Super 8s Saturday

Follow all the action in the final round of matches in Group 1 of the inaugural Super 8s round-robin

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Aug 4
LIVE: Super 8s Saturday

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    Hello and Welcome . . . Monaghan take on Galway and Kerry host Kildare in the final round of fixtures in Group 1 of the Super 8s this evening.

    Kerry simply have to win, and by five points or more. A draw or more for Monaghan though and they'll go into the All-Ireland semi-finals along with Galway. And Kerry will be out.

    We’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout. And you be sure to get in touch, via either the comments section (‘Contact Us’ tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

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    All-Ireland SFC round-robin phase 3
    Galway v Monaghan, Pearse Stadium, 6pm  
    Kerry v Kildare, Fitzgerald Stadium, 6pm
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    Team news (as per programme):  

    KERRY:  Brian Kelly; Jason Foley, Peter Crowley, Tom O'Sullivan; Paul Murphy, Killian Young, Gavin White; David Moran, Jack Barry; Micheál Burns, Sean O'Shea, Stephen O'Brien; David Clifford, Kieran Donaghy, Paul Geaney

    KILDARE:  Mark Donnellan; Peter Kelly, David Hyland, Mick O'Grady; Johnny Byrne, Eoin Doyle, Kevin Flynn; Kevin Feely, Tommy Moolick; Fergal Conway, Paul Cribbin, Keith Cribbin; Neil Flynn, Niall Kelly, Paddy Brophy

    MONAGHAN:  Rory Beggan; Kieran Duffy, Drew Wylie, Ryan Wylie; Dessie Mone, Vinny Corey, Karl O'Connell; Niall Kearns, Darren Hughes; Ryan McAnespie, Shane Carey, Owen Duffy; Conor McCarthy, Fintan Kelly, Conor McManus

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    *So Dessie Mone and Owen Duffy are out for Monaghan, and in come Dermot Malone and Colin Walsh. For Galway Johnny Heaney and Patrick Sweeney drop out and Gary O'Donnell and Adrian Varley start in their place.*
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    Ahead of the final round of fixtures in the Super 8s - here are the tables and fixtures . . .

    As for the final weekend permutations: click here . . .
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    Four of the six counties still in contention for the All-Ireland football championship contain a player who is one black card away from missing a semi-final, or final. Read about the black card suspension rule here and who it has affected in this week's GAA Statistics column . . .
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    Malachy Clerkin has broken down Rory Beggan's kickout from the match against Kerry. He's crucial to their hopes today, both off the tee and from frees. Read that piece in full here
  • 18:03

    Galway 0-1 Monaghan 0-0 (2') Tom Flynn catches the thow in and from the first attack of the match Eamonn Brannigan gets the scoring underway.

    Kerry 0-0 Kildare 0-1 (2') Game on in Killarney too and Paul Cribbin pings one from distance for the Lilywhites.

  • 18:06

    Galway 0-1 Monaghan 0-1 (3') Fintan Kelly gets Monghan underway. Conor McManus then wins a soft free after going for a run down the endline. He gets up and misses the free. Not like him.

    Kerry 0-1 Kildare 0-1 (3')  Kieran Donaghy sets it up and Michael Burns gets his first point of the match for the Kingdom.

  • 18:09

    Galway 0-1 Monaghan 0-2 (6') Vinny Corey loves to get forward and the experienced defender runs down the left flank, cuts back in on his right and scores despite two attempted blocks.  

    Kerry 0-1 Kildare 0-3 (7')  Neill Flynn scores from well out after good work by Kevin Flynn. Big Tommy Moolick then adds another excellent effort from distance. Kerry have started flat, again.

  • 18:11

    Galway 0-1 Monaghan 0-2 (9') A super solo run from Shane Walsh, he passes it to Damien Comer who is fouled. Walsh then misses what was a very kickable free.

    Kerry 0-2 Kildare 0-3 (9')  Kieran Donaghy has started well - an assist and now a point from the big full forward.

  • 18:13

    Galway 0-1 Monaghan 0-3 (12') Very patient build up by Monaghan, wing to wing, Darren Hughes then takes it on the run and floats one high and over the bar.

    Kerry 0-2 Kildare 0-3 (12')  Sean O'Shea misses an early 45

  • 18:15

    Galway 0-1 Monaghan 0-3 (14') Play halted for an injury to Shane Walsh, he's struggling but will play on.

    Kerry 0-2 Kildare 0-5 (14')  More slack Kerry marking as corner back Peter Kelly points on the overlap to make it double scores. Paul Cribbin then gets his second point.

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    Galway 0-2 Monaghan 0-3 (18') A good run from Ryan Wylie but his shot is straight at the Galway goalkeeper. Down the other end and Comer is fouled again and Walsh this time scores the free.

    Kerry 0-4 Kildare 0-6 (18')  Michael Burns gets his second before Paul Geaney sets up David Moran for another score. Niall Kelly gets one back.

  • 18:23

    Galway 0-2 Monaghan 0-4 (20') Ryan McAnespie sneaks down the wing and fists the ball over from a tight angle.

    Kerry 0-5 Kildare 0-8 (20')  Paul Cribbin gets his third point from play, he tales on his man and at full tilt he drops it low and points. Before Kevin Flynn becomes Kildare's sixth different scorer 19 minutes. David Clifford then scores his first of the match.

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    Galway 0-2 Monaghan 0-5 (24') Monaghan keeping the ball and at the end of another very lengthly spell of possession Colin Walsh floats one over off the outside of his boot.

    Kerry 1-5 Kildare 0-8 (24')  Kevin Flynn trips David Moran (accidental) before he pulls the trigger. PENALTY: Clifford steps up and rolls it into the bottom right corner.  

  • 18:30

    Galway 0-3 Monaghan 0-7 (28') A lovely curling point from young midfielder Peter Cooke for Galway. In response Conor McManus gets his first point, from a free and McAnespie then gets his second.

    Kerry 1-6 Kildare 0-9 (28')  Kerry go ahead for the first time. Donaghy wins it, shakes his man and sets up Clifford who floats it off his left. That's 1-2 for the young corner forward now. Neil Flynn then taps over a free for Kildare

  • 18:33

    Galway 0-5 Monaghan 0-7 (31') Ian Burke's soft hands set up Gary O'Donnell for a well needed point. Walsh then adds a free after a foul on Tomas Flynn.

    Kerry 1-6 Kildare 1-11 (31')  GOAL Kildare. Neil Flynn loses his man with a lovely sidestep and roofs the net. He then adds a point before Paul Cribbin's fourth point.

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    Galway 0-5 Monaghan 0-7 (34') Monaghan still in front, and playing into the Salthill wind in this first half.

    Kerry 1-7 Kildare 1-12 (34')  Paul Cribbin's fifth point from play, this from 45 metres. But Neil Flynn has now been red carded! For a high tackle on Killian Young as the Kerry defender was holding the ball on the ground (harsh). Sean O'Shea points a free for Kerry.

  • 18:37

    Galway 0-5 Monaghan 0-7 (35') Two minutes added on.

    Kerry 1-8 Kildare 1-12 (35')  Magic from Clifford, loses his man with a dummy off his right and points off his left.

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    HT Galway 0-5 Monaghan 0-7  Galway in trouble, Monagahn held the ball playing into the wind and played around Galway's blankert defence. Kevin Walsh's team will need to push up this half or they'll be facing Dublin in next weekend's semi-finals.

    HT Kerry 1-8 Kildare 1-12 After that point David Hyland was black carded for dragging Clifford to the ground off the ball. The two late cards could be a lifeline for a struggling Kerry team

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    Reminder: Kerry need to win by five points and hope that Monaghan lose in order to go into the semi-finals. A draw or win will secure Monaghan's progress. Galway are already through, but a win will see them top the group and avoid Dublin (who currently top the other group) in the last four.
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    Galway 0-6 Monaghan 0-8 (37')  The second half is underway in Salthill and Monaghan are back in possession and Conor McManus fists over his first point from play at the end of another patient build-up. Damien Comer gets one back

    Kerry 1-8 Kildare 1-12 (36') Kieran Donaghy and Killian Young are off and James Donoghue and Kevin McCarthy come on for Kerry. Donaghy had been one of Kerry's better players.

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    Kerry 2-9 Kildare 1-13  (39') Massive mistake by Mark Donnellan, the Kildare 'keeper is tackled by McCarthy who passes to Clifford and he scores into an empty net (2-3 for Clifford now). Paul Geaney then levels it up before Kevin Feely slots a free (he's taken over from the sent off Neil Flynn).

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    Galway 0-6 Monaghan 0-10 (45')  Monaghan go four up after a point from Darren Hughes out in the right corner, and another McManus free.

    Kerry 2-12 Kildare 1-13  (44') Clifford assists Jack Barry for a point which follows a free from O'Shea. Stephen O'Brien then adds another. The extra man is really starting to show here!

  • 19:13

    Galway 0-7 Monaghan 0-12 (50') Eamon Brannigan's second point cuts the Monaghan lead to four, Ian Burke provides another assist. Dermot Malone gets one back though.

    Kerry 3-13 Kildare 1-13  (48') A beautiful solo dummy, run and goal by James O'Donoghue. Clifford adds another and Kerry go six ahead and 14 man Kildare in meltdown

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    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-13 (54') Ian Burke points as Ciarain Duggan comes on for Peter Cooke.

    Kerry 3-15 Kildare 1-13  (53') Kevin McCarthy has done well since coming in and he puts seven in it before James O'Donoghue makes that eight. Kerry look to have done their part, now they need Galway to turn things around in Salthill.

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    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-14 (57') Conor McManus takes a free from 45 metres, and it's straight over the bar.

    Kerry 3-17 Kildare 1-13  (55') Jack Barry gets in on the act and Kerry go nine points up. Sean O'Shea then adds a free. What a difference those late black and red cards made in the first half!

  • 19:25

    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-15 (62') Rory Beggan has just tapped over a free, from over 60 metres out. Casual as you like.

    Kerry 3-19 Kildare 1-14 (62') Kevin Feely then scores a free for Kildare's first point in 20 minutes. Tadhg Morley responds just after coming off the bench for Jason Foley and Sean O'Shea floats over a 45

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    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-15 (67') Galway turn down the chance to kick their point and lob it into the square. Monaghan deal with it easily. Drew Wylie sent off for a second yellow.

    Kerry 3-20 Kildare 1-15 (66') Johnny Byrne up from halfback to point for Kildare. Sean O'Shea replies with a 45

  • 19:34

    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-15 (70') Five minutes added on. No score in nearly 10 minutes.

    Kerry 3-22 Kildare 1-16 (69') James O'Donoghue fists a point after a Feely free. Jack Barry then gets his third point.

  • 19:37

    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-16 (73') Ryan McAnespie has been brilliant and this time he pings it off the outside of his right from the right corner.

    Kerry 3-23 Kildare 1-16 (72') Paul Geaney free. Kerry 13 points up. Mick O'Grady sent off for Kildare for a punch.

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    FT Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-16  Monaghan top the group and they will play Tyrone or Donegal to reach an All-Ireland final. What an opportunity!

    FT Kerry 3-25 Kildare 2-16  Late goal for Paul Cribbin who ended a terrific individual season with a superb display. 1-5 from play for him. While David Clifford finished the scoring with a point. He ended up with 2-6 and the man of the match award.

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    So that's that . . . Galway will play Dublin in one semi-final next weekend. In the other Monaghan will play the winner of tomorrow's match between Tyrone and Donegal. Kerry are out, a season to forget for them (other than the brilliance of David Clifford). In all though, another two very dull Super 8 encounters.

    Match reports and analysis to follow, and we'll be back tomorrow with the final two Super 8 matches of 2018 and the hurling semi-final replay between Galway and Clare. Until then, thanks for joining us.


    All-Ireland SFC round-robin phase 3
    Galway 0-8 Monaghan 0-16    
    Kerry 3-25 Kildare 2-16