US Open Day One

The 118th US Open gets underway at Shinnecock Hills with Rory McIlroy among the early starters

Johnny Watterson (now), John O'Sullivan (later) Thu, Jun 14
LIVE: US Open Day One

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  • 13:01
    Welcome to the seconf Major of the year in Shinnecock Hills, where Rory McIlroy, Shane Lowry and Graeme McDowell represent the Irish challenge.
    Currently we are told winds are gusting to 30 mph making the course more like a links than ever.
    We are coming into it just as the morning marquee group of McIlroy, Mickelson and Spieth tee up and that takes place in a couple of minutes from now.
  • 13:04
    Rory takes an iron for safety and finds the fairway. Spith also with an iron looks happy with his first effort while Mickelson hits the short grass but kicks way to the left. The three players are playing thw 10th hole first. It is a 415 yard par 4.
  • 13:06
    No surprise the three players took irons. The rough around the course is punnishing and anyone who finds it will certainly drop shots.
  • 13:09
    The current leaders are Aaron Baddeley, who is -2 thru three holes and Brooks Koepka, who is one under par thru the first. Branden Grace and Patrick Reed are also -1.
  • 13:13
    McDowell goes out at 6.25 in a group with Glover and Simpson while Lowry, Reavie and HunAn is off at 7.09pm, the fourth ;last group of the day.
  • 13:14
    Rory is seven feet from a birdie while Mickelson missed the green and pitched to 10 feet. That's a par putt for him at the 10th, their first hole. Spieth hit the green but he's looking at a long put. No problem right?
  • 13:16
  • 13:19
    Rory lips out with his birdie effort. Par for him.
    Spieth leaves his first putt five feet away and then misses the short putt. Bogey.
    Lefy leaves his 10 foot putt short. Bogey for him first hole too. Who would have guessed with this group on their first hole.
  • 13:19

    Leading scores (* denotes amateur)
    -2: Aaron Baddeley (3)

    -1: Brooks Koepka (2), Branden Grace (2), Patrick Reed (1)

    E: Scott Piercy (5), Matthieu Pavon (5), Brendan Steele (3), Dylan Frittelli (3), Justin Rose (2), Alexander Levy (2), Brian Harman (2), Paul Casey (2), Tyrrell Hatton (1), Ian Poulter (1), Rory McIlroy (1)

    Selected others: Graeme McDowell (tee time: 6.25pm), Tiger Woods (tee time: 6.47pm), Shane Lowry (tee time: 7.09pm)

  • 13:23
    Rory finds the bunker at the par 3 11th hole, their second. Spieth is also in the sand and Mickelson and what do you know...all three are in the same greenside bunker
  • 13:26
    Rory flies it out to seven feet. About the same distance away as his first putt on the 10th.Phil is about 8 feet away while Spieth fails to hold the ball on the green. His effort is tricking away down the slope on the far side. He's looking at bogey again.
  • 13:28
    Spieth what are you doing...!! his pitch from off the green doesn't make and the ball rolls back down again!
  • 13:30
    The fourth shot of Spieth just about holds and his fith is four feet past the hole. Spieth is putting for a TRIPLE bogey on his second hole.
    Phil holes from 8 feet for par and Rory's eight footer horseshoes out. Bogey for him.
  • 13:31
    Disconsolate Spieth makes his putt on the second hole for TRIPLE bogey and walks away +4 after two holes.
  • 13:33
    Did we already say the rough is punitive. Actually the commentators are calling it diabolical.
  • 13:35
    Rory hits way right with a left to right wind blowing. He is in the diabolical rough, having scattered the gallery with the ball rolling across the trampled grass and into more heavy terrain.
    Spieth and Mickelson are good on the short stuff.
  • 13:36
  • 13:37
    Patrick Reed, the man we love to hate, by the way is -2 thru two holes.
  • 13:38
    Spieth is now 65-1 to win the US Open.
  • 13:40
    This is going to be a slow round. McIlroy, who hits first in his group is waiting for the group in front to finish putting out.
  • 13:43

    Leading scores (* denotes amateur)

    -2: Aaron Baddeley (4)

    -1: Brooks Koepka (3), Branden Grace (2), Patrick Reed (3), Matt Kuchar (1), Thorbjorn Olesen (1), Charley Hoffman (1)

    Selected others: +1 Rory McIlroy (2), +1 Phil Mickelson (2), +4 Jordan Spieth (2), Graeme McDowell (tee time: 6.25pm), Tiger Woods (tee time: 6.47pm), Shane Lowry (tee time: 7.09pm)

  • 13:46
  • 13:47
    Rory hoiks it out of the grass and leaves his ball 20 yards short of the green on his third hole. His third pitch goes past the pin but it is close. He has a down hill slider from four feet.
  • 13:48
    Phil is searhcing for his ball in the diabolical rough beside the green where his second shot landed. It is so heavy there is an issue now identifying it as his ball. His pitch is good - to 10 feet.
  • 13:48
  • 13:50
    Spieth's long putt rolls five feet past the pin. All three in this group, Rory, Phil, Spieth, have tricky putts for par on their third hole
  • 13:52
    Phil putts first from 10 feet. It slides past two feet. Bogey at best. He marks his ball.
    Spieth holes out for par. Back on track.
    Rory misses as his ball slides right and keeps going. He marks his ball. Bogey at best.
  • 13:54
    Lefty gets his return putt for bogey at the third. Rory makes his too for bogey. All in all a pretty sloppy start from this marquee group.
  • 13:55
  • 13:58
    Phil takes a five iron off the tee for the shortest par 4 on the course at 13 (374 yards), their fourth hole. McIlroy and Spieth also hit irons. No grief for any of them this time.
  • 14:00
    Baddeley leads on -2 thru five holes with nine players one shot behind.
  • 14:03
    Phil's iron drops short of the green at 13. He shakes his head in frustration. It's the wind son, the wind. Spieth stitches his ball to birdie putt distance. Rory, the closest at just 86 yards from the green, puts his ball in the greenside bunker.
  • 14:05
    Phil pitches off a very skinny ly and leaves his third shot short at 13. A tough par putt coming up. Rory digs his ball out of a bad ly in the bunker and the ball shoots across the green. Another bogey coming up for Rory.
  • 14:12

    Rory's long par putt goes six feet past the hole at 13.He misses it back for double bogey. Rory is +4 thru four holes. Spieth misses his birdie putt and makes par while Phil makes bogey.

    This marquee group is +11 after four holes. We could do that.

  • 14:13
  • 14:13

    Leading scores (* denotes amateur)

    -1: Brendan Steele (7), Aaron Baddeley (6), Justin Rose (5), Brooks Koepka (4), Ian Poulter (4), Patrick Reed (4), Matt Kuchar (3), Thorbjorn Olesen (2), Charley Hoffman (3)

    Selected others: +3 Phil Mickelson (4), +4 Rory McIlroy (4), +4 Jordan Spieth (4), Graeme McDowell (tee time: 6.25pm), Tiger Woods (tee time: 6.47pm), Shane Lowry (tee time: 7.09pm)

  • 14:16
    Spieth in the diabolical rough at their fifth hole. Phil is okay on the fairway trying to right his ship. Rory's power fade doesn't even bounce on the firway before diving hard into the diabolical rough. Spieth and Rory are trying to out do themselves in poor shooting here.
  • 14:21
    Well, Spieth and McIlroy have found their balls in the diabolical rough. That's a positive the way things have turned. Getting them out is the next task here at 13.
  • 14:23
    Spieth gets his ball out, Rory does not. His third shot skitters acros the faiway almost into the rough on the other side of the fairway. This is melt down territory.
  • 14:24
  • 14:25
  • 14:26
  • 14:28

    Tactical support from the commentary at the US Open.

    "They need a mojo change'

  • 14:29
    Rory is five feet from a double bogey on his fifth hole. What is new today?
  • 14:32

    Leading scores (* denotes amateur)

    -2: Charley Hoffman (4)

    -1: Scott Piercy (10), Matthieu Pavon (10), Aaron Baddeley (6), Justin Rose (5), Brooks Koepka (5), Ian Poulter (4), Matt Kuchar (4), Russell Knox (3)

    Selected others: +3 Phil Mickelson (5), +5 Jordan Spieth (5), +6 Rory McIlroy (5), Graeme McDowell (tee time: 6.25pm), Tiger Woods (tee time: 6.47pm), Shane Lowry (tee time: 7.09pm)

  • 14:33

    Back to back double bogeys for McIlroy. He is +6 thru 5 holes. The group are +14 thue the five opening holes. Carnage alright.

    Rory began the day at 12-1 . He is now 66-1.

  • 14:35
  • 14:48
  • 14:53
    Stop the lights. A red number finally for Rory. He drops his putt on 15 after reaching the green in regulation. His +6 becomes +5. Spieth makes par and remains at +5 with Mickelson's par keeping him at +3 with six holes played.
  • 14:54
  • 14:55
    The first par five coming up is playing 620 yards into the wind. The first bunker is 300 yards out on the right, unmakeable for many of the players today. A doddle.
  • 14:56
  • 14:57
    Kuchar and Hoffman lead the US Open on -2 thru 5 holes. poulter is on their tails at -1 thru 6 holes.
  • 15:02

    Spieth is hollering at his drive on his group's 7th hole. It sails over the spectator's heads and into hoarding. Bit of luck there he will get a drop.

    It has taken two hour for six holes.

  • 15:04
  • 15:08
    Spieth gets a free drop at 16. His second shot he doesn't like. Rory comes out of the rough and ends up in the greenside bunker. More scrambling golf from this group.
  • 15:13
    Rory slashes it out of the bunker with his third shot on the only par 5 in this back nine. He's short and takes out an iron for his 4th shot. He leaves himself a 20 foot putt for par. Looks very likely his +5 will become +6.
  • 15:15
    Phil has bladed his approach to 16 out the back of the green. Have to wait to get to his ball to see what trouble he is in.
  • 15:17
    Spare a thought for England's Scott Gregory. He is paddy last at +14 thru 12 holes. There is a couple of triple bogeys in there and just one par.
  • 15:18
  • 15:21

    After 7 holes Rory misses from 20 feet and gives back his birdie. He sits on +6. Phil misses putt for bogey and +4. Spieth stays at +5

  • 15:22
  • 15:25
    Rory so far right at 17 he has missed the bunker guarding the pin. He is heading towards his worst score in a Major, which is 80. The final round in a US Masters and British Open at St Andrews he scored 80. He is currently 6 over.
  • 15:25
  • 15:29
    Rory hits a very decent pitch. Pretty well done from where he was behind the 17th green. He could save his par here on his 8th hole. Phil just misses his birdie and takes a tap in par. Spieth leaves his birdie putt way short.
  • 15:31
    Nive up and down from Rory on 17. Given his tee shot that's a great par from him. Spieth also makes par. Is that the first time all three have made par on the hole?
  • 15:35
    The 18th hole is par 4 and 485 yards. Spieth hits the fairway. Rory cranes his head to keep his ball from going into the rough. It works and he's in the semi rough. Phil's iron puts him safely on the fairway as the three bowed but unbroken head towards the turn.
  • 15:37
  • 15:39
    Six players are under par in a field of 78 and only nine players have a worse score than McIlroy. The best of British luck to Poulter, he's -2 thru nine holes.
  • 15:43
    Rory misses the green at 18. His ball tries to roll into a bunker but the feathery grass seems to have held it up. It could be worse than being in the sand.
  • 15:43
  • 15:50
    First birdie for Spieth and what one to get on 18. A big big long putt breaking left and it falls. Relief for him at the turn. Phil makes par and Rory misses a left to right slider from 8 feet. That's leaves a struggling Rory at +7 halfway thru his round. Spieth is +4 and Mickelson is also 4 over par.
  • 15:51
  • 15:55
    If you thought things were going to change for McIlroy after the turn. No. His drive at the first hole sails waaaay off course. And when we say drive we mean a two iron.
  • 15:55
  • 15:56
  • 15:57
  • 16:01
    Spieth's screams to his ball go unheard at the first. Bunker. Phil stitches his to birdie putt territory. Rory slashes his ball out of the frying pan into the fire. In the rough on the right to the rough on the left.
  • 16:04
    Thanks to Johnny Watterson. He'll be back later on to tinkle the keyboard once again. He too faces a wind issue but hopefully it won't be as calamitous as the journey Rory McIlroy is currently on. He's hacked out of the rough into the rough on the far side, chopped it into the bunker and now faces a plugged lie.    
  • 16:05
    An oldie but a goodie.  
  • 16:05
  • 16:06

    McIlroy's highest opening round nines at the US Open

    42 (+7) in 2018  
     38 (+4) in 2012
     37 (+2) in 2016

  • 16:10
    A third double bogey for McIlroy (+9), a bogey for Spieth (+5) and a par for Mickelson (+4) at the first, their 10th hole.  
  • 16:11
    Three hours for 10 holes in the marquee group at a combined 18 over par. You wouldn't pick them for the scramble.  
  • 16:15
    Matt Parziale, the former US mini tour player turned firefighter, is one over after 14 holes. He made his debut at the US Masters having won the US Mid Amateur title.
  • 16:16
  • 16:16
    McIlroy (+9) loses another tee shot right, this time to the par three, second, his 11th.  
  • 16:19
    Matt Kuchar (9) and Ian Poulter (11) lead the way on two under par.
  • 16:24
  • 16:26
    McIlroy (+10) chips to about 18 feet and watches his par putt finish on the lip. Bogey. Mickelson (+5) bogey. Spieth (+6) bogey.  
  • 16:26
  • 16:27
  • 16:30
    What of some of your favouites? Justin Rose (13) is on level par while US Masters champions Patrick Reed (+1) is a shot further back as is Paul Casey.  
  • 16:30
    There are only foru players under par. At the other end of the field, McIlroy (+10) is currently ahead of just one player still on the course.  
  • 16:33
    Tied with McIlroy on 10 over par in Canadian amateur Garrett Rank. He's an interesting character as his day job is an ice hockey referee.  
  • 16:35

    The 30-year-old Rank has balanced both sports for quite some time. He grew up playing golf and hockey, reaching the Junior B level in Canada. At the suggestion of his referee father, Rich, Rank also worked toward an officiating certification as a teenager.


    Rank played on a golf scholarship at the University of Waterloo and then as a post-graduate for the Golf Canada national amateur team, along with current PGA Tour pros Mackenzie Hughes and Corey Connors.

  • 16:36
    Rickie Fowler (+3), Bubba Watson (+5) and Jason Day (+7) are also fighting the course and coming off second best.    
  • 16:38
    McIlroy (+10) is in trouble again losing his tee shot right at the third, his 12th.  
  • 16:40

    Back to the Rank story.

    But a life-altering testicular cancer diagnosis in 2011 forced Rank to make a tough decision.

    "I don't know if the NHL was a possibility for me," Rank said Monday. "I was playing college hockey at [Waterloo] and felt in great shape, like nothing was wrong. I think cancer, for me, was kind of a blessing in disguise. It gave me a way better approach to hockey and golf, and kind of changed my attitude that."

    Shortly after his recovery, he returned to both sports. He was a runner-up at the 2012 U.S. Mid-Amateur and two-time semifinalist at the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball. And Rank later worked his way through various lower professional levels of hockey officiating until getting the promotion to the NHL, where he just finished his second full season with 73 regular-season games and three more in the playoffs.

  • 16:44

    McIlroy has hit three of eight fairways in regulation and three of 11 greens.  

    Poulter (-1) bogeys the 13th after finding a greenside bunker and so Matt Kuchar (-2) leads on his own. All together now KOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCH

  • 16:45
  • 16:47
    McIlroy (+10) acrambled for a par on three and has found the fairway on the fourth.  
  • 16:51
    England's Scott Gregory is 21 over par playing the 18th: two triple bogeys, three double bogeys and nine bogeys.  
  • 16:55
    Matt Kuchar (level) double bogeys the 11th so Scott Piercy and Pulter lead the US Open on one under par.  
  • 16:55
  • 16:57
    The unofficial par score today at Shinnecock will probably be 75 or 76. The official par is 70. There are currently 54 players on five over or better with half the field still to go out and the wind expected to pick up to 30 miles per hour.    
  • 17:00
    A chapeau tip to American Scott Piercy who signs for a one under (69) and can now sit back, grab a beer and some nachos and watch the carnage.  
  • 17:01
    Kuchar (+4) followed up his double bogey on 11 with another on 12 after he went out of bounds.  
  • 17:02

    The highest opening round score of Rory's major championship career is 79 at the 2013 Open Championship. His highest score in any round is 80, twice - second round at St Andrews in 2010 and the final round of the 2011 US Masters.

  • 17:06
    McIlroy (+10) manages back to back pars for the first time in his round at the third and fourth holes, his 12th and 13th.  
  • 17:07
  • 17:10

    A first round in the 90s at the US Open since 2002. Scott Gregory has shot 22 over par.

    McIlroy in the sand off the tee at the par five, fifth.    

  • 17:11
  • 17:22
    The McIlroy group all have short birdie putts on the fifth.  
  • 17:23
  • 17:25
    Birdies all round: McIlroy (+9), Spieth (+5), Mickelson (+5) after 14 holes.  
  • 17:25
  • 17:28
    A quick glimpse of Shane Lowry heading to the range. He is off at 7.09 Irish time. Graeme McDowell about 45 minutes earlier.  
  • 17:29
    We're coming to the end of the morning tee times. The scoring ranges from -1 to +22.  
  • 17:30
    Just to let you know, Scott Gregory (+22) is a former British Amateur champion.    
  • 17:31
    At the other end of the scoring spectrum.  
  • 17:31
  • 17:32
    Since World War II, there have been 43 scores of 90 or higher in the championship, including a high of 96 by John Battini in 1955. More recently Felix Casas shot 92 at Bethpage Black in 2002, making him the last player to have scored in the 90s. Three players: Eldon Briggs in 1965, Joe Roccisano in 1958 and Jimmy Cotter in 1955 had multiple rounds in the 90s in the same event.
  • 17:35
    But the record for the highest score in a US Open falls to  J.D. Tucker in 1898 at the wonderfully named Myopia Hunt Club. Tucker took 157 blows in the first round before recalibrating his game to sign for a 100 in the second round.  
  • 17:40
    BIRDIE ALERT: A second in succession for McIlroy (+8) showing good character here.  
  • 17:41
    Spieth (+6) and Mickelson (+6) bogey.  
  • 17:41
  • 17:44
    The winner of this week's U.S. Open will receive $2.16 million (€1,857,632)
  • 17:45
  • 17:46
    76 of the 78 players on the course at Shinnecock are over par.  
  • 17:46
  • 17:48

    Every hole on the course with the exception of the 18th has been double bogeyed at least once.  

    Superb start for Justin Rose (+1), two birdies and three bogeys.  

  • 17:48
  • 17:53
    Piercy (69), Poulter (-1, 17) and Brian Gay (-1, 1) lead the US Open.  
  • 18:00
    Par, Mickelson (+6). Bogey, McIlroy (+9), he missed a four foot par putt and double bogey, Spieth (+8). Rory will be spitting, two birdies and then that bogey.  
  • 18:04
    Justin Rose (71): "That was a great start. Clearly I made my mistakes but I did enough good stuff to keep it together."    
  • 18:11
    Poulter watches his birdie putt on the 18th slide by. He taps in for a 69. A superb round and in a tie with Scott Piercy (69) for the lead.  
  • 18:11
  • 18:13
    Jimmy Walker (75) and Brooks Koepka (75) were both fancied and their efforts today may be better than they think at present when the whole field finishes.  
  • 18:15
    On the first tee it's the Spanish Armada, Sergio Garcia, Jon Rahm and Rafa Cabrera Bello.    
  • 18:16
    Graeme McDowell off in 10 minutes.  
  • 18:18
    Mickelson (+7) drops another shot at the eighth, McIlroy (+9) makes par as does Spieth (+8)
  • 18:18
  • 18:19
  • 18:23
    McIlroy finds the fairway on the ninth, his final hole.  
  • 18:23
  • 18:27
    McIlroy (+9) misses green, screams get down and it doesn't, trickles over the back.  
  • 18:33
    Phil Mickelson (+7) is the low man in the marquee group despite bogeying the last. Spieth make spar (78), McIlroy with his seventh bogey of the round signs for an (80).
  • 18:33
  • 18:34
    McIlroy has twice previously shot 80 in a Major, the final round of the US Masters in 2011 and the second round at St Andrew's in 2010.
  • 18:35
    Garcia (-1) birdies the first.  
  • 18:35
  • 18:37

    McIlroy has hit seven of 14 fairways and five of 18 greens in regulation en route to an 80. Those figures are tied 94th and tied 92nd respectively in the field so far.  


  • 18:45
    McDowell (+2) gets off to a horrible start with a double bogey on the 10th, his first hole.  
  • 18:45
  • 18:45
  • 18:46
    On the tee...........Woods, Johnson and Thomas.  
  • 18:49
    2000, 2002, 2008 US Open champion.........Tigers Woods. Three lads all hitthe fairway. That's a sentence that might not be repeated too often.    
  • 18:49
  • 18:50
    Poulter: "The US Open is extremely stressful." Not when you shoot 69 it's not.  
  • 18:53

    Slightly macabre but.....

    The record high scores for US Opens at Shinnecock? Forgetting the 1896 affair (10 players in the 90s with Willie Norton going highest with a 98), the highest scores are John Daly with 88 in 1986, Scott Tyson with 86 in 1995 and Billy Mayfair with 89 in 2004’s final round.

  • 18:58
  • 19:00
    Woods over the back of the first. His flop shot comes back down the slope. Tiger elects to go second time with his putter and back down it goes again.  
  • 19:01
    My thanks for your company Johnny Watterson will keep you well informed and I'll be back for the graveyard shift.    
  • 19:02
  • 19:04
    The lip readers may wish to turn away from Tiger for the next few minutes. He has just started his US Open with a TRIPLE bogey.
  • 19:06
    Good up and down from Dustin for par. Thomas also in for par on the first in the afternoon marquee grouping.
  • 19:08
    McDowell is +2 thru two holes with Lowry due to tee off any minute now.
  • 19:10
    Dustin roasts a 3-iron 252 yards through the green on the second. Tiger does the same thing with a two iron
  • 19:12
  • 19:13
  • 19:16
    Dustin pitches to three feet with his second on the second hole.   Tiger has the same shot. But he bumps it up with the putter and has a third from four feet.
  • 19:18
    Tiger misses his short putt on the second hole Triple bogey. Bogey opening. Dustin gets his for par. Par, par opening.
  • 19:20
  • 19:22
    Justin Thomas screams from the tee box at his ball on the third. "Give me a good ly". Tiger and Dustin find the fairway.
  • 19:24
    "This course is a beast with no wind," Russell Knox
  • 19:25
  • 19:27
  • 19:29
    Is this a premature thought or what - 'Ian Poulter winning the US Open and England winning the World Cup in the same month.'
  • 19:38
  • 19:38
    After shooting a 92, Scott Gregory stopped and talked to a handful of reporters for several minutes. "I qualified last week, so I can't be that bad." Good for him for stepping to the mic while several other big names exited stage left.
  • 19:41
  • 19:45
    Shane Lowry has played two holes, 10 and 11 with mixed success. He began with par on 10 but dropped a shot on the par 3 11th hole. He is +1.
  • 19:48
    Russel Henley and Brian Gay take the outright lead on -2.
  • 19:50
    More screaming this time from Tiger "Get down. Get down," he says. The ball doesn't listen and rolls thru the green. He's 60 feet down a slope at the back of the 4th.
  • 19:52
    Lovely from Tiger pitching to 18 inches on 4. Thomas makes par and Dustin drains a 10 footer to get to 1 under.
  • 19:53
  • 19:55
  • 19:58
    Lowry holes a putt from a mile and a half away. It takes 10 seconds to cross the green on the 12th. That's a birdie and Lowry is level thru 3 holes. Fist pump too.
  • 20:01
    Henley gets to -3 after 8 holes. He becomes the first player to get to -3. Bet he wishes he could go in now, says Butch Harmon.
  • 20:04
  • 20:06
  • 20:10
    Tiger's second to the par 5 fifth hole is short of the green. He didn't even try to land it on the green. Most balls are shooting through and down the back.
  • 20:12
    The marquee group has the world number one and two, Dustin and Justin and also Tiger Woods.
  • 20:12
  • 20:14
    An eagle and two birdies from Henley at the turn gives him the best nine holes of the day at -3.
  • 20:16
    Hello Dustin. Back to back birdies on the 4th and 5th and the world number one makes a move to -2.
  • 20:17
    Tiger birdies five as well and takes a shot back after his troubled opening. He is now +3.
  • 20:20
    After his super putt on the 12th for birdie and level par Shane Lowry gives it all back and more. Unlucky 13 has just thrown a TRIPLE bogey 7 at him and he falls way back to +3 thru three holes.
  • 20:21
  • 20:22
  • 20:24
    Part of Lowry's TRIPLE in 13 was a short putt that lipped out. Not normally a weakness of his.
  • 20:28
    There is a whole pod of people looking for Dustin's golf ball. At least 15 people are searching for it. Shows how diabolical the purple fescue is. Rich Beem found it by stepping on it. The referee has been called and Dustin gets a drop because the ball has been altered. What a break for the world number one.
  • 20:29
  • 20:30
    Dustin still has to pitch out at 6 so he is fighting for par here.
  • 20:32
  • 20:40
    Woods and Thomas par the 6th and Dustin makes bogey after his lost ball scare. Beem, the sky commentator, claims free beers from Dustin later for finding the ball by stabnding on it and getting him the free drop.
  • 20:42
  • 20:43
  • 20:44
    The top of the leaderboard has normalised and eight players lead on -1. The course is still fighting back.
  • 20:50
    It is all going a little pear shaped for Lowry. He has gone birdie (for level par) triple bogey, bogey and is +4 after 5 holes.
  • 20:56
  • 21:00
    Thomas, Dustin and Tiger all well set up on the 8th fairway. Thomas hits the flag pole. Tiger, with a 52 degree wedge, hits to five feet and Dustin goes into the bunker.
  • 21:00
  • 21:02
    Dustin in the sand. No worries just pitch it straight into the hole on the second bounce. Nice birdie on the 8th. He joins Dufner at the top of the leaderboard on -2
  • 21:05
    Tiger misses his birdie putt and taps in for par on the 8th. Thomas also skirts the hole but walks away with par thru 8 holes.
  • 21:05
  • 21:07
    Did we ever say that Dustin once hit our golf correspondent Philip Reid on the face with his ball. Go on Philip tweet the picture. Its not every day one gets hit on the face by the world number one.
  • 21:11
    Tiger has settled down quite a bit since his crazy opening. There's another good tee shot on nine. Now that he is vulnerable everyone is rooting for him.
  • 21:14
    BIRDIE. Lowry is fighting back and takes a 3 at the 15th. He is now +3 thru six holes.
  • 21:16
    Dustin (-2) thru the green at the 9th. Tiger (+3) with a 9-iron finds the green....Dufner drops to -1 and Henley gets back to-2 with a chip in on 12.
  • 21:23
    Tiger   has a 38 foot putt for birdie. Huge break but misses. He has a short one for par at the turn.
  • 21:24
  • 21:26
    Tiger turns on +3. The mistakes have gone but he's not making much either. Still he is only five back.
  • 21:26
    Love the New York crowd "You've got it Tiger baby"
  • 21:27
    Freshening wind. Ha ha ha...
  • 21:28
  • 21:35
    10th hole. Tiger's 6-iron rolls into semi rough. Treacherous approach to the elevated green with wind behind. Joint leader Dustin flies his a mile and Thomas splits the fairway.
  • 21:36
  • 21:39

    Lowry takes 5 on the par 5 16th hole to remain +3

    Tiger gets smutty mouthed as his approach falls short and rolls back on the 10th. Dustin stitches his pin high.

  • 21:42
    Tiger (+3) makes amends and hits a beautiful pitch up to the 10th green to three feet. World number 2 Thomas (+1) with a similar shot hits it in hot and the ball rolls thru the green and out the back. He's facing a double bogey from having a wedge in his hands on the fairway,
  • 21:44
    Whow Thomas (+1) hits up the back of 10 and his ball rolls back to him. He tries again and it is goo but a double bogey staring him in the face.
  • 21:48
    10th hole. Dustin par (-2). Tiger steps away from his putt and starts a conversation with Dustin. The referee has arrived. Tigers ball rolled as he started his putting routine. He's good and takes par. That's a momentum saver for sure.
  • 21:49
  • 21:49
  • 21:50
  • 21:59

    Whops Tiger is in the sand at the par 3 11th. Thomas and Dustin safely on. Dustin makes his birdie putt and moves into the lead with -3.   Tiger fails to get up and down and falls back to +4.

    McDowell +8 thru 11

    Lowry +4 thru 8

  • 22:03
    Thanks again to Johnny who is off to the locker room. I’ll take you through the next couple of hours. World number one Dustin Johnson leads the field on three under. However no player who has won a tournament the week before has gone on to win the US Open. Just saying.  
  • 22:07
    Shane Lowry (+4)  39 shots to the turn. He now plays the front nine having started on the 10th.  
  • 22:08
  • 22:09
  • 22:10
    I half expect to see David Attenborough popping out of the rough.  
  • 22:10
    This pic is appropriate on many levels.  
  • 22:10
  • 22:16

    Five players under par.

    Johnson (-3) after 11 holes; Henley (-2) after 14 holes; Dufner (-1) after nine holes; Piercy (69), Poulter (69)  

  • 22:17
    Johnson (-2) bogeys the 12th, failed to get up and down from the back of the green.  
  • 22:21
    Lowry (+4) pars the first, his 10th. McDowell (+8) turned in five over and has started home bogey, double bogey having teed off on the 10th.  
  • 22:24
    The average score for the field today as things stand is 76.61.  
  • 22:26
    Johnson and Woods safely aboard the 13th green but Thomas who had the shorest second shot, sees his pitching wedge back up and slide back off the front.  
  • 22:30
    Thomas chips to five feet. Henley (-2) just missed a tiddler to take the outright lead. Unusual because he's a very good putter.  
  • 22:30
    Tiger comes up seven feet short. Miscalculation on a significant scale.  
  • 22:31
    Johnson cosies his birdie putt up to about two feet. Henley (-2) will have an eight foot birdie putt for the lead on the par five, 16th.    
  • 22:33
    Tiger's seven foot putt for par is now a five foot putt from the other side for bogey.    
  • 22:34
    NOPE, Woods four putts, double bogey and drops to six over par after 13 holes.  
  • 22:36
    Lowry (+4) with a 75-foot birdie putt at the second, his 11th. I say birdie putt but he'll be chuffed to two putt from there.  
  • 22:36
  • 22:39
    Molinari (+4) bogeys the 14th after almost holing his second shot. It ran off the back and the Italian couldn't get up and down.  
  • 22:40
    Henley (-2) watches his birdie putt, kiss the edge and keep going.  
  • 22:42
    Woods got in front of his tee shot there on 14 and it's in the jungle, waaaaaaaaaay left.  
  • 22:43
  • 22:44
    That's an A+ two-putt from Lowry (+4) for par on the second, his 11th.  
  • 22:46
    In more uplifting news McDowell (+7) has birdied the par five, fifth, his 14th.
  • 22:46
    Unbelievably, Tiger's lie is actually peachy. If you're going to miss at Shinnecock, miss big.  
  • 22:47
    South African Dean Burmester (+5) hit his drive 411 yards off the 18th and then holed his second shot for an eagle two.  
  • 22:50

    Woods (+6) snap hooks his second shot from 212 yards. A different location on the other side of the jungle. Johnson (-2) finds the greenside bunker.  

    Sam Burns (+1) drains a monster putt and will sign for a 71.  

  • 22:50
  • 22:54
    The divot that Woods took to get out of the rough for his third shot would cover a five year old child with plenty to spare. He chips to about 12 feet and will have that for bogey.  
  • 22:58

    Tiger, Tiger not burning bright on the greens. Shoves the boget putt four feet past but hole the return. A bit of putter biting coming up. Eight over.  

    Snedeker (+1) holes beauty.  

  • 23:00
    Johnson (-1) with a second bogey in three holes at the 14th. Finding sand was the issue. Henley (-2) leads on his own.    
  • 23:07
  • 23:09
    Lowry (+5) drops another shot at the long par four, third.  
  • 23:11
    Henley watches his par putt, slide round the side of the cup and stay up. That's a bogey and a round of 69.  
  • 23:12
    Five players now on one under, three of them Piercy, Poulter and Henley in the clubhouse. Johnson and Dufner still plugging away.  
  • 23:12
  • 23:14
    McDowell (+9), back to back bogeys; he's two holes to play.  
  • 23:16
    Johnson (-1), Thomas (+3) and Woods (+8) tidy up for pars at the 15th.  
  • 23:23
    Ben An with a birdie to move to level par while Dufner watches in horror as a three footer doesn't touch the hole. His bogey takes him to level and there are just four players under par at the moment, three in the clubhouse.  
  • 23:29
    Stenson (+1) drains a long putt at the sixth his 15th.  
  • 23:30
    Lowry (+4) birdies the fourth, his 13th and is just off the front of the par five, fifth in two.  
  • 23:31
  • 23:31
  • 23:38
    Cabrera Bello (73) wins the Spanish threeball against Garcia (75) and Rahm (78). Rahm's double bogeys the last.
  • 23:40
    Woods (+8), Johnson (-1) and Thomas (+3) can't avail of a birdie between them at the par five, 16th. Three pars.  
  • 23:40
  • 23:44
    Lowry (+5) takes four to get down from a front bunker at the fifth for a bogey at the par five and McDowell's (+9) day is done, a 79
  • 23:55
    Thomas (+4) three stabs the 17th, Woods (+8) and Johnson (-1) enjoy two putt pars.  
  • 23:55
  • 23:56
  • 23:56
  • 23:59
    Snedeker (+10 three birdies in four holes, the other was a double bogey.  
  • 00:00
    Dufner (Level) birdies the 16th. He's back in the mix.  
  • 00:04
    On the 18th, Johnson takes an iron off the tee and for his 199 yard second shot hits an eight iron. He comes up short. Woods in the rough comes up short. Thomas who took driver and hit his tee shot JUST the 422 yards, has hit a wedge from 104 yards to 12 feet.  
  • 00:04
  • 00:10
    Johnson (-1) gets up and down for par and is in a four way tie for the lead alongside Piercy, Poulter and Henley. Thomas (+4) can't make birdie and Woods (+8) also manages to chip and putt.  
  • 00:11
  • 00:14
    McIlroy (80) and McDowell (79) have plenty of work to do to make the weekend while Lowry (+5) is grinding out his round with two holes to play. Thank you for your company. I'll be back tomorrow to kick things off. Philip Reid's report will be up on-line shortly.  
  • 00:14