GAA Sunday

Fermanagh stun Monaghan in the Ulster SFC semis, Waterford face Tipperary at the Gaelic Grounds

RuaidhrĂ­ Croke Sun, Jun 3
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  • Hello, hello, good afternoon and welcome! We have a cracking day of All-Ireland football and hurling ahead on this sunny bank holiday Sunday and I'll be with you for all of the action. My name is Ruaidhrí Croke and you can get involved with the blog by using the 'Contact Us' button at   the top. Today's fixtures are as follows:

    Ulster SFC semi-final: Fermanagh v Monaghan (2pm)

    Leinster SHC round three: Dublin v Offaly (3pm)

    Munster SFC semi-final: Kerry v Clare (3.30pm)

    Connacht SFC semi-final: Galway v Sligo (3.30pm)

    Munster SHC round three: Waterford v Tipperary (4pm)

    It's up to Ulster we head first where Monaghan meet Fermanagh for a place in the Ulster final. Team news on the way!

  • Fermanagh: Patrick Cadden; Kane Connor, Che Cullen, Michael Jones; Barry Mulrone, James McMahon, Lee Cullen; Eoin Donnelly, Ryan Jones; Paul McCusker, Declan McCusker, Aidan Breen; Sean Quigley, Conall Jones, Seamus Quigley.

    Monaghan: Rory Beggan; Kieran Duffy, Drew Wylie, Ryan Wylie; Dessie Mone, Vinny Corey, Fintan Kelly; Karl O'Connell, Darren Hughes; Kieran Hughes, Niall Kearns, Dessie Ward; Ryan McAnespie, Jack McCarron, Conor McManus.

  • Since taking over at Fermanagh, Rory Gallagher has already impressed and booking a place in the Ulster final would go a long way to furthering that reputation even more. You can read Keith Duggan's feature on the former Manchester United trialist below.

    Gallagher determined to drive Fermanagh to new heights

  • The teams are out on the pitch and the parade is underway at Healy Park. Almost time to go now. We will be mainly focusing on this game, followed by the clash of Waterford and Tipperary today, but we will have scores from across the grounds for the other three games.
  • 1 min: We're underway in Omagh!  (Fermanagh 0-0 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 3 mins: Fermanagh have strung at least 20 passes together so far without any real attacking threat but they look very comfortable in possession. I'm not sure Monaghan have touched the ball.  (Fermanagh 0-0 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 4 mins: And after all of that not one Fermanagh player even gets a shot away and Monaghan take possession. However, they can't work an opening either.  (Fermanagh 0-0 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 5 mins: The first shot at goal comes after nearly five minutes as Declan McCusker's effort flies wide. The tone has been set already here with both teams packing every man behind the ball when not in possession and not taking any risks when they are in possession.  (Fermanagh 0-0 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 6 mins: And there is the first score of the game! Aidan Breen moves into some space on the right hands side and fires over the bar.  (Fermanagh 0-1 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 8 mins: Fermanagh get the first free of the game in a good position on the right and Seán Quigley makes no mkistake.  (Fermanagh 0-2 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 10 mins: A needless foul from Ryan McAnespie afford Fermanagh another free kick but Quigley's effort flies left and wide.  (Fermanagh 0-2 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 13 mins: Fermanagh look well on top so far and Monaghan are really struggling to find a way through them. Conall Jones has just kicked Fermanagh's third wide but they're looking very comfortable so far.  (Fermanagh 0-2 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 15 mins: Well, Monaghan should have finally got themselves on the board but they couldn't do so. A free-kick in a good position was taken by goalkeeper Rory Beggan but it also flies wide.  (Fermanagh 0-2 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 16 mins: Fermanagh rack up another point without reply as Breen finds the target. Monaghan really need to get going here.  (Fermanagh 0-3 Monaghan 0-0)
  • 17 mins: And finally Monaghan do get off the mark. A free on the left was easily converted by Conor McManus to get his team up and running.  (Fermanagh 0-3 Monaghan 0-1)
  • 20 mins: But Fermanagh answer straight back. Again it's a free and again it's Quigley who splits the posts.  (Fermanagh 0-4 Monaghan 0-1)
  • 23 mins: It's relentless handpass after handpass for Fermanagh and they're really frustrating Monaghan. It might not be great to watch but it's certainly effective at wearing their opponents down. Dessie Ward and Ryan Wylie have both kicked wides in quick succession.  (Fermanagh 0-4 Monaghan 0-1)
  • 25 mins: Fermanagh rack up a fourth wide and a second for Quigley as his long range free misses left. It was probably just a little too far our even for him.  (Fermanagh 0-4 Monaghan 0-1)
  • 26 mins: Monaghan finally get some ball into the square and it's met by Niall Kearns but Fermamagh get bodies behind to deflect it wide.  (Fermanagh 0-4 Monaghan 0-1)
  • 28 mins: Monaghan are getting more and more frustrated and it's showing in their discipline. Another free given away is this time converted by Quigley and Fermanagh increase their lead.  (Fermanagh 0-5 Monaghan 0-1)
  • 30 mins: Monaghan finally get what is just their second score of the game on the half hour mark as McManus kicks his second free.  (Fermanagh 0-5 Monaghan 0-2)
  • 32 mins: Monaghan are starting to break through the Fermanagh defence on occasion now and this time it's Kieran Hughes who gets right across the endline and into the square where he's taken down. The referee waves away the penalty claims and Monaghan have to settle for a point as Fintan Kelly volleys over.  (Fermanagh 0-5 Monaghan 0-3)
  • 35 mins: Ticking towards a half-time break that both sides will welcome. It hasn't been enthralling but it is set up nicely for the second period.  (Fermanagh 0-5 Monaghan 0-3)
  • 35+1 mins: And Monaghan have narrowed it up further with a free from McManus after some excellent running from Karl O'Connell in midfield to get through the Fermanagh defence and draw the foul.  (Fermanagh 0-5 Monaghan 0-4)
  • 35+2 mins: A monster point from Conall Jones restores Fermamagh's two point lead. That was a super point from a long way out with pressure on him. Meanwhile, Niall Kearns of Monaghan and Ryan Jones of Fermanagh have been booked for an off the ball incident.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-4)
  • Well it hasn't been the most exciting first half from Healy Park but at least it's close.

    Fermanagh are playing exactly as expected by putting as manay men behind the ball as possibly and frustrating Monaghan and it's working. However, towards the end of the half Malachy O'Rourke's side did get through the blanket defence a few times with Kieran Hughes perhaps unlucky not to get a penalty.

  • 36 mins: We're back underway at Healy Park!  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-4)
  • 37 mins: Down in Parnell Park Dublin and Offaly has just thrown in in the hurling. Stay tuned for scores from that game as well.

    Back up in Omagh, Fermanagh are enjoying most of the early second half possession again but can't break through.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-4)

  • 39 mins: We have some handbags!

    Che Cullen and Conor McManus got into a scrap off the ball which turned quite ugly with Cullen dragging McManus along on the ground while the Monaghan man attempted to get a few kicks in.  

    A yellow card each will sort that.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-4)

  • 44 mins: Finally we have a score in the second half!

    Paul McCusker was moving forward for Fermanagh with very little pressure in the middle of the pitch but a stray solo allowed Malone to steal in and take the ball. He fed McAnespie who was flying up the pitch and the forward slotted a point.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-5)

    Down in Parnell Park Dublin and Offaly have traded two scores each in the early stages.  

  • 46 mins: What a chance gone for Monaghan! A terrible attempted free from Owen Duffy flies way wide. That would have leveled the scores.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-5)

  • 50 mins: The wides are mountaing up for both sides now as Breen misses the target for Fermanagh. It's far from the most enthralling spectacle but, in its own way, it's intriguing as it really could go either way at this stage.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-5)
  • 52 mins: Fermanagh are holding a lot of possession but, so far in the second half they haven't managed to find a point.

    In the hurling, Dublin have opened up a two point lead over Offaly after 15 minutes.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-5)

  • 56 mins: We have a level game!

    From a free on the left McManus splits the posts and Monaghan get on level terms for the first time since the start of the game. Fermanagh are still yet to score in this second half.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-6)

  • 57 mins: Ciaran Corrigan sees a good chance go a-begging as his attempted point drops short and into the hands of Rory Beggan.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-6)

    We have two games set to throw-in at 3.30 with Galway taking on Sligo in the Connacht semi-final while Kerry meet Clare for a place in the Munster final. Stay tuned for regular updates from around the ground.

  • 59 mins: Monaghan take the lead for the first time!

    A lovely lobbed effort from Drew Wylie on the right finds the target and finally the Division One men go ahead.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-7)

  • 61 mins: We have a level game once again!

    A free on the right from Tomas Corrigan splits the posts and Fermanagh get their first score of the second half. They are not dead yet and we're set up for quite and exciting finale here.  (Fermanagh 0-6 Monaghan 0-7)

  • 63 mins: So nothing to split these two teams as the clock ticks down towards extra-time.  (Fermanagh 0-7 Monaghan 0-7)

    At Parnell Park Dublin are now three points ahead after 24 minutes - Dublin 0-7 Offaly 0-4.

  • 66 mins: Monaghan take the lead!

    Super sub Colin Walshe takes the ball on the left and sends it over the bar with his left foot. That could be very, very significant.  (Fermanagh 0-7 Monaghan 0-8)

  • 67 mins: Monaghan double their lead at the vital time.

    The clock is against Fermanagh now as McManus kicks his fifth point of the day.  (Fermanagh 0-7 Monaghan 0-9)

  • 69 mins: We have a one point game. Tomas Corrigan kicks over the black spot from a free in a central position and Fermanagh are hanging on in there. Can they force extra-time?  (Fermanagh 0-8 Monaghan 0-9)
  • 70 mins: Well that could be it!

    Wylie kicks his second point of the game after cutting in on his right foot and that may have sealed it for Monaghan.

    But we have five minutes of added time! It's not over yet.  (Fermanagh 0-8 Monaghan 0-10)



  • 70+3 mins: What drama we have here at long last!

    A long hopeful ball into the square was met by Donnelly who jumped higher than anyone else and punched into the net to put Fermanagh one point ahead and on the cusp of an Ulster final!  (Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10)

  • 70+5 mins: Monaghan have possession and are on the attack. Time is almost up...  (Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10)
  • 70+5 mins: McManus gets the chance from the right but he pulls his effort left and wide!

    Fermanagh are on the brink!  (Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10)



  • What a game and what a well-planned out strategy from Rory Gallagher and Fermanagh. From the start they dictated possession and stuck to their gameplan and it paid off. Even when they went for the first 27 minutes of the second half without a score they remained patient and then took the goal chance when it came.  

    It's not the best to watch but it's effective and it may just bring Fermanagh their first provincial title in their history.

    But the action keeps coming! Next we head for the Gaelic Grounds for the Munster SHC clash between Waterford and Tipperary which throws in at 4pm.

    Around the grounds the scores are as follows:

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 1-10 Offaly 0-5 (HT)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 0-7 Sligo 0-1 (15 mins gone)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-6 Clare 0-3 (14 mins gone)

    Munster SHC
    Waterford v Tipperary (throw-in: 4pm)

  • On to Waterford and Tipperary we go. Teams are as follows.

    Waterford:  Stephen O'Keeffe; Shane Fives, Conor Gleeson, Noel Connors; Austin Gleeson, Philip Mahony, Jamie Barron; Michael Walsh, Mickey Kearney; Stephen Roche, DJ Foran, Stephen Bennett; Tom Devine, Patrick Curran, Pauric Mahony.

    Tipperary:  Brian Hogan; Sean O'Brien, Séamus Kennedy, Michael Cahill; Joe O'Dwyer, Padraic Maher, Brendan Maher; Ronan Maher, Billy McCarthy; Dan McCormack, Jason Forde, Noel McGrath; John O'Dwyer, Seamus Callanan, John McGrath.

  • Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-11 Offaly 0-6 (39 mins gone)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 0-11 Sligo 0-3 (28 mins gone)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-13 Clare 0-3 (27 mins gone)

    Munster SHC
    Waterford v Tipperary (throw-in: 4pm)

    That is some performance from Dublin so far in Parnell Park while the two football semi-finals are going as expected.

    With Waterford and Tipp about to throw in you can check out the updated Leinster and Munster SHC round-robin tables here.

  • 1 min: We're underway in Limerick!  (Waterford 0-0 Tipperary 0-0)
  • 1 min: Jason Forde gets Tipp off the mark with a free.  (Waterford 0-0 Tipperary 0-1)
  • 3 mins: Waterford reply straight away with a lovely Tom Devine point after he got on the end of a Pauric Mahony puck forward.

    They follow it up straight away with a second score of the game as Jamie Barron points from long range.  (Waterford 0-2 Tipperary 0-1)

  • 4 mins: Well Forde looks well on his game today, sending over his second point of the game from the left sideline while off balance. Superb stuff.  (Waterford 0-2 Tipperary 0-2)
  • 5 mins: Waterford quickly restore their lead with a Mahony free. It's been a good start to this game and Waterford in particular are flying as Devine sticks over his second of the game.  (Waterford 0-4 Tipperary 0-2)
  • 7 mins: Tipperary look just as sharp as Waterford so far and they cut the gap to a point straight away.

    However, Waterford have barely let a chance slip so far and it's no different when they go forward again with Mahony pointing.  (Waterford 0-5 Tipperary 0-3)



  • 11 mins: Waterford have been absolutely scintillating so far and they are yet to hit a wide. Barron has just pointed another long range effort after Devine's fine goal and they now hold a healthy lead. However, Tipp answer back with one from Billy McCarthy.  (Waterford 1-6 Tipperary 0-4)

    Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-18 Offaly 0-8 (53 mins gone)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 1-15 Sligo 0-6 (half time)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-16 Clare 0-4 (half time)

  • 13 mins: Yet another effort for Waterford results in another point as DJ Foran gets himself on the board. (Waterford 1-7 Tipperary 0-4)
  • 14 mins: Pauric Mahony adds another for Waterford before Ronan Maher replies for Tipp. This is fast and furious so far and neither team seems capable of missing.  (Waterford 1-8 Tipperary 0-5)
  • 16 mins: What a save from Stephen O'Keefe!

    That really should have been a goal for Tipp but Bubbles O'Dwyer was denied from close range by the Waterford goalkeeper. Seamus Callanan follows up with the point but Waterford answer straight back thanks to Patrick Curran.  (Waterford 1-9 Tipperary 0-6)

  • 17 mins: Forde scores his fourth point from close range to cut the gap to five points.  (Waterford 1-9 Tipperary 0-7)
  • 19 mins: Noel McGrath gets on the board with a nice point for Tipp and they cut the gap further seconds later with a free from Forde.  (Waterford 1-9 Tipperary 0-9)
  • 23 mins: Forde is racking up the points by the minute. Another close range free from the Tipp man cuts the gap further. Ronan Maher then adds another and the gap is now just one.  (Waterford 1-9 Tipperary 0-11)

    Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-22 Offaly 0-9 (63 mins gone)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 1-15 Sligo 0-6 (half time)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-16 Clare 0-4 (half time)




  • 26 mins: Well that is exactly what Waterford needed as Tipp were getting right back into it. A long free into the square from Stephen O'Keefe was going wide but, for some reason, Brian Hogan came out to bat it down. It fell right to Mahony and he rifled it into the net from close range to put Waterford four points ahead. (Waterford 2-9 Tipperary 0-11)
  • 28 mins: And Waterford make it a six-point lead thanks to a Mahony free and then that same man again pointing from play. (Waterford 2-11 Tipperary 0-11)
  • 32 mins: Tipp get back on the scoresheet for the first time in a while as Forde points from the left. Waterford have been absolutely excellent so far and full value for their lead but you have to wonder how long they can maintain this for.  (Waterford 2-11 Tipperary 0-12)
  • 34 mins: Waterford have had just two wides so far today and really it should have remained at that but Mahony has missed a free from the left which he would routinely stick over.  (Waterford 2-11 Tipperary 0-12)

    Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-24 Offaly 0-13 (FT)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 1-18 Sligo 1-7 (43 mins gone)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-21 Clare 0-6 (43 mins gone)

  • 35+1 mins: From a long, long way out Forde sees a free drop short and Waterford maintain their five point lead before making it six immediately thanks to DJ Foran. (Waterford 2-12 Tipperary 0-12)
  • 35+2 mins: More drama as Michael Cahill sees red! That was for a high hurl on the neck of Foran as he broke forward for that last point. It's going from bad to worse for Tipp.  (Waterford 2-12 Tipperary 0-12)
  • Well it's been a super first half and Waterford are fully deserving of their six-point lead. Their shooting has been impeccable, as far as I can count they only had three wides.  

    Tipp look a bit stunned and they now have a huge uphill battle on their hands after Cahill's red card to go with the six-point defecit.  

    This will be a good second half, that's for sure.

    Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-24 Offaly 0-13 (FT)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 2-19 Sligo 1-9 (51 mins gone)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-22 Clare 0-8 (51 mins gone)

  • 36 mins: We're back underway in Limerick! (Waterford 2-12 Tipperary 0-12)
  • 37 mins: The first and second scores of the second half go to Waterford as Mahony points twice in succession. Tipp need to get going now. With 14 men it's all up against them.  (Waterford 2-14 Tipperary 0-12)
  • 39 mins: And Mahony does it again! This time from a free to put Waterford nine points ahead and a man up now.  (Waterford 2-15 Tipperary 0-12)
  • 40 mins: Waterford are running away with it now as Curran slots their fourth point of the second half to increase the defecit to 10 points.  (Waterford 2-16 Tipperary 0-12)
  • 43 mins: Waterford are completely in control now and can even afford the two wides that Austin Gleeson just hit. Even despite all their injuries they're cruising here.  (Waterford 2-16 Tipperary 0-12)

    In the Munster SFC Kerry have cruised into the final with a 22-point win over Clare while Galway have swatted aside Sligo to book their place in the Connacht final.

    Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-24 Offaly 0-13 (FT)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 4-24 Sligo 1-12 (FT)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-32 Clare 0-10 (FT)

  • 46 mins: This is turning into a rout.

    Injury-hit Waterford are crushing the mighty Tipperary. Barron has just slotted over another point to cancel out a Tipp points second before. Tipp need goals. (Waterford 2-17 Tipperary 0-13)

  • 47 mins: Tipp get one back through a Forde free but the defecit is still sizeable.  (Waterford 2-17 Tipperary 0-14)
  • 49 mins: It's as easy as it gets for Mahony from a close range free and Waterford move further ahead.  (Waterford 2-18 Tipperary 0-14)
  • 50 mins: What a point from DJ Foran!

    A superb catch and run in the middle of the pitch gives him half a yard of space to smash over a point.  (Waterford 2-19 Tipperary 0-14)

  • 51 mins: What a chance for Tipp!

    From a free on the right it looked like Forde would just routinely stick it over but instead he went for the point and it pings off the bar and back out! From another free a few second later the Tipp man opts to take his point.  (Waterford 2-19 Tipperary 0-15)

  • 54 mins: A beautiful point from Tommy Ryan may not have even gone over the bar but we have no hawkeye here and the umpire adjudges it as over!  (Waterford 2-20 Tipperary 0-15)
  • 56 mins: There is still time for Tipp but they really need goals here. Cathal Barrett has just pointed but the gap is still 10 points.  (Waterford 2-20 Tipperary 0-16)


  • 59 mins: Well maybe it's not over just yet. A good break forward from Forde allows him to feed Maher who smaehs home a lovely goal into the top left corner.

    Forde then follows it up with a point before Callanan sticks one over seconds later! There's just four points between the teams now and suddenly it's game on!  (Waterford 2-20 Tipperary 1-19)



  • 64 mins: Well what drama we have all of a sudden!

    Waterford's 12-point lead has been cut to just one with a controversial goal for Tipp! A long free into the box from Forde beat O'Keefe and looked to be heading into the top corner but Gleeson got to it and caught on the line before clearing.

    However, the umpire awarded the goal, saying that Gleeson had crossed the line! After looking from three different angles I can say there is absolutely no way that ball crossed the line but it's been given!  (Waterford 2-20 Tipperary 2-19)

  • 67 mins: Waterford are rattled. They're absolutely fuming with that decision and it's having an impact on them now as Mahony's latest free flies wide. Still one point in it.  (Waterford 2-20 Tipperary 2-19)
  • 69 mins: Waterford get the score they need!

    Mahony makes no mistake this time from the left and the gap is now two again!  (Waterford 2-21 Tipperary 2-19)

  • 70 mins: Five minutes have been added on.

    And Tipp have a free very close in...  (Waterford 2-21 Tipperary 2-19)

  • 70+1 mins: Forde opts to go for the point and cuts the defecit to just one point with three minutes remaining.  (Waterford 2-21 Tipperary 2-20)
  • 70+2 mins: With a sideline cut from the left Forde's effort flies right and wide. Maybe he should have played that short.  (Waterford 2-21 Tipperary 2-20)
  • 70+3 mins: Point for Waterford!

    Jake Dillon capitalises on a Tipp defensive error to make the lead two again.

    However, Brendan Maher has answered straight back with a point that the umpire initially said was wide but the referee overruled him! More controversy!  (Waterford 2-22 Tipperary 2-21)

  • 70+4 mins: Tipp have a free on the left with 30 seconds left. This to equalise...  (Waterford 2-22 Tipperary 2-21)
  • 70+4 mins: And it's there!

    We have a level game in Limerick!  (Waterford 2-22 Tipperary 2-22)


    What controversy.

  • Well, that was dramatic.  

    After being 12 points ahead at one stage, Waterford were pulled back by Tipp with that very controversial goal along the way.

    It looks to have been a very poor call for the second Tipp goal which Gleeson fumbled and caught. From all angles it looked like it didn't go over the angle but the umpire though differently and that's been the difference.

    Around the grounds

    Ulster SFC semi-final
    Fermanagh 1-8 Monaghan 0-10 (FT)

    Leinster SHC
    Dublin 2-24 Offaly 0-13 (FT)

    Connacht SFC semi-final
    Galway 4-24 Sligo 1-12 (FT)

    Munster SFC semi-final
    Kerry 0-32 Clare 0-10 (FT)

    Munster SHC
    Waterford 2-22 Tipperary 2-22 (FT)

  • There is outrage in the RTÉ studio over that goal. We've all seen it over and over again and it definitely is not over the line.  

    What's more, the umpire who was standing at the post where Gleeson caught the ball didn't award the goal - it was the umpire on the far side. Gleeson's foot may have been on the line but he kept the hand in which he had the sliothar in out in front of the line.  

    Waterford have been robbed but they also need to look at themselves after throwing away a 12-point lead.

  • Waterford manager Derek McGrath is disappointed but holds back in his comments about the ghost goal.

    "Not sure," he said. "I think I said after the league final it's a mistake whether it's a goal or not a goal."