this week to the possibility of lifting the Sam Maguire and writing themselves into the history of one of the more interesting counties in Ireland.

    As Keith Duggan writes, they're the county everyone loves to beat and, seemingly, no one loves them. But they don't care.

    Everyone loves to hate Tyrone, but they don't care

  • There's no doubt hurling outshone football this summer with some sensational drama but there has been plenty to enjoy in the bigger ball game as well, even if you struggle to think of many. But don't worry, Malachy Clerkin has 20 moments of the summer for you.

    20 moments that lit up the 2018 All-Ireland football championship

  • The teams are out on the pitch and the full 20 minutes of pre-match frills are about to get underway!

    News just in is that Tyrone have made two changes with Rory Brennan in for Frank Burns while Conor Meyler comes in for Richard Donnelly.

    While all of that is going on you can get to know both sides a bit better with our expert's guides. As an aside, Bernard Brogan has warmed up and looks set to be on the bench for Dublin as they line out unchanged.

    Darragh Ó Sé's guide to Dublin's starting 15

    Kevin McStay's guide to Tyrone's starting 15

  • Tyrone look to have lined up with a mind to contain Dublin with their finishers on the bench and ready to spring a few points late on.

    We all know about Dublin's bench and the firepower they have so Tyrone will have to be on their game defensively for the full 70 minutes.

    Just 15 minutes to go now. Dublin may seem unbeatable but, as Keith Duggan writes, everyone can have an off day.

    In amateur sport no one is unbeatable, not even the great Dublin

  • Time for the national anthem.

    Dublin won the toss and will attack the Canal End in the first half.

  • Parade done.

    It's time for the 2018 All-Ireland SFC final!

  • 1 min: The All-Ireland final is underway at Croke Park!  (Dublin 0-0 Tyrone 0-0)
  • 2 mins: Tyrone get possession from the off and move forward. Cathal McShane takes the first shot of the game on his left foot but it flies wide.

    Tiernan McCann is the Tyrone man who has been tasked with marking Ciarán Kilkenny.  (Dublin 0-0 Tyrone 0-0)

  • 3 mins: Dublin get the opening score courtesy of a Dean Rock free. Tyrone hearts were in their mouths there for a few moments after Colm Cavanagh took a whack and was treated. However, he's up and looks to be okay.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-0)
  • 5 mins: A second disappointing miss from Tyrone, this one coming from Mark Bradley on the left, means their opening two attacks have yielded nothing.

    Dublin attack the other end and Jack McCaffrey squanders an easy chance for a point with a poorly executed kick which Niall Morgan was able to pluck out of the air.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-0)

  • 8 mins: A second wide from Dublin comes from a poorly taken free by Rock - something that isn't said too often. The Ballymun man pulled it left and wide from a good position on the right.

    And now the scores are level!

    With a free form the hands Peter Harte makes no mistake to get Tyrone off the mark.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-1)

  • 9 mins: Tyrone lead the All-Ireland final!

    A poor kick out from Cluxton is too high for Eoin Murchan and Cathal McShane caught it. He moved forward and found Bradley who cut inside and slotted over with his left foot.

    The Dubs have looked a little out of sorts so far.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-2)

  • 10 mins: Tyrone take a two-point lead!

    Tiernan McCann gets off the mark after a great run to double the northern side's lead. At the other end Paul Mannion is down injured.

    This has not been the start the Dubs wanted, Cluxton's kickouts in particular have been poor.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-3)

  • 12 mins: Philly McMahon is pickpocketed by Sludden in the middle of the pitch and the Tyrone man surges forward but kicks wide.

    Dublin go up the other end and create a fairly routine chance for John Small to get a score and settle Dublin down a bit but he can't do so.

    Tyrone have the Dubs rattled so far but how for how long can they maintain this intensity?  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-3)

  • 14 mins: Kieran McGeary gives away a free by fouling Kilkenny inside the Tyrone half. Rock takes what should be an easy free.

    And he puts it wide!

    What is going on? That's a second wide already for Rock and Dublin do not look themselves at all.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-3)

  • 16 mins: Tyrone lead Dublin by four points.

    Another free for the Red Hands is slotted between the posts by Conor McAliskey right in front of the hill.

    Seconds later Tyrone again steal a Dubs kickout and McAliskey doubles his tally straight away!

    This has been some start for Mickey Harte's team.  (Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-5)

  • 19 mins: Tyrone look so calm and composed.

    They're passing the ball around with ease and making Dublin chase. However, after a nice move McShane's effort at the posts is a poor one and flies wide.

    And Dublin, finally, make them pay. Jack McCaffrey speeds up the other end of the pitch and finds Kilkenny who fires over for their first point in 18 minutes.  (Dublin 0-2 Tyrone 0-5)

  • 20 mins: Penalty for Dublin!

    Well all of a sudden it could be about to change. After Kilkenny's point Dublin won the kickout and attacked. Kilkenny found Mannion who cut inside to shoot on goal but was pulled down by McCann. It was possibly a bit harsh but it's been given and Dublin now have the chance to level it...

  • 20 mins: Penalty for Dublin!

    Well all of a sudden it could be about to change. After Kilkenny's point Dublin won the kickout and attacked. Kilkenny found Mannion who cut inside to shoot on goal but was pulled down by McCann. It was possibly a bit harsh but it's been given and Dublin now have the chance to level it...  (Dublin 0-2 Tyrone 0-5)


    DUBLIN 1-2 TYRONE 0-5

  • 24 mins: What a penalty.

    Rock opted to leave it to Mannion who absolutely powered the ball home into the top left corner.

    And, seconds later, Rock adds another point after winning the kickout.

    From that point Morgan's kickout is won again by Fenton who found Rock and once again the Ballymun man made no mistake.

    From being four points down the Dubs are suddenly two points ahead in no time!  (Dublin 1-4 Tyrone 0-5)

  • 25 mins: Tyrone respond quickly.

    That was important. The first chance they have had since that Dublin blitz ends in a point as McShane knocks it over.

    We have a one-point game.  (Dublin 1-4 Tyrone 0-6)

  • 26 mins:  A lovely point from McCaffrey on his right foot restores Dublin's two-point lead.  (Dublin 1-5 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 27 mins: Well, it was a surprise for many that Cian O'Sullivan made it back from injury to play today and it's lasted less than half an hour.

    He has gone off after his hamstring flared up again and is replaced by Mick Fitzsimons.  (Dublin 1-5 Tyrone 0-6)


    DUBLIN 2-5 TYRONE 0-6

  • 29 mins: Dublin start to pull away.

    And what a piece of skill it was from Con O'Callaghan. He feinted to shot from the end of the square, sold his marker completely and charged towards goal. He was brought down from behind but managed to palm it off to Scully who had an open net to palm into. It took the Dubs a while to get going but they're flying now.  (Dublin 2-5 Tyrone 0-6)

  • 32 mins: Tyrone already look to be tiring a bit and could do with the half-time break. Dublin are spreading it wide with some pinpoint passing as usual and Tyrone are struggling to keep up.  (Dublin 2-5 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 33 mins: All that build-up play and great patience ends with a handy point for Rock from the left.

    There's six in it now and Tyrone are struggling.  (Dublin 2-6 Tyrone 0-6)

  • 35+2 mins: It's incredible how quickly this has gone from Tyrone having Dublin looking rattled to Dublin leading by six and hand-passing their opponents to death.

    Make that seven. A good run from O'Callaghan ends with a foul by Cavanagh and Rock converts.

    Just one point for Tyrone in the last 20 minutes.  (Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-6)

  • 35+4 mins: John Small is down with an ince pack on his head after an off the ball incident with Peter Harte...  (Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 35+5 mins: Long distance replays seem to show Harte raising his hand towards Small and the Dublin man going down but the referee has taken no action after speaking to his umpires.

    Small is up and one we go.  (Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-6)


    Dublin lead by seven points.  

  • On 16 minutes Dublin were four points behind.

    On 33 minutes Dublin led by six points.

    The turnaround from Jim Gavin's side has been quite amazing. Fair dues to Tyrone in starting so well and going toe-to-toe with the Dubs but they were always going to struggle to maintain that intensity.

    Three bad kickouts from Morgan led to a goal and two points for Dublin and that could very well be that.

    It's very, very difficult to see Tyrone come back from this.  

  • The teams are back on the pitch with no changes.

    Can Tyrone mount the unlikeliest of comebacks?

  • 36 mins: We're back underway at Croke Park!  (Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-6)
  • 37 mins: Tyrone start the second half on the front foot with a nice point from McAliskey. Six in it.  (Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-7)
  • 38 mins: And McGeary adss a second point of the half for Tyrone after some lovely build-up play.  (Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-8)
  • 38 mins: Dublin maintain their composure and patiently build up the pitch before Fenton pops over an easy point to make the defecit six once again.  (Dublin 2-8 Tyrone 0-8)
  • 40 mins: Brian Howard has been some find for Dublin this year and he has now picked up his first point in an All-Ireland final to restore Dublin's seven point lead.  (Dublin 2-9 Tyrone 0-8)
  • 41 mins: Lee Brennan has replaced Conor Meyler for Tyrone.

    They're going to need a few goals or something very special to happen because you just know Dublin will keep chipping away at the points.  (Dublin 2-9 Tyrone 0-8)

  • 43 mins: Brennan makes an instant impact with a lovely point from the ground 43 metres out.

    Cluxton goes short with the kickout and Dublin will look to build from the back again.  (Dublin 2-9 Tyrone 0-9)

  • 45 mins: A poor effort from Brennan is easily collected by Cluxton and he again goes short to build an attack. Six hand passes later the ball finds its way to Kilkenny who has the easiest of points.  

    Pure class from Dublin in their build-up play.  (Dublin 2-10 Tyrone 0-9)

  • 47 mins: Bradley adds a Tyrone point from his left. They've been pretty economical with their shooting in this half but they're not making any real inroads.  

    Niall Sludden has made way for Frank Burns.  (Dublin 2-10 Tyrone 0-10)

  • 49 mins: Black card for Kieran McGeary.

    That's as obvious a black card as you'll see as McGeary goes out of his way to block Fenton. He's replaced by Harry Loughran.

    Dublin attack from the free and Mannion pops another point over.

    However, Tyrone are keeping the scoreboard ticking over and keeping themselves in with the tiniest glimmer of hope if they can grab a few goals. McShane adds the latest point to keep the defecit at six.  (Dublin 2-11 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 50 mins: Richie Donnelly has also replaced McAliskey for Tyrone.

    Cooper is down and getting treatment for the Dubs.  (Dublin 2-11 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 52 mins: Dublin are just slowing it right down now and hand-passing it around. Tyrone can't get a touch.  (Dublin 2-11 Tyrone 0-11)
  • 54 mins: Dublin hold the ball for over a minute in total before Fenton moves into the space and, cool as you like, lifts another point over the bar. They're just killing Tyrone here now.

    And to make it worse McShane has just kicked a wide from barely outside the square.  (Dublin 2-12 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 56 mins: Cormac Costello has come off the bench and very nearly scored a goal straight away but Morgan made a good save.

    From the 45 Rock slots over and Dublin lead by eight.  (Dublin 2-13 Tyrone 0-11)

  • 59 mins: Kevin McManamon replaces Ciarán Kilkenny while Darren Daly is on for Eoin Murchan in the Dublin ranks.

    Brennan makes it two frees from two since he came on and Tyrone cut the gap to seven.  (Dublin 2-13 Tyrone 0-12)

  • 63 mins: Some good running from McManamon earns Dublin a free which Rock again sticks over with no problem.  

    Eight points in it with seven minutes to go.  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 0-12)

  • 64 mins: Eric Lowndes comes on for Jonny Cooper who has been excellent today once again.  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 0-12)

  • 66 mins: Penalty for Tyrone!

    A long ball into the square caught Philly McMahon wrong-footed and he pulled Colm Cavanagh back.  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 0-12)


    DUBLIN 2-14 TYRONE 1-12

    Dublin lead by five with three minutes of regular time left.  

  • 68 mins: Well... how much added time are we going to get?

    An excellent penalty from Harte has perhaps given Tyrone a glimmer of hope.  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 1-12)

  • 69 mins: Tyrone squander a free inside the Dublun 45.

    They have Cavanagh right up at full-forward now. One high ball in there so far has reaped a goal. Can they do it again?  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 1-12)

  • 70 mins: Free for Tyrone just outside the square.

    And we have seven minutes of added time!  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 1-12)

  • 70+1 mins: Red card for John Small!

    That's a second yellow for the man who got sent off in last year's final as well as Brennan knocks over the free to make it a four point game with six minutes to go!

    Do we have new life in this game?!  (Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 1-13)

  • 70+2 mins: McManamon adds a lovely point for Dublin to restore the five-point lead. They needed that to settle them down.

    Tyrone move forward and look dangerous but a bad pass in behind runs out of play when the point should have been the option.  (Dublin 2-15 Tyrone 1-13)

  • 70+5 mins: Mattie Donnelly kicks a long ball in towards Cavanagh from 60 yards out but it sails all the way over the bar for a point. The gap is four again.  (Dublin 2-15 Tyrone 1-14)

  • 70+6 mins: Kilkenny adds a fourth point (apologies for the error earlier, he did not in fact come off) of the game to his tally and it looks well over now despite Tyrone's late resurgence.  (Dublin 2-16 Tyrone 1-14)
  • 70+7 mins: Michael Dara Mac Auley adds a point to top it off!  (Dublin 2-17 Tyrone 1-14)


  • What a team, what an achievement.

    No one can get near Dublin. They've set a new bar that every other county can only dream of. But these days don't last forever and they'll know that. It's up to every other county to get to that level but, for the moment, they simply can't.

    Tyrone put up a good fight today and nearly got back into it right at the death but this was Dublin's day from the moment they overcame that slow start and took control.

    Only the third team ever to complete four-in-a-row and very possibly the best there has ever been.

  • So that's that from me today. Dublin have won four All-Irelands in a row and are odds on to become the first senior team ever to make it five-in-a-row next year.

    This team looks like a history-making group and now they have history in their sights. You can read Keith Duggan's report from Croke Park below.

    Dublin the invincibles weather Tyrone storm to go four-in-a-row

    Thanks for reading, bye!