Hurling League Final - Kilkenny v Tipperary

The 2018 league ends with Kilkenny taking on Tipperary in Division One hurling final in Nowlan Park

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Apr 8
LIVE: Hurling League Final - Kilkenny v Tipperary

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . This year's Allianz Leagues draw to a conclusion this afternoon with the Division One hurling decider between Kilkenny and Tipperary at Nowlan Park.

    We'll keep you updated right here and be sure to get in touch throughout via either the comments section ('Contact Us') tab or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Let's get started!

  • Sunday's GAA Fixtures

    Hurling Division 1 final
    Kilkenny v Tipperary, Nowlan Park, 3.30pm

    Camogie Division 1 final
    FT Kilkenny 0-15 Cork 1-11

  • Team news (per programme):

    TIPPERARY: Daragh Mooney; Alan Flynn, James Barry, Michael Cahill; Barry Heffernan, Padraic Maher, Ronan Maher; Brendan Maher, Seamus Kennedy; Sean Curran, Billy McCarthy, John McGrath; Michael Breen, Jason Forde, Willie Connors.

    KILKENNY:  Eoin Murphy; Joey Holden, Padraig Walsh, Paddy Deegan; Conor Delaney, Cillian Buckley, Enda Morrissey; Richie Leahy, James Maher; Martin Keoghan, TJ Reid, John Donnelly; Bill Sheehan, Walter Walsh, Alan Murphy.

  • "With a far stronger hand available to him than in February – when aside from the celebrity bench, Forde and John McGrath were playing Fitzgibbon and John O’Dwyer had not yet returned – (Michael) Ryan will fancy his chances of laying down a marker both to Kilkenny and in advance of the Munster championship.

    "It won’t be straightforward. (Brian) Cody’s team may lack the stardust of old but they have work rate, a decent structure and some quality players – all the more reason why Tipp have to make it happen."

    Read Sean Moran's preview in full here

  • ____________________________________________________<br /><br />Jackie Tyrrell talking there in this week's Added Time podcast, while his column on Friday explains this Kilkenny team's evolving tactics. <a href='' target='_blank' >Read it here</a>

    Jackie Tyrrell talking there in this week's Added Time podcast, while his column on Friday explains this Kilkenny team's evolving tactics. Read it here
  • No changes to either team as they complete the pre-match parade
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Tipperary 0-0 (1') Game on! Tipp win the throw-in but their first attack comes to nothing
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Tipperary 0-1 (2') First wide of the game via Willie Connors after great work by the Tipp forwards to turn the ball over. Next attack and Jason Forde points on the run over his right shoulder
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Tipperary 0-2 (4')  Alan Murphy's effort drops dangerously short around the square but the Tipp defence are alert and deal with it. Forde then gets his second point, this one a free
  • Tipp's second wide. Brendan Maher makes a terrific block but his follow-up shot is right and wide
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Tipperary 0-2 (8')  Alan Murphy has had two chances, about 50m out to the left, with lots of time on both occasions. Wide again
  • Kilkenny 0-1 Tipperary 0-3 (10')  Kilkenny get underway via a TJ Reid sideline. Beautiful strike. Willie Connors responds down the other end
  • Kilkenny 0-2 Tipperary 0-3 (12')  TJ Reid with a close-in free. Just one between them now
  • Kilkenny 0-2 Tipperary 0-4 (13')  Jason Forde's second point from a free. His third overall
  • Kilkenny 0-4 Tipperary 0-4 (17')  Eoin Murphy bombs over a free for Kilkenny who have upped their work rate considerably in the last five minutes. TJ then levels things with another free
  • Kilkenny 0-5 Tipperary 0-5 (20')  Jason Forde then replies with a free of his own for Tipp. Some tired fouling at both ends.

    TJ Reid gets his first and Kilkenny's first point from play. He bursts throught the middle and floats it over at full tilt

  • Kilkenny 0-6 Tipperary 0-5 (22') Kilkenny go ahead for the first time. Another free from TJ

  • Kilkenny 0-6 Tipperary 1-6 (24') Excellent catch and pass by John McGrath, and Jason Forde with time to pick his spot rattles the net. Sean Curran then adds a point

  • Kilkenny 0-7 Tipperary 1-6 (25') TJ Reid settles the hosts back down with another free

  • Kilkenny 0-8 Tipperary 1-6 (27') Richie Leahy with a great score from distance and Kilkenny cut Tipp's lead back down to a point

  • Kilkenny 0-8 Tipperary 1-7 (28') Long ball into McGrath and Forde is again won by John McGrath. He takes it into the corner, cuts back in and points

  • Kilkenny 0-9 Tipperary 1-7 (30') TJ Reid is having some first half. Catches, falls, gets back up and points. There's no defending that

  • Kilkenny 0-9 Tipperary 1-9 (34') Brendan Maher and Seamus Kennedy combine to force Conor Delaney to over-carry. Forde points the resultant free, and follows up with another free after the next attack

  • Kilkenny 0-10 Tipperary 1-10 (35') Martin Keoghan makes a good run and scores a point at the end of it. Kennedy responds with a Tipp point at the other end

  • Kilkenny 0-11 Tipperary 1-10 (36') Another from play via TJ. We are inside the one minute of first half additional time

  • HT Kilkenny 0-11 Tipperary 1-10  TJ keeping an efficient Kilkenny in it. Good intensity from both teams but Tipp the better team in that first half

  • Eight points from TJ Reid including a sublime sideline and one particular beauty from play. Jason Forde (1-6) and John McGrath causing damage down the other end whenever they get quality ball.
  • Kilkenny 1-11 Tipperary 1-10 (36') Kilkenny win the throw in and from their first attack they free Walter Walsh - he comes through the centre like a train and nearly breaks the net. What a start!

  • Kilkenny 1-12 Tipperary 1-11 (37') Two point swing. TJ scores a free but John McGrath responds with a tidy point from the right

  • Kilkenny 1-13 Tipperary 1-12 (39') Jason Forde taps over a free, that's 1-7 for him so far. John Donnelly gets one back straight away for Kilkenny

  • Joey Holden is dispossessed and Bubbles is in on goal but Eoin Murphy pulls off a brilliant save. it was going straight into the bottom right corner
  • Kilkenny 1-15 Tipperary 1-12 (41') And TJ gets his 10th point with a free from the counter after that missed goal chance for Tipp. Donnelly then gets another one. Kilkenny have exploded into this second half

  • Kilkenny 1-16 Tipperary 1-12 (44') TJ with a free from a tricky angle on the right as he continues his 100 per cent record.

    Cathal Barrett comes on for Seamus Kennedy

  • Kilkenny 1-16 Tipperary 1-13 (46') 1-8 now for Forde after a tap-over free

  • Kilkenny 1-17 Tipperary 1-13 (47') Down the other end TJ does likewise. Neither player has missed a free thus far

  • Kilkenny 1-18 Tipperary 1-13 (49') Some very harsh frees going against Tipp these past few minutes. TJ converts another

  • Kilkenny 1-19 Tipperary 1-14 (51') Forde is out in front and pulled down by Padraig Walsh. Scores the free himself. Liam Blanchfield gets one back for the Cats who remain five ahead

  • Kilkenny 1-21 Tipperary 1-14 (54') Another point from another free for TJ. Approaching the final 15 minutes and Kilkenny build a six point lead.

    TJ then drills another over from beyond halfway. 100 per cent from the frees for him

  • Snap shot by Forde is saved by Murphy - out for a 65
  • Kilkenny 1-21 Tipperary 1-15 (55')  Forde drills that 65 over the black spot

  • Kilkenny 1-21 Tipperary 1-16 (58')  There's an awful lot of forward's refereeing out there today. Forde reduces the deficit to five again

  • Kilkenny 1-22 Tipperary 1-16 (59')  Kilkenny's running game has been promising in this second half - but that time it's route one into Walter Walsh. Catch. Turn. Point

  • Kilkenny 1-23 Tipperary 1-16 (60')  Walter repeats the trick

  • James Barry comes off. 1-2 for Walter this second half. Donagh Maher comes in
  • Kilkenny 1-23 Tipperary 1-17 (62')  Forde cuts one over. What skill. Tipp under the cosh here though

  • Kilkenny on a rampage. Another goal!
  • Kilkenny 2-23 Tipperary 1-17 (63')  Conor Fogarty is on to a break inside, takes it at pace and buries a second Kilkenny goal into Daragh Mooney's net

  • Kilkenny 2-23 Tipperary 2-17 (65')  Lifeline for Tipp. Jason Forde's free is saved by Murphy and the three Kilkenny defenders on the line, but they parry it into their own net

  • Brian Cody applauds his players, battling for everything out there as Tipp go for it with a minute of normal time remaining. None of their Hail Mary balls coming to anything so far
  • Kilkenny 2-23 Tipperary 2-17 (70')  Forde lobs a 65 into the square. Kilkenny win it and clear their lines. Two minutes added on

  • TJ finally misses a free. One minute left
  • One last long ball in on the Kilkenny square is gathered by Conor Delaney. And that'll be that
  • FT Kilkenny 2-23 Tipperary 2-17Tipp couldn't live with that Kilkenny intensity in the second half. Mixing the long with the short. Support players, coming at pace.

    How could anyone have ever written this team off!?

  • That's Brian Cody's ninth league title. Kilkenny's 18th. One less than Tipperary.

    For Tipp they've now lost their last five league finals. Ouch

  • TJ Reid: "Players can get motivation from different things. They can get movtivation from people talking down on us or by winning.  

    "But look it's a long year yet!"

  • So that's that . . . Kilkenny are back? Winning the league title at Nowlan Park, beating their old rivals by six points, you'd wonder were they ever really gone. Colin Fennelly, Richie Hogan, Paul Murphy and others still to return. Tipp were down players too, but they'll need to take a good look at themselves after that.

    Match report and analysis to follow. Until then, thanks for joining us.  


  • Sunday's GAA Results

    Hurling Division 1 final
    FT Kilkenny 2-23 Tipperary 2-17

    Camogie Division 1 final
    FT Kilkenny 0-15 Cork 1-11

  • Dermot Hartigan Shocking second half performance by Tipperary and that’s the difference and why Cody’s Kilkenny teams are successful. They performed in the second half and emptied the tank. Very disappointing for Tipperary supporters and if the team.