SHC: Wexford v Waterford

Wexford meet Waterford in the All-Ireland quarter final at the newly developed Páirc Uí Chaoimh

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Jul 23
LIVE: SHC: Wexford v Waterford

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . Waterford and Wexford do battle for the last spot in this year's All-Ireland hurling semi-finals.

    Davy Fitzgerald up against one of his former teams, The Déise will be favourites, but you can be sure that Wexford will give this everything.

    All the action right here LIVE. Be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Now, let's get started!
  • All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    Wexford  v  Waterford, Pairc Ui Chaoimh, 4pm
  • Team news (named teams):

    WATERFORD: Stephen O'Keeffe; Shane Fives, Barry Coughlan, Noel Connors; Tadhg de Burca, Austin Gleeson, Philip Mahony; Jamie Barron, Conor Gleeson; Kevin Moran, Pauric Mahony, Jake Dillon; Shane Bennett, Michael Walsh, Darragh Fives.

    WEXFORD tbc

  • Wexford name their team . . .

    Fanning; Devereux, Ryan, Breen; Moore, O'Hanlon, O'Keefe; Murphy, O'Connor; Redmond, Chin, Guiney; Doran, McDonald, Morris.

    Waterford set to play as named in the programme

  • Sean Moran's Lowdown:

    Last meeting: 2016 All-Ireland SHC quarter-final, Thurles, Waterford 0-21, Wexford 0-11.
    Odds: Waterford 1/3, Wexford 3/1 Draw 10/1.
    Just the ticket: Stands sold out, Premium (limited) €70 and Juveniles €10, Terrace €25 and Juveniles €5.
    Verdict: Waterford

  • "It’s up in the air what sort of a response David Fitzgerald will get from his team after their Leinster final setback but he has been very effective with his other counties in negotiating the outside track . . . "

    Read that preview in full here

  • So four changes in the Wexford team, from the Leinster final defeat.

    E Moore for S Donohoe, R O'Connor for A Nolan, D Redmond for J O'Connor, P Doran for H Kehoe.

  • Pre-match parade underway. Looking forward to Austin Gleeson and Lee Chin being on the same pitch today, at the new  Páirc Uí Chaoimh. They are lined up at 6 and 11 on their respective teams, but can't see them matching up against each other.

    I expect Waterford to have too much here, but they'll have to match Wexford's intensity.

  • Davy Fitz will watch from the sideline. No special box for him in the stands today. Weather a little dull and overcast in Cork.
  • Scrap that, pre-throw in and Davy Fitz has gone up to take a seat in the stands
  • Wexford 0-0 Waterford 0-0 (1') Game on! Waterford win the throw in, first attack ends in a free as Brick Walsh is fouled
  • Wexford 0-0 Waterford 0-1 (1') Pauric Mahony nails that resultant free. First score of the game. Yellow card then for Austin Gleeson for a late hit. Very early to pick up a yellow
  • Wexford 0-1 Waterford 0-2 (3') Anything Pauric Mahony can do, Lee Chin can do better. Superb free from distance on the left sideline.

    Down the other end, Kevin Moran picks up a loose ball on the wing and slots it over

  • Wexford 0-2 Waterford 0-3 (4') Eoin Moore responds with Wexford's first from play. End to end these first few minutes.

    Kevin Moran again picks up a break, and first time drives it over the bar

  • Wexford 0-2 Waterford 0-4 (5') The Waterford veterans are on fire. Brick Walsh sails one over from the right sideline. Great score

  • Wexford 0-2 Waterford 0-5 (7') Brick Walsh wins the puck out and is dragged down. Mahony slots the free

  • Wexford 0-3 Waterford 0-5 (9') Long ball into Conor McDonald, he wins it well, makes space for himself, settles and drives it over the bar

  • Wexford 0-4 Waterford 0-6 (12') Tap over free from Jack Guiney after a cynical foul on Podge Doran. The Wexford forward had caught a long ball and was turning for goal.

    Down the other end and Jake Dillon gets his first.

  • Wexford 0-4 Waterford 0-7 (13')  Waterford looking to isolate their forwards, one on one, under their puck out. It's driven into Dillon who wins a free. Mahony converts it

  • Wexford 0-4 Waterford 0-8 (16')  Four frees from four for Mahony. Free won again by Brick Walsh

  • Wexford 0-5 Waterford 0-8 (19')  That man Brick Walsh, fouled again. Mahony fluffs the free though.  

    Next attack, and Wexford fullback Liam Ryan joins the attack and wins a free. Jack Guiney converts it.

  • Wexford 0-6 Waterford 0-9 (20')  Waterford go long, and quick with the puck out again. Darragh Fives gets on it and scores a superb point from distance.  

    Lee Chin responds with a huge free. He's been very good so far.

  • Wexford 0-7 Waterford 0-9 (22')  Wexford fullback line win the long ball. They work it out, short passes, Paul Morris gets on it on the right wing. Cuts inside and floats it over

  • Wexford 0-8 Waterford 0-10 (25')  Wexford looking really composed in possession. They're growing into this. Brilliant vision by Matt O'Hanlon, and Dee O'Keefe clips it over.

    Mahony responds with a free, to end a run of three in a row for Wexford.

  • Two balls drop short, followed by a wide for Wexford.
  • Wexford 0-8 Waterford 0-11 (29')  Conor Gleeson points along the right wing. Ending a run of sloppy passes and shooting from both sides

  • Wexford 0-8 Waterford 0-11 (31')  Lee Chin does well to win a free, but misses it. His second free to miss in a row. They are from a distance yes, but in his range

  • Wexford 0-9 Waterford 0-12 (32')  He's not been in it at all. Austin Gleeson though collects a short pass facing his own goal, and over his shoulder he scores a brilliant point.  

    Aidan Nolan responds

  • Wexford 0-10 Waterford 0-12 (35') Lee Chin involved as Wexford win a free around the middle. Jack Guiney comes out and scores it.

    Three minutes of injury time to be played at the end of the half.

  • Wexford 0-10 Waterford 1-12 (37')  Wexford had two chances to clear their lines, but didn't. The ball fumbles to Kevin Moran who wins the race and pulls on it to the net

  • HT Wexford 0-10 Waterford 1-12 Absolute gift of a goal to concede right before half time. Waterford do deserve their lead though.

  • Wexford had grown into the game. They have bunched the middle, so have very little options inside. But with Lee Chin sitting deep they were calm and clever in possession.

    They would've been fortunate to be just two behind at the break, with Waterford on top for the guts of the half. But that gift of a goal makes it a five point game.

    All to play for still though.

  • 31,753 is the attendance for this quarter-final
  • Wexford 0-11 Waterford 1-12 (35')  Second half is underway. Wexford win the throw in and Liam Ryan, their number three, bombs on and scores the first point of the half.

  • Wexford 0-12 Waterford 1-12 (38')  Pauric Mahony's free from distance drops short.

    Before young Rory O'Connor drives on and points at full tilt. Just three in it.

    The sun has come out in Cork, no wind or rain. Perfect conditions for hurling

  • Mahony, this time from play, hits Waterford's seventh wide.  
  • Wexford 0-13 Waterford 1-12 (43')  Absolutely brilliant burst by O'Connor, the teenager is having a serious game. He handpasses to Lee Chin who floats it over from the right hand side.

  • Maurice Shanahan is on for Jake Dillon. The Déise need a lift. No score in the first 10 minutes of the second half
  • Wexford 0-13 Waterford 1-13 (45')  Mahony slots a free from under the North Stand. Was badly needed.

  • Wexford 0-13 Waterford 1-14 (47')  Yellow card for James Breen after a hefty shoulder on Gleeson. Mahony punishes with another free. Four in it again

  • Wexford 0-14 Waterford 1-16 (50')  Third free in a row from Mahony. This one from way out.

    Jack O'Connor responds with a lovely point . . . before a brilliant pass from Maurice finds Austin Gleeson. His goal effort blazes, just over the bar.

  • Wexford 0-15 Waterford 1-18 (53')  High tackle on Willie Devereux. Jack Guiney converts the free.

    At the other end, Kevin Moran steps inside, shortens his grip and gets his third point of the game. Before Maurice Shanahan wins a long ball, turns, points, and fist pumps!

  • Wexford 0-16 Waterford 1-18 (55')  Lee Chin picks it up on the left sideline. Cuts across, forces the foul. Jack Guiney scores the free.

  • Wexford 0-17 Waterford 1-18 (56')  Young Rory O'Connor with a good pass out to Diarmuid O'Keefe who sends his second point between the sticks

  • Wexford 0-17 Waterford 1-20 (58')  Tap over free from Mahony. Five in it again. Maurice Shanahan then makes it six. He picks up a break, powers through a tackle and points from the edge of the D

  • Colin Dunford comes in. Jamie Barron off. As was the case against Kilkenny last time out, Waterford's strength off the bench is telling
  • Wexford 0-17 Waterford 1-20 (63')  Guiney free from distance is wide. He follows up with another from play, off the back foot. Six in it with seven minutes left

  • Straight red card for an off the ball incident. Waterford down to 14 as their sweeper  Tadhg de Búrca walks.
  • Wexford 0-18 Waterford 1-21 (67')  Jack O'Connor grabs his second point since coming on. Mahony settles Waterford with a brilliant free from the right sideline

  • Wexford 0-18 Waterford 1-21 (69')  Four minutes of injury time to be played

  • Wexford 0-18 Waterford 1-23 (70')  Brian O'Halloran, another Waterford sub' to do well, is left one on one inside. He gets to the ball in the corner first, takes on his man and points.  

    He then adds another. Great energy from him

  • Wexford 0-19 Waterford 1-23 (72')  Jack Guiney goes for goal from a free, it's deflected over the bar

  • Long ball into the Wexford square. Caught by Stephen O'Keeffe. But the referee pulls him for overcarryng. Free in
  • Wexford 1-19 Waterford 1-23 (74')  Jack Guiney goes for goal with it again. It's saved but Jack O'Connor doubles the rebound into the back of the net

  • FT Wexford 1-19 Waterford 1-23  A good game of hurling. Maurice Shanahan and the Waterford subs make a huge difference off the bench.

    Waterford were the better team, but Wexford never gave up and it's been a good first season under Davy Fitz.  

    Their semi-final against Cork or Galway will be made all the harder without Tadhg de Burca.

  • Waterford boss Derek McGrath: "We are delighted to be in a third semi-final in a row.

    "Same stage as this time last year now."

    On the sending off: "Classic Arsene Wenger, I haven't seen it. Any association with a foul stroke from him, I'd be amazed. So it remains to be seen."

  • So that's that . . . Waterford and Tipperary join Cork and Galway in the All-Ireland semi-finals.  

    Report and analysis to follow from Sean Moran and Keith Duggan in Cork. So keep your eye on the site for that. Until then, thanks for joining us.

    FT Wexford 1-19 Waterford 1-23