Saturday GAA: Kerry v Dublin and more

Dublin look to make history in Tralee while Donegal face Tyrone and Down meet Kildare

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Mar 18
LIVE: Saturday GAA: Kerry v Dublin and more

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    Hello and Welcome... While the Irish rugby team look to seal the deal against the old enemy at the Aviva - In Tralee two of Gaelic football's biggest rivals also do battle.
    Kerry look to stop Dublin from breaking their joint unbeaten record.

    Follow all the action live, right here. Be sure to get in touch throughout via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).
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    Team news (named teams):

    KERRY:  Brendan Kealy; Shane Enright, Mark Griffin, Ronan Shanahan; Peter Crowley, Tadhg Morley, Killian Young; David Moran, Jack Barry; Adrian Spillane, Paul Murphy, Donnchadh Walsh; Kevin McCarthy, Paul Geaney, Jack Savage.

    DUBLIN:  Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Michael Fitzsimons, David Byrne; Darren Daly, John Small, Eric Lowndes; Brian Fenton, Michael Darragh Macauley; Niall Scully, Dean Rock, Shane  Carthy; Ciarán Kilkenny, Eoghan O'Gara, Conor McHugh.

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    A look at the Division One table as it stands there, and here are the results so far...
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    Kerry team is as named in the programme. Dublin have made one change, Paddy Andrews in for Eoghan O'Gara
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    Starting teams:  

    KERRY:    Brendan Kealy; Shane Enright, Mark Griffin, Ronan Shanahan; Peter Crowley, Tadhg Morley, Killian Young; David Moran, Jack Barry; Adrian Spillane, Paul Murphy, Donnchadh Walsh; Kevin McCarthy, Paul Geaney, Jack Savage.

    DUBLIN:    Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Michael Fitzsimons, David Byrne; Darren Daly, John Small, Eric Lowndes; Brian Fenton, Michael Darragh Macauley; Niall Scully, Dean Rock, Shane  Carthy; Ciarán Kilkenny, Paddy Andrews, Conor McHugh.

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    The key battle today will be in the middle of the field where Dublin have been so dominant thus far in the league. David Moran needs a big game, and he needs to move the ball quickly into a dangerous forward line.

    I can't see this Kerry XV being able to stop Dublin though. As much as the home advantage will have an influence.

  • 19:01
    Kerry 0-0 Dublin 0-0 (1') GAME ON. Brian Fenton fists the throw in and Kerry have the first attack of the game.. which comes to nothing
  • 19:05
    Kerry 0-0 Dublin 0-0 (3')  Goal chance for Paul Murphy. Paul Geaney holds off his man and while falling he picks out Murphy who blazes high and wide when the goal was on. Cluxton was quick off his line but he needed to keep that shot low and under him
  • 19:08
    Kerry 0-0 Dublin 0-0 (5') Dean Rock's first free is from the left sideline and he slips while kicking and it's left and wide
  • 19:09
    Kerry 0-1 Dublin 0-0 (8') Captain leads by example. Peter Crowley spins his man and points after David Moran did well to break the tackle and free him up
  • 19:12
    Kerry 0-2 Dublin 0-1 (11')  Paul Geaney floats over a beauty from the left sideline and Dean ROcks responds with a free from the 45. Won by Michael Dara Macauley who made a powerful run
  • 19:14
    Paul Geaney looking very dangerous. he picks up a low pass and shoots on the turn, but his right footed effort is narrowly wide
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    Shane Enright - who has started the game very well - limps off. Jonathan Lyne comes on and Killian Young will drop back into the corner. A big loss for the Kingdom
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    Kerry 0-2 Dublin 0-1 (19')  Dean Rock adjudged to be taking too much time to take his free. Referee hops it and David Moran floors Fentona and catches it. The Tralee crowd are loving that
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    Lots of off the ball stuff happening. Ciaran Kilkenny and Tadhg Morley pick up yellow cards. As do Stephen Cluxton and Paul Geaney. All pulling and grabbing
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    Kerry 0-3 Dublin 0-1 (23') Geaney dusts himself off and taps over a free
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    Kerry 0-3 Dublin 0-2 (25') Conor McHugh on the turn floats over a beauty. He had to get right under that with a man diving on to his toe. Very well taken point
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    Kerry 0-4 Dublin 0-3 (28') David Moran put in on goal and his shot from a tight angle is foot-blocked by Macauley. The referee doesn't spot it however and a 45' is awarded. Brendan Kealy comes up and slots it.

    Down the other end and Dean Rock hits a long range free of his own

  • 19:32
    Kerry are physically matching Dublin - something Mayo did not do last time out. Dublin stood off far too often and there's no better team to strut their stuff when given the space
  • 19:34

    Kerry 0-4 Dublin 0-5 (32') Paul Murphy hits his second bad wide. Dean Rock down the other end hits two close-range frees in succession.  

    Meanwhile more yellow cards handed out. Mick Fitzsimons and Peter Crowley this time

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    Kerry 0-5 Dublin 0-5 (35') Paul Geaney in on goal but Cluxton pulls off a brilliant save, tapping it over for a point.  

    Three minutes of first hafl additional time to be played

  • 19:40
    HT Kerry 0-5 Dublin 0-5  -  Cluxton forced to kick long and David Moran grabs the ball over Macauley who wasn't expecting it. That's the last action of the half, one in which Kerry have matched Dublin physically. And in the midfield battle. Also, no goals concession. The three big ticks against the Dubs
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    Kerry will have the wind in the second half. Frees will be key and they'll have to contain the Dublin runners high up the field. It's nicely poised for them, but Dublin have not got going yet at all. The main reason being the lack of their usual midfield platform. David Moran still doing plenty of silly things but he is bossing that sector
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    Kerry 0-5 Dublin 0-5 (35')  Cian O'Sullivan is on for Dublin. Stephen O'Brien on for Jack Savage. Second half underway. Have Kerry poked the bear or will they push on with the wind in this second half
  • 19:59
    Paul Geaney hits the first wide of the half with a 50m free. Brendan Kealy was sent back to his goal for that one but maybe he'd be better taken the longer ones from the ground
  • 20:01
    Kerry 0-6 Dublin 0-5 (37') Paul Geaney with an easier free and he makes no mistake. Peter Crowley then comes in with a big hit and Kerry are certainly still as full blooded here as in the first half
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  • 20:04

    Kerry 0-7 Dublin 0-5 (39') What a passage of play. David Moran bursts through the tackle to lead a counter attack, Stephen O'Brien backs himself intead of passing to one of the support players. Cian O'Sullivan stands him up and then pulls off a serious block.  

    Geaney picks up the breaks and sidesteps into space, and with two men hanging out of him he floats over a beauty.

  • 20:06
    Kerry 0-9 Dublin 0-5 (42') David Moran has started this second half so well. He drives over a point before O'Brien makes a fantastic run and sets up a Kevin McCarthy tap over
  • 20:08
    Paul Flynn is on for Dublin and his physicality is needed. Kevin McManamon also on. He replaces Macauley - Dublin being well beaten at midfield. Fenton has been anonymous with Jack Barry tracking him very tightly
  • 20:08
    Let's not forget that this is pretty much a full Dublin team. Kerry down a number of regulars. As we know though, plenty of talent coming through the ranks in the Kingdom
  • 20:12
    John Small limping off with what seems to be a pretty serious hamstring injury. Paul Mannion comes in which probably means that Ciaran Kilkenny will go back into the half back line
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    Kerry 0-9 Dublin 0-7 (50') Two Dean Rock frees in a row. Dublin with fresh legs all over. They were so close to scoring a goal, but Mark Griffin was brave as can be to make a double goalline block on Mark Griffin. Before Kealy came back to flick it away.
  • 20:16

    Kerry 0-9 Dublin 0-8 (52')  Conor McHugh's second point. One point game. Paul Flynn making a big difference.  

    Down the other end and Paul Geaney has a half goal chance but Mick Fitzsimons holds him up

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    Kerry 0-9 Dublin 0-9 (54')  All square now. Dublin leaders really standing up. Fenton gets involved and pops off to Eoghan O'Gara. Anthony Maher comes on for Barry. An interesting call by the Kerry management, as Barry has matched Fenton's athleticism and kept him to scraps of possession

  • 20:20

    Kerry 0-9 Dublin 0-10 (56')  Dean Rock curls in a free from his bad side and remarkably Dublin are ahead. Fresh legs and the introduction of Flynn and O'Sullivan around the middle eight has been key

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    Kerry have not scored for 15 minutes - Dublin have the last five points. They are tiring. David Moran, who is looking very leggy, takes on a ball and takes a shot from 50m into Cluxton's hands. That sort of decision making often lets down all the incredible work he does elsewhere
  • 20:24

    Kerry 0-9 Dublin 0-11 (61')  Conor McHugh wins a very soft free after some excellent scramble defence by the Kerry fullback line to deny a goal scoring chance. Rock coverts the resultant free

  • 20:26

    Kerry 0-11 Dublin 0-11 (62')  After 19 minutes of waiting for a score, and Geaney floats over a free after great work by Darran O'Sullivan. Then O'Sullivan wins another free, and Geaney repeats the trick

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    Kerry 0-12 Dublin 0-11 (64') Second time of asking, after a poor wide, Barry John Keane takes the ball on at full flight and floats over a point to put Kerry back into the lead
  • 20:31

    Kerry 0-12 Dublin 0-11 (67') Dean Rock is brave to go down on the ball and win his free. He misses it though. Uncharacteristic even given the wind.

    Bernard Brogan comes on for Conor McHugh.

  • 20:32
    BJ Keane gets an eighth (Dublin have three) Kerry yellow card!
  • 20:33
    Kerry 0-12 Dublin 0-11 (69') Four minutes of additional time to be played
  • 20:34
    Kerry 0-13 Dublin 0-11 (70') Donnchadh Walsh makes it a two point game, to raise the decibel level of the crowd in Tralee
  • 20:35
    Kerry 0-13 Dublin 0-12 (72') Dean Rocks takes a close in free from his hands this time and makes it a one point game. Eoghan O'Gara then picks upa  yellow for a nasty foul
  • 20:35
    Next kickout is key
  • 20:36
    Kerry play it short to Paul Murphy and he kicks it away, terrible pass
  • 20:36
    Dublin make use of the turnover and Paul Mannion is at the end of it and taps it over. LEVEL GAMEE
  • 20:37
    74th minute and Dublin have the ball. Ciaran Kilkenny pulls back David Moran and he has a free on the half way line. Kilkenny gets  asecond yellow and is sent off
  • 20:38
    Moran finds BJ Keane in the corner and he switches it to Geaney
  • 20:38
    The referee blows the whistle as Kerry play keep ball along the 45. One of them needed to take it on with the clock against them
  • 20:41

    FT Kerry 0-13 Dublin 0-13 - Dublin show great character to come back and get the draw. And equal Kerry's unbeaten record. 34 games and counting.

    If they beat Roscommon they go ahead  

  • 20:45

    Hard to knock Paul Murphy given the amount of work he goes through, but no excuse for that wayward kickpass. A gift for the Dubs, when the ball needed to be retained.  

    Nevertheless, an excellent performance by a young, experimental Kerry. They fronted up physically and showed serious heart and intensity.  

    Dublin's fresh legs however won the day, Cian O'Sullivan and Paul Flynn made a huge difference around the middle. But they are worryingly lacking the fluidity of recent years up top.

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    So that's that... thanks for joining us. Dublin get the draw and extend their run. Match reports from all of tonight's games filtering in, so keep an eye on the site.


  • 20:50

    FT Division One football league

    Kerry 0-13 Dublin 0-13
    Donegal 0-12 Tyrone 0-6