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A Labour resignation, an €94m lottery win and protests over special needs teaching

Jason Kennedy Wed, Jun 26
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    “Irish broke bankers mock German customers — Deutschland Über Alles” is on the front page of the best-selling Bild tabloid.  
    A referendum may be held to give more power to politicians to conduct formal inquiries into the banking collapse, should the investigation not get full cooperation from leading figures involved.
    On the bright side, have you a ticket for yesterday's EuroMillions draw? If so, you may have pocketed the modest total of almost €94 million.
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    Good morning. I’m Jason Kennedy and I’ll be managing the Irish Times live news blog until 5pm today.
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    The electorate may be asked to vote again to give more power to politicians to conduct formal inquiries if the planned inquiry into the banking collapse fails to get full cooperation from leading figures involved.

    During a Cabinet discussion yesterday on the inquiry, Ministers debated the option of asking the people to revisit the issue if the formula adopted for the inquiry doesn’t work, writes Stephen Collins and Arthur Beesley on today's front page.

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    It took almost five years, but the tapes of ex-Anglo Irish Bank executives have finally put Ireland on the front page of the best-selling Bild tabloid. For years the influential Bild has adopted a moderate line on Ireland while attacking “broke” Greeks, “crooked” Cypriots and other bailout candidates. Yesterday marked the end of this kid-glove treatment, writes Derek Scally.

    If you fancy trying out your German, the article can be found here.

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    Outside Leinster  House, people are furious with the arrogant suits who blithely joked about sticking them and their children with a debt running to tens of billions. Their laddish sniggering at the prospect of getting one over on the regulators while their game-playing ultimately consigned this country to penury, shocked the public. A public that considered itself unshockable after the economic turn of events of the last few years. Yet, God bless their innocence, many still turned towards the Government to see what they would do about it, writes Miriam Lord.

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    Senator David Norris has revealed he is suffering from cancer.

    In a statement, the Independent Senator said he is undergoing treatment at St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

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    The fact that my husband and I hadn’t been actively trying for a baby for long didn’t enter into my anxious calculations. Neither did my gynaecologist’s reassurance that she regularly saw women exactly like me having healthy babies into their late 30s and even their 40s. Maybe it was the fact that I had mentioned my exhaustion, but my gynaecologist decided to run a quick ultrasound before the colposcopy, just to be sure. And there she was, the tiny, nebulous, 14.8 mm smudge on the screen that would become my daughter, says Jennifer O'Connell.

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    Have you checked all your EuroMillions tickets yet? It seems the ticket worth almost €94 million is yet to be handed in. The winning numbers are 4, 5, 13, 27 and 35 and lucky stars numbered 1 and 2. This is the second highest win in Irish lottery history.

    Not a bad way to start your Wednesday.
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    The last big lottery winners in Ireland were Carol Loran and Kevin Geoghegan, who scooped a €10.6million jackpot earlier this month. Here’s a video of them celebrating their win.
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    On the third day of its Ango revelations, the Irish Independent reports that chief executive David Drumm joked with a senior executive while his bank was close to collapse, saying: "Another day, another billion".
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    Speaking to RTÉ radio, Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton said she was “shocked and appalled” at the tone of the conversations published in recent days by the Irish Independent.

    Ms Burton, who is the most popular minister at present, said Micheál Martin should come forward to say what happened and what Fianna Fáil knew in relation to the bank guarantee in September 2008.

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    Enda Kenny is replying to a question from Micheál Martin during Leaders’ Questions now.

    “You had the opportunity to have an independent investigation into the banks back in 2010.  I’m not interested in weak, secret investigations,” An Taoiseach said.

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    Irish attitudes to immigration have worsened since the recession, with almost 20 per cent of people saying they are against any immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds coming in, according to a new report, writes Judith Crosbie.
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    Gerry Adams said if these people were regular citizens, there would be “no delay” in prosecution.
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    Minister of State for Europe Lucinda Creighton on Twitter this morning talking about this story.
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    Derek Scally spoke to us earlier about German reaction to the Anglo revelations.

    Hint: They’re not impressed.
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    Up to 2,500 terminally-ill patients are denied access to hospice inpatient care each year because of the lack of services nationwide, it emerged today.
    A new report by the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) found three times as many hospice beds are needed in the country to meet demand.
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    There have been few debates on social issues in Ireland in which religion did not loom large; whether the topic has been contraception, homosexuality or divorce, theologically derived opinions have often been centre stage.

    Even now, in debates about abortion and same-sex marriage, these views are still heard. The threatening behaviour of the past may be gone, but it has been replaced by the more insidious ploy of misrepresenting research to lend credibility to discriminatory views, David Robert Grimes writes.
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    There is still no word on our lottery winner. I imagine someone who picks the same numbers every week is searching frantically through bins, pockets and wardrobes to find their coveted ticket.
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    Our Arts Editor Laurence Mackin is live tweeting from the Arthur Guinness projects launch. Follow him here.
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    Today marks 17 years since journalist Veronica Guerin was murdered near Newlands Cross, on the outskirts of Dublin. The next day, the following was published in The Irish Times:
    “It is difficult to conceive of anything more inherently evil than to take the life of a young mother and wife, clinically and savagely as she drives about her daily round. Unhappily, this society in the 1990s is not unused to such barbarities. But yesterday's murder, in addition, has broken through yet another of the guard rails of our democracy.
    “Journalists are not trained for combat or for self defence. They do not have weapons. They do not have the protection of special laws or the support and solidarity of a disciplined force, armed as necessary. There could hardly have been a softer target than Veronica Guerin.”
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    Have you listened to the latest Second Captains' podcast yet?  
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    Dáil discussions on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill have resumed. You can watch live here.
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    Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has settled, for an undisclosed sum, a €38,000 damages claim with a woman who fell in his constituency office.
    Barrister Lisa Kelly, counsel for Mr Ahern, whose address was given as St Luke’s, Drumcondra, Dublin, told the Circuit Civil Court today the case had settled, Ray Managh writes.
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    Fianna Fáil TD John Browne announces that he will be voting against the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill due to the suicide clause.
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    An update on the possible bank referendum from Marie O’Halloran and Michael O’Regan.
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said no firm decision has been made on having a further referendum to give politicians more power to conduct formal inquiries.
    “Yes, the question has been raised with me of re-running that referendum,’’ he added. “I haven’t given any definitive answer to that yet.’’
    Mr Kenny was replying in the Dáil today to Fianna Fail leader Mícheál Martin who said Government spokespeople had yesterday briefed journalists that the Cabinet had been considering another referendum to give the proposed Oireachtas committee investigating the banking collapse extra powers.
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    Independent TD Mattie McGrath says the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is one of the most mis-titled bill that has come before the Dáil. He says the bill has brought out secret agendas.
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    RTÉ reports that the National Lottery will not be releasing details of where the winning ticket was sold until its holder comes forward.
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    “It is baffling that nobody linked the much talked-about imminence of a property crash to the solvency of the banks.
    “For instance, David McWilliams, the economic commentator, who for years had been prophesying the collapse of what he regarded as the “property bubble”, was the one urging the government and the minister for finance Brian Lenihan personally to give a blanket bank guarantee. David McWilliams must not have believed himself,” writes Vincent Browne.
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    Labour rebel Colm Keaveney is expected to resign from the party this afternoon.
    The Galway East TD has defied calls from the party leadership to relinquish his position as Labour chairman since he voted against the Government over contentious budget measures and lost the party whip in December.

    Mary Minihan has more here
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    I wonder can we expect another Latin tweet?
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    Fine Gael TD Derek Keating says he is pro-life, but that he is not a psychiatrist. He adds that he has no fear of the whip system and he is opposed to abortion, but will support the bill.

  • 13:22 reports that Bono insists he had some involvement in bringing Google and Facebook to Ireland.
    The U2 singer was speaking to Gay Byrne on RTÉ’s The Meaning of Life, where he said:“We live on a small rock in the North Atlantic and we would be underwater were it not for very clever people working in government and in the Revenue who made tax competitiveness a central part of Irish economic life.
    “And that’s the reason we have companies like Google or Facebook – and indeed I helped bring those companies to Ireland. So it’s  more than churlish for Irish people to say ‘Oh well, we don’t want an Irish company involved in that stuff – but we do want everyone else.’”
  • 13:26
    Speaking of Bono, the video where Independent TD Clare Daly calls him “Mr Tax-Exile himself" has already been viewed more than one million times. Here it is.
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    VHI Healthcare recorded an after-tax surplus of € 54.3 million last year, according to its annual report and accounts published today, writes Paul Cullen.
    This includes a once-off credit of €38.2 million related to the end of retirement benefits for staff, giving a remaining surplus of € 16.1 million for the year.
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    The Irish Examiner reports that Eamon Gilmore is relieved the Anglo tapes were not released while Ireland was negotiating with European authorities.

    “I believe that if the revelations in those tapes had been public at that time, I believe it would have very, very seriously damaged and compromised our ability to land that deal at the time,” Mr Gilmore said.
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    Hundreds of ESB employees are protesting outside the company’s Dublin headquarters over plans to pay a €78.4 million dividend to the State, according to RTÉ.
    A section of Fitzwilliam Street has been closed to traffic in order to facilitate the protest.
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    Here's the Martyn Turner cartoon, which is on the front page of today's paper.
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    Knew it!
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    Colm Keaveney has taken to Twitter to talk about his resignation from the Labour party. More here.
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    Tweet just sent from Dublin Bay North TD Aodhán Ó Ríordáin.

  • 14:33
    A Texas state senator has spoken for some 11 hours in a filibuster as Democrats tried to prevent Republicans from passing a bill that would give the state some of the toughest abortion restrictions in the US.
  • 14:42
    Parents of children with special needs will hold a protest outside Leinster House at 6pm this evening, despite Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn announcing yesterday that previously reported cuts would not go ahead.
    Demonstrations organised by the Special Needs Parents Association will take place across the country.
  • 14:48
    The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard will quit politics after losing out in a leadership ballot to the man she replaced as prime minister three years ago, Kevin Rudd.

    The report adds that several ministers have resigned as a result.
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    The US Supreme Court has ruled the Defence of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, reports the Guardian.
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    Below is a statement from Labour Chief Whip Emmet Stagg:
    “I welcome Colm Keaveney’s resignation from the Labour Party.
    “His latest resignation follows his departure from the Parliamentary Labour Party in December 2012, and his resignation of party membership in 2007.
    “Since he resigned the whip, he has consistently attacked Labour, thereby betraying the party members who elected him as Chair.
    “Labour Party public representatives around the country with the support of loyal party members will continue with the job that we were elected to do to fix our broken economy, create employment, and improve the livelihoods of those we represent.”
  • 15:25
    That statement adds the party's deputy chair Lorraine Mulligan will become the new Labour Party Chair.
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  • 15:39
    Following on from the German reaction to the Anglo tapes, the Irish Independent reports that a colleague of Angela Merkel finds the recordings “unbearable”.

    “We are offended,” deputy parliamentary leader of the Christian Democratic Union Micheal Fuchs told RTÉ radio today.

    “If you have a feeding hand you shouldn't bite into it.”
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    Below is our first video from Movie Bites, where movie-inspired edibles are whipped up. Here is the recipe for Baby Ruth bars, inspired by cult classic The Goonies. Aoife's website is
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    RTÉ reports the €93.9 million EuroMillions ticket was sold in the Dublin region. The winner is set to enter Ireland's rich list at number 96.
  • 16:10

    Associated Press have some great raw footage of people reacting to DOMA decision.

  • 16:12
    The €93.9 million EuroMillions ticketholder has come forward and their ticket has been verified.
  • 16:16
    Genevieve Carbery has more information on the EuroMillions winner here.
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  • 16:28
    Survivors of the Magdalene laundries are to receive lump sum payments of between €11,500 and €100,000 for their time spent in the institutions, the Government has announced.

    Under a new compensation scheme, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said approximately 600 women were expected qualify for the ex gratia payments, and “crucially payment of these sums of money is not dependent on proof of any hardship, injury or abuse”.
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    “Our marriage has not been recognized until today,” said Patricia Lambert, (59) who held her wife, Kathy Mulvey (47). A South African, Lambert said she no longer would have to worry about being forced to leave the country if her work visa expired.

    [Victory for gay rights advocates as US marriage law overturned]
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    That’s all from the rechristened Daily Wire. We’ll be back tomorrow. To end today’s Daily Wire, here’s a song for the €94 million EuroMillions jackpot winner

    You can keep up to date overnight with and with @IrishTimes on Twitter. Enjoy the remainder of your Wednesday.