Semi-final replay: Kerry v Mayo

The talk all week has been about the venue but can Kerry and Mayo repeat last Sunday's epic

John O'Sullivan Sat, Aug 30
LIVE: Semi-final replay: Kerry v Mayo

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  • Hello and welcome to the Irish Times Live  GAA Blog. The  Gaelic Grounds in Limerick provides  the backdrop for this All Ireland Football semi-final replay between Kerry and Mayo. Whatever has been written and spoken about the merits and demerits of playing a semi-final outside Croke Park is now irrelevant.

         Everyone will he hoping that the replay provides as much excitement as the drawn game.

     Mayo are unchanged, so too Kerry but the good news for the Kingdom is that Glenbeigh's Darran O'Sullivan who cried off the subs last week is fit enough to be part of the match squad.

    Here's a quick look at the teams.

    Mayo: R Hennelly; T Cunniffe, G Cafferkey, K Higgins; L Keegan, C Boyle, D Vaughan; J Gibbons, S O’Shea; K McLoughlin, A O’Shea, J Doherty; C O’Connor, A Freeman, A Dillon.

    Kerry: B Kelly; M O’Se, A O’Mahony, S Enright; P Murphy, P Crowley, F Fitzgerald (capt); A Maher, D Moran; M Geaney, J Buckley, D Walsh; S O’Brien, P Geaney, J O’Donoghue.


  • Not everyone is in the Gaelic Grounds according to this picture.
  • You know when I said Mayo were unchanged, well word is filtering through that Barry Moran and Andy Moran replace Jason Gibbons and Alan Freeman.
  • There's a few more have made their way in off the Ennis Road than when this picture was snapped this morning.
  • See a supporter has found Kerry's Kieran 'Star' Donaghy on a bottle of Coke.
  • It's official RTE's Marty Morrissey is a celebrity.  
  • Talking of the Star, Kieran Donaghy is going to start as is Killian Young, the latter coming in for Marc O'Se. Two late changes for Kerry.
  • Donaghy in for Stephen O'Brien. So both managers changing tack slightly. Nice close-up of Gooch warming up with the Kerry team. How they'd love to have him today.
  • Right that's nearly it for the moody, atmospheric pics. There's about 17 minutes to go to throw-in.
  • Bookies have Mayo at 5/6 and Kerry at 11/8.
  • Right a question for GAA fans. When was the last time a Kerry team failed to contain an O'Se?
  • Some stats from last week's drawn game.

    Own Kickouts Won: 18-18
    Total Shots: 28-28
    Scores: 17-17
    Scoring Efficiency: 61%-61%

    Tight, huh.

  • RTE late to the game, Sky with a nice unhurried build-up, Marty's racing through the teams and the changes.
  • Meath's Cormac Reilly is the man in charge. Parade over. Almost ready to go.
  • Mayo playing with a strong wind in the first half.
  • Luke warm handshakes completed, time to begin.
  • First free, Mayo captain, Andy Moran dragged to the ground. Cillian O'Connor taps over the free. That's 3-32 for him in tbhis season's championship.

    Mayo 0-1 Kerry 0-0

  • The game is being played at a nice clip.
  • Kerry's Peter Crowley with a low shot from 30 yards. Not sure he meant to kick it that low. It was an easy point chance.
  • Shocking wide from Paul Geaney.
  • For those of you reading this in black and white Kerry are wearing blue.
  • YELLOW CARDS: Shane Enright (Kerry), Cillian O'Connor (Mayo). Off the ball stuff.
  • Donaghy wins high ball but Paul Geaney sees the knock down slip through his hands as he prepared to bear down on goal.
  • James O'Donoghue with Kerry's second wide. Style over substance with that strike.
  • 8 mins: Paul Geaney equalises from a free. Mayo 0-1 Kerry 0-1
  • Good run by David Moran to force that free.
  • Excellent piece of individual work by Crowley but he gets a soft free. He charged head forst into the defender.
  • Anthony Maher with Kerry's third wide. Sloppy doesn't cover it.
  • Kerry dominating everywhere but the scorebard. Right on cue, O'Donoghue lands his first point. Kerry 0-2 Mayo 0-1
  • There's 13 minutes gone. Mayo, after a bright opening, are struggling to get possession and position.
  • O'Donoghue misses from 12 yards right in front of posts. Fourth wide, all poor.
  • PENALTY: Mayo. O'Connor fouled by Enright.
  • Miscued shot by Aidan O'Shea set up chance.
  • O'Connor beats Kerry goalkeeper Brian Kelly for the second time in a week from the penalty spot. Mayo 1-1 Kerry 0-2
  • Enright was already on a yellow before conceding that penalty. NO second yellow, no black even though he tackled his man to ground.

    O'Connor tags on another free. Mayo 1-2 Kerry 0-2

  • GOAL: O'Connor with his second goal after a brilliant run by Aidan O'Shea. O'Connor strong in his challenge with Kelly and nudges the breaking ball into the net. Mayo 2-2 Kerry 0-2
  • Enright has been replaced by Marc O'Se.
  • Two goals in three minutes for Mayo has completely transformed this game. Mayo have a epe in their step.

    O'Connor with another free. Mayo 2-3 Kerry 0-2

  • It's 11 minutes and coutning since Kerry scored.
  • Cillian O'Connor is certainly the man of the moment in the Gaelic Grounds.
  • O'Connor has scored all of Mayo's total of 2-3
  • Donaghy fouled. Good ball from O'Donoghue. Paul Geaney with the point from the free. Mayo 2-3 Kerry 0-3
  • GOAL: Donaghy. O'Donoghue shot blocked, Donaghy quickest to react and hammers home from close range.

    Mayo 2-3 Kerry 1-3

  • Donaghy fists the ball against a post.
  • Fight.
  • Yellow cards: Donnchadh Walsh and Donal Vaughan
  • Three minutes to half-time
  • Kerry will have the benefit of a strong wind in the second half.
  • Jason Dohery becomes the first player to score for Mayo other than O'Connor.

    Mayo 2-4 Kerry 0-3

  • Killian Young responds for Kerry in first half injury time.

    Mayo 2-4 Mayo 1-4

  • Four minutes added time
  • Donaghy wins ball, O'Donghue has his shot blocked. Mayo just can not contain Donaghy as Kerry kick in long ball.
  • Jason Dohery kicks a lovely point, the best of the match.

    Mayo 2-5 Kerry 1-4

  • Clash of heads between team-mates, O'Connor and Aidan O'Shea. Blood subs required.
  • Paul Geaney gets his third free. Mayo 2-5 Kerry 1-5
  • Half-time: Mayo 2-5 Kerry 1-5
  • Kerry will be the happier at half-time. Apart from a three minute spell when they conceded 2-1 they have dominated possession. If they can sharpen up in front of the posts then they'll quickly get back on level terms.

    Donaghy is largely unplayable when the ball is kicked in quickly, O'Donoghue working well off him. Kerry will have the benefit of a strong wind too.

    Mayo manager James Horan will be telling his side they haven't played yet and still they are ahead on the scoreboard. They are going to have to start working harder and taking some of the pressure away from O'Connor, who has been excellent.

  • Marc O'Se has made a big difference since coming on.
  • Referee Cormac Reilly has had a relatively good half but he missed two blatant black cards.
  • Told you Marty was a celebrity
  • Official attendance in Limerick is 36,256
  • Mayo have got to sort out their midfield where they are being totally eclipsed. Here's why.
  • Right time for the second half.
  • Tom Parsons on for Mayo
  • Yellow card: Marc O'Se is booked before game can resume. He was vigorously greeting Alan Freeman who has also being introduced.
  • Parsons in for Barry Moran
  • Micky Conroy on too.
  • Great run from Seamus O'Shea. He's fouled. O'Connor's off the pitch still getting medical attention for Freeman (he got a yellow card card as well as O'Se) who knocks it over the bar.

    Mayo 2-6 Kerry 1-5

  • Kerry's sloppiness in front of the posts continues.
  • BLACK CARD: Kerry captain Fionn Fitzgerald. Deliberate trip on Andy Moran. Cillian O'Connor back on to take the free. O'Connor misses free. Freeman is the many to make way for O'Connor's return.

    Barry John Keane on for Fitzgerald

  • O'Donoghue point. Mayo 2-6 Kerry 1-6
  • PENALTY: Donaghy great catch. Lays off to O'Donoghue who is fouled. O'Donoghue tucks away the penalty with aplomb.

    Kerry 2-6 Mayo 2-6

  • No more than Kerry deserve.
  • Referee Reilly has missed one or two things not least that Kerry's last kickout didn;t travel the required distance.
  • O'Donoghue point. Keith Higgins lucky that Reilly allowed play on because his drag back might have seen black. Kerry 2-7 Mayo 2-6
  • Aidan O'Shea back on for Conroy
  • Mayo have not scored for 12 and a half minutes and counting.
  • Marc O'Se point. Kerry 2-8 Mayo 2-6
  • Great finish from the corner back. It's all Kerry now.
  • GOAL: Kerry goalkeeper Kelly drops high ball and Andy Moran fists it home.

    Mayo 3-6 Kerry 2-8

  • Great atmosphere, exciting game, 20 minutes to go.
  • The Donaghy/O'Donoghue axis once again with the latter tagging on an equaliser.

    Kerry 2-9 Mayo 3-6

  • Andy Moran point. Mayo 3-7 Kerry 2-9

    Declan O'Sullivan on for Johnny Buckley

  • Kevin McLoughlin magnificent 40-yard foot pass to O'Connor who taps it over the bar.

    Mayo 3-8 Kerry 2-9

  • End to end. That's never a free but Reilly gives one to Kerry and O'Donoghue sends it over the bar.

    Mayo 3-8 Mayo 2-10

  • Brilliant Doherty point, his third.

    Mayo 3-9 Kerry 2-10

  • This is such an entertaining contest.
  • Referee Reilly with another poor decision from which Kerry get the benefit. O'Donoghue point from free. Mayo 3-9 Kerry 2-11

    Kieran O'Leary on

  • PENALTY: Ger Cafferkey foul on O'Donoghue. The latter goals, the other side this time.

    Kerry 3-11 Mayo 3-9

  • Conroy point. Kerry 3-11 Mayo 3-10
  • Seven minutes left
  • Goodness Crowley lucky. Should have been given black card, got yellow instead. Reilly really hasn't been kind to Mayo this afternoon in some of his decisions.  
  • No Foul on Cillian O'Connor. Is that Mayo's last chance.
  • Three minutes of additional time
  • One minute left
  • Donal Vaughan. Fisted point. Mayo 3-11 Kerry 3-11
  • Level for the fourth time.
  • Last kick of the match. Mayo goalkeeper Robbie Hennelly taking a 45-metre free. If he misses it's extra-time.
  • Donaghy fists it away. EXTRA TIME
  • It's been an absolutely gripping spectacle. No one complaining that there's an extra helping.
  • This superb picture of Aidan O'Shea sums up the afternoon. PLayers have given everything and then some.
  • Full-time: Kerry 3-11 Mayo 3-11. EXTRA TIME
  • If the sides are level after 20 minutes extra time then the replay will be in Croke Park tomorrow week.  
  • Just seen replays of the incidents that led up to Kerry's two penalties. Contentious is the polite word. But it should not detract from the fact that Kerry deserve extra time at a minimum.
  • Ready to go in extra time. 10 minutes eachway. Mayo have the wind first.
  • Richie Feeney is on but it's O'Connor (2-5)  that lands the point.

    Mayo 3-12 Kerry 3-11

  • McLoughlin point. Mayo 3-13 Kerry 3-11
  • Mayo started this period very well at midfield
  • Good covering by Peter Crowley saves Kerry
  • Referee Reilly has given Donaghy another soft free. Keane taps it over. Mayo 3-13 Kerry 3-12
  • That's two quick wides from Mayo.
  • Mayo dominating the half but not on the scoreboard. Floodlights on.
  • Goodness that's another shocking decision from Reilly. Keane taps it over. Mayo are livid and rightly so with the refereeing. Mayo 3-13 Kerry 3-13
  • The fitness of the players is stunning; still so much energy in this match.
  • EXTRA TIME. Half-time: Kerry 3-13 Mayo 3-13
  • Started. Keery with the first score. Lyne point.  Kerry 3-14 Mayo 3-13  
  • Players dropping all over the place with cramp  
  • Referee Reilly doing a bit of stretching.
  • Kerry seem to have a little more energy
  • Tired minds and legs = foul-fest
  • Barry John Keane with a wide. Just feel one more score for Kerry will crack this.
  • There it is, Paul Geaney. Kerry 3-15 Mayo 3-13
  • Kerry's to lose. Two points up, three minutes left
  • Lyne point. Superb. Kerry 3-16 Mayo 3-13
  • Magnificent catch from the outstanding David Moran
  • Big Fight. Players, fans, back room team
  • Referee Reilly might have nipped that in the bud immediately.
  • 30 People involved in the melee and upshot a couple of Kerry players get yellow cards. JOke.
  • Cillian O'Connor with the shot from a free saved.
  • Another melee.
  • RED CARD: O'Connor, kicked out. After foul committed.
  • It's over. Full-time Kerry 3-16 Mayo 3-13
  • Fans on the pitch, Mayo ones chasing the officials.
  • Heartbreak for Mayo.
  • Kerry, probably worthy winners on the basis of the football over the 90 plus minutes but so tough on Mayo. Got the rough edge of the officiating and literally ran out of steam.
  • Kerry were just more creative and got their scores a little more easily. Mayo showed great character but those missed chances in first half extra time cost them badly.

    Kerry will now play the winner of tomorrow's semi-final between champions Dublin and Donegal.

    We'll be back to live blog that game. It'll have to go some to come close to today's fare.

  • Thanks for your company.