Ryder Cup: Day Three

Europe need a minor Sunday miracle to retain the Ryder Cup - Rory leads the singles charge

Ruaidhrí Croke Sun, Oct 2
LIVE: Ryder Cup: Day Three

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    Good afternoon and welcome! It's day three of the Ryder Cup, it's Sunday and it's singles time at Hazeltine! I'm Ruaidhrí Croke and I'll be with you for the next seven hours or so as the inevitable drama that is the final day of the best event in golf unfolds.

    Can Europe possibly mount an unlikely comeback and steal this Ryder Cup from right under the noses of the American players and their boisterous (I won't go all Peter Willett on it) fans?  

    If that's to happen it's going to need a herculean effort on the scale of the Miracle at Medinah.

    There's a prize for the first person to comment in with a miracle-like term beginning with H to go before "at Hazeltine"*.

    You can get involved using the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the blog or you can get me on Twitter @Ruaidhri_Croke.

    Full singles line-up to follow!

    USA 9.5 EUROPE 6.5

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    SUNDAY’S SINGLES (all times Irish)

    5.04pm  Patrick Reed v Rory McIlroy
    5.15pm  Jordan Spieth v Henrik Stenson
    5.26pm  JB Holmes v Thomas Pieters
    5.37pm  Rickie Fowler  v  Justin Rose
    5.48pm  Jimmy Walker v Rafa Cabrera Bello
    5.59pm  Phil Mickelson v Sergio Garcia
    6.10pm  Ryan Moore  v Lee Westwood
    6.21pm  Brandt Snedeker v Andy Sullivan
    6.32pm  Dustin Johnson  v Chris Wood
    6.43pm  Brooks Koepka  v Danny Willett
    6.54pm  Matt Kuchar  v  Martin Kaymer
    7.05pm  Zach Johnson v Matt Fitzpatrick

    USA need 14.5 points to win, Europe need 14 to retain

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    Look at that opening match. Look at it. Just look at it and salivate. If McIlroy has been Europe's talisman so far then Reed has been America's messiah.

    The American showed what he was capable of in the atmosphere of a Ryder Cup two years ago at Gleneagles and this week he's revelled in the occasion even more on home turf.

    But if there's one man to beat him it's Rory McIlroy. The FedEx Cup champion has been absolutely superb this week and seems to play to his very best in this hostile atmosphere. And, as we know, McIlroy at his very best is the best golfer innthge world, no question.

    That match is going to be an absolute ding-dong battle. And, if Europe are to mount a comeback, you feel that it's an absolute must that McIlroy wins.

  • 16:20


    Some news reaching us here that could turn out to be good, or possibly bad, for Europe.

    During the fourball matches yesterday Jordan Spieth injured his finger while high-fiving Patrick Reed in celebrating. It's been bothering him this morning and he may have to withdraw.

    Butch Harmon has been reporting on Sky Sports that the American will play but, if he was to withdraw before his 5.15pm tee time, the 'envelope rule' would come into play.

    As with every Sunday at the Ryder Cup, Darren Clarke and Davis Love III have both put the names of one of their players into an envelope this morning - to be used in the event of a withdrawal. If Spieth were to withdraw then his match against Henrik Stenson would be halved. The European player whose name is in the envelope would then forfeit their game and Stenson would play in their place.  

    Of course, it could be Stenson's name in the envelope meaning that the other games would be played as normal but you'd imagine Clarke would want the Open champion to play ahead of perhaps a rookie.

    If Spieth begins his match and then withdraws, then Europe win the point.

    So there, digest that.

  • 16:31

    McIlroy has been speaking to Sky Sports on the range and says that the spirit in the European camp was good last night and that they really believe they can come back.

    When asked if he put his hand up to go out first McIlroy comprehensively answered yes. He said he wants to lead this team to a historic comeback and, if he plays like he's played all week, he should certainly do his part.

    Some pre-singles reading for you now.

    You can catch up on Philip Reid's report from day two at Hazeltine here: Advantage USA as Europe fade in Saturday fourballs.

    Darren Clarke insists 'it's still game on'

    Davis Love hails influence of Tiger Woods

  • 16:33
    Eoin Brady Hotshot time at Hazeltine
  • 16:36
    Tweeter Alliss Houdinis at Hazeltine
  • 16:44

    Good suggestions there. Hopefully the US team will be like Harambe at Hazeltine and get shot down...

    Anyway, just over 25 minutes until McIlroy takes on Reed in the match of the century. Unsurprisingly Clarke has front-loaded his line-up today - as he had to do.  

    If Stenson can summon the form we saw on Friday and at the British Open then he should brush aside a Jordan Spieth who hasn't played his best stuff this week.  

    Thomas Pieters has been a phenomenen in his first Ryder Cup and it's hard to see Holmes beating him. The Belgian has taken to this like a duck to water and can cap off an extremely impressive performance today.

    As for Justin Rose against Rickie Fowler - the Englishman is simply going to have to find some form on the greens. He hasn't holed a thing this week - let's just hope he's been keeping them all for today.  

    If Europe can somehow manage to take those first four games and light up the board with blue then anything can happen.

    The thoughts of the American fans having to eat humble pie is all too much. Let's hope it becomes a reality.

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    Save the Gorillas Hopefully today the Yanks pay for killing Big H. May you guide Europe home Harambe. We miss you more and more every day.
  • 17:04

    Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed are on the first tee and the atmosphere is electric. The American fans are chanting the incredibly imaginative "I believe that we will win, I believe that we will win (x400)" but, finally, the golf is about to get underway!

    Let's go!

  • 17:06

    McIlroy is up first and punds one down the left side of the fairway. Perfect position.

    Reed steps up for America and pulls his tee shot left into the rough where it snuggles up next to a tree.

    Advantage Europe!

  • 17:08
  • 17:13

    The crowds on the first tee are practically 100 deep. Absolutely incredible scenes.

    But up the fairway we go. Reed could only manage to punch out about 20 yards and left his ball in the rough.

    McIlroy has 115 yards to the pin and in perfect position. But he's flown the green and dumped it in the back bunker! A big mistake from McIlroy there and surely just a case of the adrenaline getting the better of him and sending the ball 15 yards further than it should have gone.

  • 17:15

    Reed pitches up from the smi rough but chunks it a little. It skips up to 15 feet short of the pin but doesn't quite get up onto the plateau where the pin sits and trickles back down to about 20 feet away.

    McIlroy, with a poor lie in the bunker, opens the face of a sand wedge and flips a beauty onto the fring which releases down to kick-in distance! A magnificent shot from McIlroy there.

  • 17:15
    Alan O'Sullivan What can we expect to see from the Ror-lad today?
  • 17:15
    A win.
  • 17:18

    Back to the first tee we go and Stenson and Spieth are ready to play.  

    Stenson is up first and hooks his drive way left where it clatters up against some hoarding around the fan toilets. He'll get a free drop but won't have much of a look at the green with trees in front of him the whole way up.

    Spieth cracks one down the fairway. No sign of a finger injury there.

  • 17:19

    On the green it's Reed to putt first from 20 feet up the hill. He starts it left, it turns back in...and drops!  

    Reed goes wild, the crowd go wilder and this match has it's first big moment.  

    The pressure is on McIlroy now from a few feet for the half but he makes no mistake.

    McIlroy v Reed (A/S) (1)

  • 17:21

    Stenson lightens the mood by strolling up to his ball lodged against the fence around the toilets and saying that it was "a shit shot".

    On the second tee McIlroy cracks another beautiful drive away but it kicks forward a little too much and rolls into the first cut of rough.

    Reed, who won't get near McIlroy in terms of distance, doesn't reach the hump McIlroy kicked off and his ball settles nicely on the fairway.

  • 17:26

    After taking his free drop Stenson sweeps an iron off the trampled down rough, up over the trees and into the heart of the green. An excellent recovery.

    From the middle of the fairway Spieth pulls his approach a little left where it misses the green and settles in the rough. Should be a routine enough pitch from there.

    Up at the second Reed's wedged approach to the green flies to long and doesn't spin back, finishing 25 feet behind the hole.

    McIlroy has a chance now...and he takes it! He fizzes a wedge in to six feet!

  • 17:29

    Next on the first tee is the match of Thomas Pieters and JB Holmes. Pieters hits first and tugs his drive a little where it scuttles into the rough but looks to be lying okay and he should have a good line to the green.

    Next up is Holmes who launches one down the left hand side and onto the short grass.

    Up on the green it's Stenson to putt before Spieth pitches. He judges the pace well but it trickles a few feet past and Spieth will want to see that one in.

  • 17:31

    On the second green Reed has actually missed a putt! Granted it was 25 feet and down the hill but he seems to be holing everything these last few days. That's a par for the American and McIlroy will now have the chance to take the lead from six feet...

    And he's missed! It turns left and stays out.

    Reed v McIlroy (A/S) (2)

  • 17:33

    Spieth goes one up on Stenson!

    The Swede doesn't even get a chance to knock in that short par putt because Spieth has gone ahead and made his birdie. From the rough just off the green he uses the blade of his sand wedge to bump it forward, letting it roll out like a putt and it tracks right into the middle of the hole!

    Spieth (1up) v Stenson (1)

  • 17:38

    On the first it's a nervy start for Pieters. After punching his second shot up to just short of the green and in the rough he's now bladed his pitch right through the green and onto the fringe.

    Holmes, after his approach to the green, is in the same sport from where Spieth chipped in.

    Speaking of Spieth his approach at the second comes up short and settles on the apron. Stenson, coming from the rough, flies it over the pin and doesn't get any spin, his ball rolling out to 20 feet.

    Back on the first tee it's time for Justin Rose and Rickie Fowler!

  • 17:43

    Holmes goes one up on Pieters!

    The Belgian fails to hole his pitch for par at the first meaning Holmes has two from just off the green to take the hole and he does so easily.

    Holmes (1up) v Pieters (1)

    At the third McIlroy and Reed both laid up on the par five. Reed's approach flies over the pin again and stops 15 feet away.

    McIlroy, from the rough pops one up, allowing it to chase onto the green where it catches the hole but stays out! It's ran on too - he's got about eight feet for birdie.

  • 17:44

    At the second Spieth putts up to five feet, leaving Stenson with a long birdie putt to win the hole. The Swede coaxes it down the hill, turning it from right to left but it stays out!  

    They halve the hole.

    Spieth (1up) v Stenson (2)

  • 17:46

    McIlroy goes one up on Reed!

    The American's putt mssed on the right, beaten by the pace. McIlroy steps up from eight feet down the hill and trickles it right into the middle of the hole to put the first blue on the board!

    Reed v McIlroy (1up) (3)

  • 17:46

    Reed v McIlroy (1up) (3)

    Spieth (1up) v Stenson (2)

    Holmes (1up) v Pieters (1)

  • 17:52

    Rose goes one up on Fowler!

    A superb second shot, straight over the pin at the first, sets up an opening birdie for Rose. Fowler had gone long into the bunker and then bladed it a little with his splash shot but it made no difference as the Englishman went ahead and popped in his putt for a three.

    Fowler v Rose (1up) (1)

  • 17:55

    Holmes goes two up on Pieters!

    The American has started like a train on fire in the third game and takes the second hole. His approach left him with six feet up the hill for birdie and he duly rolls it in while Pieters can't manage the same from 20 feet away.

    Holmes (2up) v Pieters (2)

    Up ahead at the par three fourth McIlroy and Reed halve the hole with routine pars. McIlroy's birdie effort from 25 feet just shaved the left of the hole and stayed out while Reed did well to get up and down from just off the green on the left.

    Reed v McIlroy (1up) (4)

  • 17:57

    The Americans are on it once again by the looks of things.  

    At the first Walker flies his approach over the pin and spins it back to three feet while Cabrera-Bello only manages to muscle his into the front bunker. Advantage America there.

    At the driveable par four fifth McIlroy takes a three wood and pitches it to the front of the green (305 yards that was), leaving him 40 feet for eagle.

    Reed has to go with the driver but he's hit a corker! It lands where McIlroy's ball finished and rolls out to six feet! What a sensational shot with a driver.

  • 17:59

    Stenson gets back to all square against Spieth!

    The Swede takes the par five third after spearing a three wood to the front of the green in two. From there he got down in two for his birdie while Spieth missed an eight footer for the half. That is a serious rarity - Jordan Spieth missed a putt!

    Spieth A/S Stenson (3)

  • 18:01

    Two absolutely stunning approach shots from Fowler and Rose at the second!

    First the American sends his wedge over the pin and spins it back to about six feet. Rose then steps up and puts it just inside him!

    On the first tee Garcia and Mickelson have both teed off in what's sure to be a cracker of a match.

  • 18:03

    Cabrera-Bello manages to get a half from the first hole!

    That looked like an absolute banker for Walker after stitching his approach but his putt lips out. Meanwhile the Spaniard spins a bunker shot out to five feet and rolls in the par putt.

    Walker A/S Cabrera-Bello (1)

  • 18:06

    Reed gets it back to all square against McIlroy!

    The European pitched up to a few feet, guaranteeing a birdie but that's no problem for Reed who goes ahead and rolls in his putt for a sensational eagle two! That's an up and down with a driver there, unbelievable stuff.

    Reed A/S v McIlroy (5)

    Spieth A/S v Stenson (3)

    Holmes (2up) v Pieters (2)

    Fowler v Rose (1up) (2)

    Walker A/S Cabrera-Bello (1)

  • 18:08

    Pieters wins one back against Holmes!

    The Belgian makes a good birdie at the par five third to take the hole after Holmes found trouble off the tee.

    Holmes (1up) v Pieters (3)

  • 18:11

    Garcia goes one up against Mickelson!

    What a start for the Spaniard! After a cracking drive he spun a wedge in to five feet. Mickelson was about twice the distance and rolled his putt past, allowing Garcia to knock his in and go one up.

    Mickelson v Garcia (1up) (1)

  • 18:17

    Pieters gets it back to all square against Holmes!

    What superb resolve from the young Belgian after losing the first two holes! At the par four fourth he arrowed a beauty in to 10 feet and rolled in the putt for a two to beat the par of Holmes!

    Holmes A/S v Pieters (4)

    Up ahead to the first match we go. Reed is really beginning to turn it on now. His wedge shot into the par four sixth spins back to kick-in distance. McIlroy, coming from the light rough can't get his ball to grab up and it releases out to 12 feet. He's going to have to sink that to avoid going one down.

  • 18:21

    Spieth goes one up aganst Stenson!

    At the fifth he rolls in an eight footer for birdie to beat Stenson's par and take the lead again.

    Spieth (1up) v Stenson (5)

    Up ahead at the sixth McIlroy rolls in his birdie putt! That puts the pressure on Reed...but of course he answers.  

    And he does a mock-McIlroy bow to the crowd! And then wags his finger at McIlroy himself!

    It. Is. Kicking. Off!

    Reed A/S v McIlroy (6)

  • 18:22
  • 18:24

    At the second Garcia and Mickelson both spin wedges in to six feet! And they both step up and roll in the birdie putts. This is some seriously good golf in every game.

    Mickelson v Garcia (1up) (2)

    At the driveable par four fifth Pieters has taken driver to go for the green but pushed it way right. It looks like it's gone out of bounds.

  • 18:27

    Westwood goes one up against Moore!

    A disaster for the American at the first allows Westwood to win the hole with a par and put some more blue on the board.

    Full scores coming your way soon but as you can appreciate it's absolutely hectic!

    Moore v Westwood (1up) (1)

  • 18:31


    At the short par four seventh both Reed and McIlroy spank drives straight down the fairway. Reed spins his wedge shot in to 12 feet over the pin while McIlroy rolls his up to half the distance.

    Reed steps up...and holes it!

    Now McIlroy for the par...drains it!  

    And he turns around and shushes the fans! This is some of the best entertainment golf has ever produced!

    Reed A/S v McIlroy (7)

  • 18:33

    Holmes goes one up against Pieters!

    That out of bounds tee shot for the European did the damage there at the fifth as Holmes was able to just punch his way up there for a par. They're yet to halve a hole!  

    Holmes (1up) v Pieters (5)

  • 18:37

    Sullivan goes one up against Snedeker!

    The rookie has had to wait since Friday morning for this match and he's certainly making the most of it. He rattles in a birde at the first to go one up.

    Snedeker v Sullivan (1up) (1)

    Meanwhile, Cabrera-Bello has doubled his lead against Walker. The putter seems to have deserted the USPGA champion since he missed that short one at the first and he misses another one at the fourth.

    Walker v Cabrera-Bello (2up) (4)

  • 18:39

    Reed A/S v McIlroy (7)

    Spieth (1up) v Stenson (6)

    Holmes (1up) v Pieters (5)

    Fowler v Rose (1up) (4)

    Walker v Cabrera-Bello (2up) (4)

    Mickelson v Garcia (1up) (2)

    Moore v Westwood (1up) (1)

    Snedeker v Sullivan (1up) (1)

  • 18:41


    At the par three eight McIlroy has rolled in a 65 foot putt for birdie!

    65 feet!

    Reed now has about 20 feet to halve the hole!

    They will write books about this match. This is just incredible!


    Reed A/S V McIlroy (8)

  • 18:41
  • 18:44

    This is, without a doubt, the best golf that I have ever seen.

    Quickly to the Mickelson and Garcia match. After winning the first two holes Garcia has now given the next two back to the American and they're all square.

    Mickelson (1up) v Garcia (4)

  • 18:44
  • 18:46

    There's some seriously good golf being played in the other matches around the course as well but it is just impossible to take your eyes off this top match. This could end up being one of those "where were you" moments/days.

  • 18:52

    Mickelson goes one up against Garcia!

    At the par three fourth Garcia played a majestic iron over the pin, leaving him with 12 feet down the hill for birdie. Mickelson had about 20 feet from the right.

    Mickelson, first up, rolls it in. Garcia leaves his short. A rare mistake from anyone on this electrifying day of golf.

    That means Europe are now up in three, down in three and level in three.

    Mickelson (1up) v Garcia (4)

  • 18:53

    Moore gets it back to all square against Westwood!

    After halving the second the American birdies the third to beat Westwood's par and take the lead.

    At the second Chris Wood is using his considerable frame to stand up to Dustin Johnson. He's knocked his approach to five feet with Johnson still to play. They halved the first hole.

  • 18:55

    I can barely believe my eyes. Reed and McIlroy have just halved the ninth hole in bogeys. Both found a fairway bunker with their drives and then greenside bunkers with their approaches, failing to get up and down for their pars.

    They go into the back nine locked at all square. Can we all have a second to catch out breath please?

  • 18:59

    Fun fact: the cameras just picked up McIlroy telling Reed that he has to get Nike to custom-make his hats because his "head is so small".

  • 19:01

    Wood goes one up on Johnson!

    The Englishman rolls in his short birdie putt at the second to take the lead as DJ fails to make a three.

    Johnson v Wood (1up) (2)

  • 19:03

    Stenson gets it back to all square against Spieth!

    The American can't make a birdie at the eighth as Stenson rolls in his putt for a two and takes the hole.

    More good news for Europe in the third match as Pieters has birdied the seventh to win the hole and get it back to all square against Holmes.

  • 19:05

    Sullivan goes two up against Snedeker!

    The man with a point to prove has started like a house on fire, birdieing the first and now the second to go ahead early.

    It's very early and far too early to say much but, at the moment, things are going very well for Europe...

    Snedeker v Sullivan (2up) (3)

  • 19:06
  • 19:08

    Zach Johnson and Matt Fitzpatrick have teed off in the final match and every game is now on the course.

    At the 10th McIlroy and Reed halve the hole in bogeys. They've both gone bogey, par there. Very, very poor stuff. Come on lads.

    Reed A/S v McIlroy (10)

  • 19:11

    Willett goes one up against Koepka!

    A classic matchplay situation there at the second. Koepka played an excellent approach in to five feet and look nailed on to take the hole with Willett about 18 feet away. But the Englishman stepped up and rolled it in, putting the pressure on the American and forcing him to miss!

    Meanwhile Pieters has birdied the eighth to go one up against Holmes!

    At the moment Europe are up in six, down in just one and all square in three!

  • 19:14

    Stenson goes one up against Spieth!

    What an incredible birdie from the Swede!

    After driving left he was blocked off by a tree but managed to send it up and over them, landing it 20 feet away from the pin. From the middle of the fairway Spieth couldn't get inside him.

    Putting first the American missed left before Stenson stepped up and rolled his in!  

    The momentum is with Europe all over the course!

    Spieth v Stenson (1up) (9)

  • 19:16

    At the fourth Snedeker has pulled one back against Sullivan.

    Snedeker v Sullivan (1up) (4)

    Meanwhile, at the fifth Moore has managed to get some red on the board by taking that hole over Westwood.

    Moore (1up) v Westwood (5)

  • 19:19

    Garcia gets it back to all square against Mickelson!

    And that means there's only one red strip on the board now as the Spaniard's birdie beat Mickelson's par at the par five.

    Mickelson A/S v Garcia (6)

  • 19:22

    Reed A/S v McIlroy (10)

    Spieth v Stenson (1up) (9)

    Holmes v Pieters (1up) (8)

    Fowler A/S v Rose (7)

    Walker v Cabrera-Bello (2up) (6)

    Mickelson A/S v Garcia (6)

    Moore (1up) v Westwood (5)

    Snedeker v Sullivan (1up) (4)

    D Johnson v Wood (1up) (3)

    Koepka v Willett (1up) (2)

    Kuchar A/S v Kaymer (2)

    Z Johnson (1up) v Fitzpatrick (1)

  • 19:23

    Johnson gets it back to all square against Wood!

    After birdieing the first three holes, Wood's run comes to an end at the fourth where he misses a par outt and winds up with a bogey.

    D Johnson A/S v Wood (4)

  • 19:25

    Holmes gets it back to all square against Pieters!

    A second momentum boost for America in quick-time as Holmes holes a raker at the ninth for birdie while Pieters effort comes up short.

    Every game is just so, so tight. Cabrera-Bello two up against Walker is the only game with more than one hole in it.

  • 19:27

    Snedeker gets it back to all square against Sullivan!

    There's a bit of momentum going the way of the US now as Snedeker holes out well to take the fifth hole after also winning the fourth.

    So it's now Europe up in four, down in two and all square in six!

  • 19:28
    The McIlroy and Reed match has just simmered down a little (only a little now) after thos blistering first eight holes. After halving the ninth, 10th and 11th they're now on the tee at the 12th where both have hooked their drives left on the par four. It remains all square.  
  • 19:30

    A huge putt from Spieth over at the 10th. After a poor pitch he was left with 20 feet for par with Stenson in close for birdie. Spieth stepped up and rolled in the putt while Stenson missed left. That could be a huge moment. Stenson remains one up

  • 19:32

    Mickelson goes one up against Garcia!

    And it's yet another classic matchplay moment. Garcia was in closer, with about 12 feet for birdie while Mickelson had 20 feet. Mickelson sunk his putt, putting the pressure on Garcia and the Spaniard couldn't stand up to it, his ball missing left.

    Mickelson (1up) v Garcia (7)

  • 19:35

    Wood goes one up against Johnson!

    The US Open champion really has not played well this week and he's missed a short par putt at the fifth to ift Wood another hole.

    D Johnson v Wood (1up) (5)

  • 19:37

    Huge putt from Holmes at the 10th!

    Pieters absolutely stitched his approach shot at the par four, leaving it within gimme range. Holmes could only manage to get his to 10 feet but he's managed to roll it in for a massive half.  

    Holmes A/S v Pieters (10)

  • 19:39

    Over at the 12th Reed and McIlroy both found greenside bunkers with their approach shots.

    From the right, and about 40 yards away, McIlroy flies it all the way to the pin and spins it up to six feet. What a shot.

    Reed has a much easier sand shot. He doesn't have too much green to work with but his ball is lying perfectly and he should be able to flip it out to a few feet.

    But he's overcooked it a bit! It releases out to 10 feet and it'll be the American to putt first.

  • 19:39
  • 19:40

    Woops, turns out it's McIlroy to putt first. If he can knock this in it'll put the pressure on Reed...

    But he's missed it right. That's a second bogey in four holes and Reed now has a golden chance to seize the advantage.

  • 19:42

    And he makes it!

    That could be a huge moment in that match.  

    Reed (1up) v McIlroy (12)

  • 19:42
  • 19:44

    That could be a huge moment not just in that match but in the overall match. It is absolutely crucial that McIlroy wins that opening match if Europe are to retain this Ryder Cup.

  • 19:45
  • 19:47

    Stenson goes two up against Spieth!

    At the par five 11th both players laid up. Spieth was first to play and spun his wedge back off the green before pitching up for par. That meant that Stenson's up and down for birdie was enough to double his lead.

    Spieth v Stenson (2up) (11)

  • 19:48
    dude Westoods miss late yesterday probably was that huge moment you are talking about
  • 19:49

    Cabrera-Bello goes three up against Walker!

    The USPGA champion is one of the few players playing poorly today and he makes another bogey at the ninth. That means that Cabrera-Bello's two putts for par are enough to increase his lead further.

    Walker v Cabrera-Bello (3up) (9)

  • 19:52

    Three huge boosts for the American team in the space of just seconds there.

    First, Rose missed a short par putt at the 10th, allowing Fowler to take that hole and get it back to all square.

    Meanwhile, over at the sixth Dustin Johnson has chipped in for birdie to pull Chris Wood back to all square.

    And, at the fifth, Martin Kaymer missed a short par putt to allow Kuchar draw first blood in that match.

    That means that, all of a sudden, things are going the way of the US. They're up in five, down in three and all square in four. That means the projected score at the moment is USA 16.5 Europe 11.5.


  • 19:56

    McIlroy misses a golden opportunity at the 13th!

    Both he and Reed were left with about seven feet for par with Reed to putt first. The American's putt slipped right, leaving McIlroy with a golden opportunity to get the match back to all square but he misses left!

    That's another bogey and he's really gone off the ball since those fireworks of the first eight holes.

    Reed (1up) v McIlroy (13)

  • 19:57
  • 19:58

    Pieters goes one up against Holmes!

    The Belgian follows his birdie at the 10th with another at the 11th to go ahead.

    Holmes v Pieters (1up) (11)

  • 20:01
    It's crazy how quickly things can change in the Ryder Cup and that's what's happened in the last few minutes. The US are well on top now, up in six, down in four and all square in two.
  • 20:05

    Snedeker goes two up against Sullivan!

    What a turnaround from the American. After being two down through three, he's now won the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth to go two up.

    At the seventh Chris Wood has won the hole with a bogey thanks to the fact that Johnson found the water. That's a welcome but of blue on the board.

    And over at the 12th Stenson has had his lead cut in half by Spieth after a poor bogey.

  • 20:06

    Westwood gets it back to all square against Moore!

    What a putt that was! On the ninth he's holed an absolute tramliner to win the hole and level the match.

    It's all happening now as Kuchar goes two up against Kaymer on the seventh. It's not going Europe's way whatsoever this last 45 minutes or so.

  • 20:10

    McIlroy has gotten way with one at the 14th. After missing yet another putt inside 10 feet he left Reed with an eight footer to win the hole but the American missed left. McIlroy can breathe but he really needs something to happen and quick.

  • 20:11

    Garcia gets it back to all square against Mickelson!

    The Spaniard rolls in his birdie putt at the 10th to win the hole and level the game up.  

  • 20:11
    Mick Fickleson After being two up through three, he's now won the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth to go two up? Cut down on the beer intake, Dr. Croke.
  • 20:12
    Corrected. Thanks heavens one stray word didn't derail the whole blog.
  • 20:12
  • 20:14

    Johnson goes one up against Wood!

    Another American turning things around and it's all going a bit wrong for Europe now.

    At the eighth Johnson rattles in a long birdie putt to take the lead against Wood after already being down twice.

    USA are now up in five, down in three and all square in four.

  • 20:19

    Sullivan gets it back to one down after nine!

    An excellent birdie from the European after a superb approach cuts the deficit in half in that game.

    Snedeker (1up) v Sullivan (9)

  • 20:22

    If Europe are to have any chance McIlroy really needs to turn the top game around against Reed and it's not looking likely at the moment. He seems to have ran out of steam on the back nine as another birdie putt slips past at the 15th.

    Reed has the chance to go two up but his effort misses on the left. Three holes to go, McIlroy needs something special.

    Reed (1up) v McIlroy (15)

  • 20:22
  • 20:24
    Unfortunately Justin Rose's putting has gone back to the standards of yesterday and Friday. From five feet at the 12th he has the chance to go one up but he misses it on the left! A shocker there from the Englishman and Fowler is let off the hook.
  • 20:24
    Peter Mick Fickelson there challenging the American fans for the nauseating bore of the week award. Enjoying the blog, come on Europe!
  • 20:25

    Okay, current situation:

    USA up in six, Europe up in three, all square in three.

  • 20:27
    Jack Michaelson He seems to have ran (sic) out of steam? Past participle is a bitch! http://www.dummies.com/educ...
  • 20:32

    Luckily the golf is still going on so we don't all have to focus on pointing out miniscule errors. What a boring world it would be if we did.

    To the 16th we go and the top match. McIlroy was forced to lay up on the par five and has done so well. Reed, however, goes for the green in two but he's ditched it in the bunker and short-sided himself! That's a virtually impossible pitch from there. Advantage McIlroy.

    Over at the 12th Walker is fighting back against Cabrera-Bello. After winning the 10th hole he's now added to that with a birdie and the Spaniard's lead is cut to just one hole.  

    At the par three 13th Fowler has made an immense save with a 20 footer for the half against Rose. They all seem to be going in for the Americans now.

  • 20:34
    McIlroy stands over his third shot at the 16th and is forced to back off thanks to some genius shouting an obscenity. He's quickly dealt with by other fans but it's clear that McIlroy was put off as he chunks his pitch shot only halfway up the green, leaving 20 feet for a birdie.
  • 20:35
    Peter I take it your heckler isn't enjoying the last night of the Ryder Cup with his family or mates? Still a glimmer here for Europe, fingers crossed.
  • 20:36
  • 20:37

    Rory and I in the same boat. But unfortunately not when it comes to golf.

    Having said that the golf could soon be coming to an end for McIlroy. Remember when I said Reed had an almost impossible bunker shot at the 16th? Well he's somehow just splashed it out to about six inches.

    That's been conceded and McIlroy's long birdie putt misses. Reed is now dormie two up.

    Reed (2up) v McIlroy (16)

  • 20:41

    But Stenson is still fighting!  

    He's been absolutely excellent today and he rattles in a birdie putt at the 15th to put the pressure on Spieth who is in close.

    The American answers back by making his for the half but Stenson now goes to the 16th two up.

    Over at the par three 13th Walker arrowed a beautiful tee shot in to eight feet and looked for all the world to be in the perfect position to bring his match against Cabrera-Bello back to all square.

    But the Spaniard has been a rookie sent from heaven this week. From 246 yards he puts his tee shot beside Walker's, strolls up and knocks in the putt while the American misses!

    Walker v Cabrera-Bello (2up) (13)

  • 20:43

    Kopeka goes two up against Willett!

    That was a shocker from The Masters champion as he slides a short par putt past at the ninth and goes two down.

    Over at the 10th Johnson has just increased his lead to the same margin against Wood. It's all looking very red at the moment.

  • 20:46

    McIlroy has a glimmer of hope at the 17th!

    His tee shot at the par three found the heart of the green, leaving a long putt. However Reed has bladed his pitch from the back right through the green. McIlroy putts down to a few feet.

  • 20:47
    A good pitch from Reed secures his four but that means that McIlroy has justa  few feet to win the hole and take it to the 18th. Miss and it's game over. It's down the hill and left to right...
  • 20:48

    And he makes it!

    McIlroy and Reed go to the 18th!

    Reed (1up) v McIlroy (17)

  • 20:49

    At the 16th Spieth has found the water with his second shot while Stenson fires one right into the heart of the green! If the Swede wins that hole it's all over and Europe will have their first point.

    It is absolutely imperative that McIlroy wins this final hole and salvages a half point now.

  • 20:50

    McIlroy absolutely crushes a drive down the middle! That is a huge hit.

    Reed steps up and fires his own straight down the middle. He's a good 30 yards behind McIlroy but will play to the green first which could be crucial.

  • 20:53


    Spieth has conceded the 16th after finding the water with his second and Europe take the first point!

    Spieth v Stenson (4&2)

    USA 9.5 EUROPE 7.5

  • 20:55

    Fitzpatrick gets it back to all square against Johnson!

    The rookie has held a raker at the eighth to tie his match up and things might just be turning around! (Probably not).

  • 20:56

    What a match this has been between McIlroy and Reed and they're closing it out in fittingly spectacular fashion!

    Reed was up first and spun a stunning approach shot over the pin and back to eight feet. McIlroy's is a little left but settles pin high and 10 feet away.

    It looks as if he'll be putting first which could be huge as he can put the pressure on Reed.  

  • 20:59

    Koepka goes three up against Willett!

    It's yet another missed putt for Willett and he slips further behind. It's been a tough week for him and is looking like it's going to end with zero points.

    Koepka (3up) v Willett (10)

  • 21:00

    Up to the 18th and it's McIlroy to putt first...

    And he makes it!

    The pressure is now on Reed who must make his birdie putt to win the match...

    And he drains it! What a putt!

    What an incredible match and what an incredible player Patrick Reed is.

    Reed (1up) v McIlroy

    USA 10.5 EUROPE 7.5

  • 21:01
  • 21:03
  • 21:05

    Pieters is on the brink at the 16th. After finding the green in two he's lagged it down to five feet while Holmes has about 25 to match his birdie.  

    Holmes' effort looks good all the way but just drifts right at the very end!

    Pieters now has a putt to win the match and take his fourth point in his debut Ryder Cup. Amazing stuff.

  • 21:08


    What a Ryder Cup debut it's been for the Belgian. Unfortunately it's looking like it's not going to end well from a team perspective but these three days could be career-defining for the Belgian.

    Holmes v Pieters (3&2)

    USA 10.5 EUROPE 8.5

  • 21:08
  • 21:12
  • 21:15

    Fowler goes one up against Rose!

    Rose misses yet another putt, this time at the 16th, and Fowler takes full advantage by rolling in his birdie. Rose is going to have to turn that around and win the last two holes if Europe are to have a chance. Unfortunately it's not looking likely.

    Fowler (1up) v Rose (16)

  • 21:18

    Phil Mickelson putt all the pressure on himself this week with his comments and he's lived right up to it. He maintains his one up lead over Garcia at the 13th by holing his eighth (yes, eighth) birdie of the day!

    Mickelson (1up) v Garcia (13)

  • 21:18
  • 21:20

    Westwood goes one up against Moore!

    The American found the water on the 14th, allowing Westwood two putts to win the hole and the Englishman gladly took both of them.

    Moore v Westwood (1up) (14)

  • 21:22

    Huge putt for Rose at the 17th. He has 15 feet for a birdie to win the hole...

    And he's missed it. Yet another putt missed for the former US Open champion. That needed to be a 17th at Medinah in 2012 moment and it wasn't. There hasn't been any of those moments for Europe today.

  • 21:23
    Oscar Tame two putts to win the match?
  • 21:24

    Apologies, two putts to win the hole. It's been a long day.

    Rose and Fowler both tidy up for their pars but that means that Fowler goes to the 18th one up and is guaranteed at least a half.

  • 21:25

    Up at the 16th Cabrera-Bello has two putts to win the match after Walker found the water with his lay up.

    But the Spaniard has knocked his first effort six feet past...

  • 21:28


    Walker fails to make his bogey putt and concedes the hole to Cabrera-Bello.

    Europe take another point but the crucial fact is that the USA are up in seven of the eight matches left on the course.

    Walker v Cabrera-Bello (3&2)

    USA 10.5 EUROPE 9.5

  • 21:32

    Europe need the miracle of all miracles now but remember that USA still need four points. It's not quite over yet.

    At the 16th Garcia fires a beauty into the heart of the green. He's one down to Mickelson and will have 20 feet for eagle while Mickelson is further away for birdie. Advantage Sergio.

  • 21:33

    At the 18th Rose must win the hole to salvage a half point. He's making a good job of it so far, leaving himself about 12 feet for birdie.

    Over at the 15th Westwood has gone two up on Moore and is creeping closer to another point.

  • 21:35

    Garcia gets it back to all square against Mickelson!

    Two putts is enough for Sergio at the 16th to pull his game back to level. If he can squeeze a point out of Mickeslon you just never know.

  • 21:36

    Over to the 18th we go where Rose has 12 feet for birdie to salvage a half point.

    Fowler's birdie effort came up short leaving the door open for Rose to pull it out of the bag. He hasn't made thing all week, can he do it now to give Europe a glimmer of hope?

  • 21:37
    Stewart Griffin Come on Sergio!!
  • 21:38

    And he leaves it short.  

    That's so, so poor from Rose. He just has not made the putts these three days.


    Fowler (1up) v Rose  

    USA 11.5 EUROPE 9.5

  • 21:40
    It's been an epic battle between Garcia and Mickelson and it looks like continuing right until the end. Both have fired gorgeous iron shots in to the 17th green with Mickelson to putt first.
  • 21:41

    Mickelson absolutely cannot miss today! He rolls his putt in for his ninth birdie of the day!

    The pressure is on Garcia now...

    And he makes it!

    What a game this has been!

    Mickelson A/S v Garcia (17)

  • 21:42
  • 21:43

    Kaymer gets it back to all square against Kuchar!

    In the penultimate match the German pulls one back. He's going to have to do something special to turn that match around.

    As is Sullivan. And Fitzpatrick. And Wood.

    Kuchar (1up) v Kaymer (13)

  • 21:45
    Okay, if Mickelson wins the 18th and takes a point here you have to imagine it's curtains for Europe. Both he and Garcia have smashed drives down the middle. Neither have given an inch all day and are still refusing to do so.
  • 21:46

    Johnson goes three up against Fitzpatrick!

    It's slipping away in that last match and it's slipping away for Europe.

    Johnson (3up) v Fitzpatrick (12)

  • 21:48


    It's a huge win for Brooke Koepka against Danny Willett who has been out of sorts all week after the controversy his brother's article caused. It's a pity for him and he certainly hasn't enjoyed his first Ryder Cup experience but there's no doubt he'll be back.

    Koepka (5&4) v Willett

    USA 12.5 EUROPE 9.5

  • 21:50


    With an eagle at that! A magnificent eagle at the 16th.

    Moore v Westwood (1up) (16)

  • 21:51

    What a shot from Garcia at the 18th!

    He's given himself a real chance of winning the hole with a 10 foot birdie putt and taking an unlikely point against a red hot Mickelson. The American has about 25 feet but they way he's been playing today you expect him to make it.

  • 21:52

    Johnson goes two up against Wood!

    It's slipping further and further away for Europe now as Johnson makes another birdie at the 15th.

    D Johnson (2up) v Wood (15)

  • 21:55


    When I said he's probably make it I didn't think he actually would! But Mickelson has just rolled in his 10th birdie of the day at the 18th to force Garcia to hole his for the half.

  • 21:56

    And Garcia does so!

    What a match that was. A match that deserved to finish in a draw and that's exactly how it has finished. In 18 holes of golf the two players made 19 birdies between them!

    19! NINETEEN!

    USA 13 EUROPE 10

  • 21:57
    It's as good as over at this stage unfortunately. Of the five matches left on the course the USA are up in three and all square in the other two, needing just a point and a half to win the Ryder Cup.
  • 21:59
  • 22:01

    USA are turning the screw now. Snedeker (two up on Sullivan) has fired his tee shot in to eight feet on the par three 17th.

    Meanwhile Westwood and Moore are going down the 18th all square after Moore made a birdie and an eagle to win the previous two holes.

  • 22:05


    Snedeker's tee shot and Sullivan's bogey at the 17th was enough for the Englishman to concede and America now need just half a point to win the Ryder Cup. The only question now is who will hole the winning putt. It looks like it'll either be Johnson or Moore.

    Snedeker (3&1) v Sullivan

    USA 14 EUROPE 10

  • 22:09
    Ryan Moore stitches his approach shot at the 18th. Westwood is up first to putt for a par but either way Moore will have at least two putts to win the Ryder Cup.
  • 22:10


    Ryan Moore holes the winning putt to give America their first Ryder Cup victory in eight years!

    USA 15 EUROPE 10

  • 22:16

    So Moore justifies his pick in the end by turning his match around against Westwood and ultimately holing the winning putt.  

    It's fitting as well that it happens just days after Arnold Palmer passed awy.

    Bubba Watson is, for some reason, crying into Davis Love's shoulder.

  • 22:21

    There's no doubt that Clarke is going to have questions to answer in the wake of this. His picks of Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood have not been justified whatsoever and if there's one man who can feel extremely hard done by it's Russell Knox.

    Splitting up the pairing of Garcia and Cabrera-Bello yesterday with his team on the comeback trail was nothing short of baffling. As was playing Westwood and Kaymer again.

    But, for the contest in general, it's probably best that America won. Paris in two years time is going to be an occasion and a half.  

    I'll stick around to bring you the final scores and Philip Reid's report from Hazeltine will be online soon. Stay tuned!

  • 22:26

    Zach Johnson beats Matthew Fitzpatrick 4&3!

    USA 16 EUROPE 10

  • 22:28

    Dustin Johnson beats Chris Wood 1up!

    USA 17 EUROPE 10

    It's beginning to look like a trashing now...

  • 22:38

    A tiny light at the end for Europe as Martin Kaymer beats Matt Kuchar one up to complete the 2016 Ryder Cup.


  • 22:39

    With that I shall leave you. Thanks for reading along, Philip Reid's report from Hazeltine will be online in the next half an hour.  

    To Paris 2018! Bye!