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Hugh Linehan Tue, Aug 27
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    Good morning and welcome to The Daily Wire on
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    Today’s headlines:

    The Irish Times leads with Syria, with Simon Carswell reporting on the US hardening its stance against the Assad regime over last week’s suspected chemical weapons attack.

    The Irish Independent has a story about the welfare trap which prevents people taking up jobs.

    RTE reports that the Data Protection Commissioner has contacted the National Maternity Hospital in Holles St in relation to a story which appeared in last week's Irish Times about the termination of a pregnancy.
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    Everybody's covering the proposed  new broadcasting charge which, it is proposed by Pat Rabbitte, will replace the current TV licence fee. Paul Cullen for The Irish Times reports that second homes will be exempt, while businesses which currently only need a single licence for multiple sets will now have to pay a scaled-up charge.
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    By the way, the full consultation document on the Public Service Broadcasting Charge is here.
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    You won't be reading about Miley Cyrus or 'twerking' in this corner of the internet today. However, if you have an interest in how new media tends to work when covering such stories these days, you could do worse than read this piece from The Onion. Here's a sample:

    'To be sure, I could have argued that Miley Cyrus’ performance merited the top spot on our website because it was significant in terms of what’s happening in the world of pop culture, or that her over-the-top theatrics are worth covering because they are somehow representative of the lengths to which performers must go to stand out in the current entertainment landscape. But who the fuck are we kidding? Truth be told, anything at last night’s VMAs short of Lady Gaga beheading Will Smith with a broadsword belongs tucked away in our entertainment section, far from the homepage, far from the top spot, and far from the eyes of anyone who logged on to our site this morning to see what was happening in the world.' 
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    Ouch. Lucinda O'Sullivan of the Sunday Independent reviewed Cleaver East, the new restaurant in Dublin's Clarence Hotel (or should I say U2's Clarence Hotel?). Chef Oliver Dunne didn't like the review. At all.
     Here's his response.
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    The Argus, based in Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, England, has a real talent for fantastic headline-writing, as this gallery shows.  My favourite is 'Window Cleaner Killed By Giant Pencil' but '12 Remain Dead In Morgue Fire' is pretty good too...
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    Brian McIntyre's article about cycling around Ireland for a month this summer is currently the most-read on  

    Read more about Brian's journey here.
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    In other news (broadly speaking), the Limerick Leader reports that Fianna Fail deputy Willie O’Dea  was not impressed after he was followed by a clown around the streets of Dublin after leaving the Dail last week.
    Mr O'Dea said he was unaware that he was being filmed for an episode of the RTE hidden camera show The Fear.
    Asked if he was amused, he said: “Not particularly, no. It’s a terrible thing when you can’t walk along the street without someone following you for a stunt.”
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    The Guardian reports from Damascus that Walid Muallem, the Syrian foreign minister, has been talking about problems with the UN inspections of alleged chemical attack sites. He said the UN weapons inspectors told the Syrians which sites they wanted to visit. The Syrians agreed.
    Yesterday the weapons inspectors visited a site under the control of Syrian forces. There were no problems.
    But there was a problem when they visited an area outside Syrian control.
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    Pat Rabbitte doesn't believe in cavemen...

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    There's a lot coming in on the Syria crisis now. David Cameron has arrived back in Downing St, having cut short his holidays. The Syrian foreign minister has  rejected "utterly and completely" claims that Syrian govenrment forces had used chemical weapon,. and that the Syrian government had obstructed the work of the UN weapons inspectors.

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    From today's Letters to the Editor:

    Sir, – I was chatting to God the other night and he asked me to confirm what Fr Con McGillicuddy wrote in his letter (August 26th).
    He does indeed love those students who are too engrossed in their iPhones to believe in his existence. He also asked me to tell Fr McGillicuddy that He is actually a She and She loves gay people, divorcees, women who have terminations due to a threat to their lives and even Protestants as well. – Yours, etc,
    Ballyconnell, Co Cavan.
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    The British PM, David Cameron has just tweeted this:

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    As this tweet from the Reuters bureau chief for Israel and the Palestinian Territories indicates, it's becoming increasingly clear what's going to happen next re Syria.

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    This Sporting Life 1. Qatar Airways and Barcelona FC's rather fine commercial.

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    This Sporting Life 2. Clare's official hurling anthem. View at your own peril..

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     Chuck Hagel, the US defence secretary, has told the BBC that possible US attacks on Syria were "ready to go".
    "We are prepared, we have moved assets in place to be able to fulfil and comply with whatever option the president wishes to take, if he wishes to take any of the options he’s asked for. We are ready to go, like that."
    However Hagel said the final decision about whether to go ahead with military action had not been taken.
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    This just in from NBC News:

    Missile strikes against Syria could be launched “as early as Thursday” senior U.S. officials said Tuesday as the White House intensified efforts toward an international response to the suspected use of chemical weapons.
    The “three days” of strikes would be limited in scope, and aimed at sending a message to the regime of Syria president Bashar Assad , U.S. officials told NBC News.
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    Here's Al Jazeera's report on the Syrian foreign minister's press conference earlier.

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    Recorded in the Ecuadorean embassy where he's been for the last year, Ladies and gentlemen: Julian Assange.

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    By the way, you can get a preview of the new Babyshambles album, Sequel to the Prequel, alongside an interview by Lauren Murphy with the band's bass player, Drew McConnell, here, if you like that sort of thing....
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