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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Thu, Aug 17
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    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Leaving Cert helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here until 6pm to answer any questions you may have today regarding your results, the CAO, or anything else. Just click on the 'Contact Us' button to submit your question. In the meantime check for information about college life, exam results analysis, and more.
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    Is 509 points likely to gain a place in B&L in UCD - 520 seems to have been requirement last year. Thanks!

    No one will know for definite until Monday. The trend is leaning towards points going down. This may hold true for some courses but possibly not all. There are too many variables that cause points to change from year to year. We don't have access to this data. Unfortunately, it's a waiting game. Wishing you the best of luck.

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    My daughter got 365 in LC & is short 20 points going by last year's points in CIT. SHE ONLY WROTE two courses down on her CAO form. Will she be offered something else on the day or will she have to wait for second round. Thank you

    She will be offered the course highest up on her CAO list for which she meets the minimum entry requirement and the necessary cut-off points. She may get an offer in round two if points for her desired course go down and she now meets the new points cut off. You have to ensure that minimum entry requirements have been achieved. Offers will only be made if the candidate meets the necessary entry requirements and points cut off for the course. Some courses have a subject requirement also.

    The CAO allows one to choose 10 level 8 courses as well as 10 level 6/7 giving students an array of choice. Candidates are encouraged to complete their CAO fully. I hope that this answers your question. Please get back on if you need further assistance. Best wishes.

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    When scanning your papers on the 1st/2nd September, if you see an error in calculations which would reduce your result, does it apply.

    On the 1st or 2nd of September you are not appealing or rechecking your scripts.   It is merely an opportunity for you to view your scripts personally and decide if you would like to move forward to the next level which is a recheck of your papers.   If based on what you see when you view your scripts you feel you will not benefit from a recheck then obviously you will not take any further action.


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    My son got 300 points in LC & he was hoping to get business admin or marketing which were 290 & 305 last year in CIT. He only wrote those two in his CAO form. What will happen on Monday for him. Thank you.

    As you know there is a new points and grading system in operation this year, which are very different from last years system.   From this you would know that the cut-off points for courses last year and this year may be quite different so those points you mentioned could be quite different this year.   But based on the above scenario he would only have met the points requirement for the 290 course and would be offered this.


  • 09:54
    An asterisk was on my French result indicating I had not done an oral. But I did. Can I get it changed?

    I  would advise you to contact the State Examination office 0906-442748 or email

    Please get back to us  if you need further assistance.

    Best wishes.


  • 09:58

    Are points expected to move marginally down because of the new points system or good old supply and demand

    As you know, there is a new points and grading system in operation this year, which are very different from last year's system.   From this, you would know that the cut-off points for courses last year and this year may be quite different.

    Supply and demand will still determine the cut-off points for 2017.

    The best of luck.

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    My daughter got 466 points, her first choice is  B Ed in Mary I, and she has been accepted through Dare. Could she get a place without Dare and still get supports or are you just considered through Dare where there are 5 places for  B Ed in Mary  I.

    If a student who has been accepted onto the Dare scheme gets enough points for a course without the help of the Dare scheme then he/she will be offered a non-Dare place.   This does not mean they will not get the supports they may need when they get into college.   An assessment of needs will still be carried out when the student arrives in college and any supports deemed necessary will be provided, even though the student did not enter via the Dare scheme.


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    My daughter has made choices on her CAO application for level 7 & level 8 courses. Her preference is a level 7 course higher up her list - so not round one. How does she keep this option live if offers are received for both lists on Monday? Thanks

    Once she receives a course offer all other course preferences that lie below Monday's  offer  become obsolete. This rule applies to both her level 8 and level 6/7 list. She will not be offered any course below Monday's offer in round two or future rounds.

    Candidates were given up until July 1st to arrange their order of preference. This facility to rearrange course preferences no longer exists. I hope that I have answered your question. Please get back on if you need further assistance.

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    My son has applied for a course with a minimum O4 grade in Maths. He got O5. He has heard of a student from his old school who got around this issue by completing a module in his first semester to meet the requirements. Could this possibly be true?

    Generally, entry requirements are non-negotiable, ie if you don't meet them you don't matriculate.   There are some colleges who provide second-chance maths exams for those who didn't meet the maths requirements for their course.   I think the best thing to do here is to ring the admissions office of the college in question and seek their guidance on this, just to be sure.   Best of luck with it.

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    Do we have to apply to have our scripts available on 1/2 Sep or will they just be at our exam centre?

    Yes. There should be a document in your envelope that enables you to request a review of a subject or subjects. You have until Tuesday, 22nd August, to apply, at no cost.

    Best wishes.

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    My son won't be able to attend to view the scripts, long story, anyway is there any way a teacher (if they agreed to) could just check the % mark he got for each paper, as he would like to appeal but only those that are 1% or 2 % below the next grade.

    The rule is that the candidate must be there to view their script. One can appeal without the viewing of a script. There is a fee of €40 for this work but if the paper is upgraded this will be refunded.

    Best wishes.

  • 10:33

    How is it possible to check the mark given for the music practical? Thank you

    This mark will not be available to see if viewing your written paper. I would advise you to contact the head of music in the State Examinations office. The email address is

    Best of luck.

  • 10:36

    Follow on to my earlier query re 7&8 courses this am - query is about moving up List 7 - if offers made for her lower options on 7&8 courses on Monday - must she accept the lower level 7 option only to keep the level 7 higher choice alive ? Thanks

    If for example your daughter is offered her fifth preference on both her level 8 and level 7 lists on Monday, then regardless of whether she accepts one of these or not she will still remain in the running for a higher preference course on both lists in successive rounds and will be offered these courses if entitled to them.   However there is no guarantee of a higher preference offer in successive rounds so it is advisable to accept something in round one, so that at least she has some course.   If another offer comes later she can decide to accept the new offer or stay with the first round offer, it is her decision.


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    Great thank you.
  • 10:44

    I have been on to the Helpdesk many times over the years. This year my son got his points and first choice in college and for the first time I have no questions. I just want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide through the years.

    Thank you very much. Enjoy the good news and celebrate! Well done to all involved.

  • 11:03

    Will the new 10 point system increase random selection since more people could get the same points? Thank you

    No, the thinking is that the new system should eliminate a great deal of the current random selection use.   The reason for this is that the points for the new grades are no longer increasing in steps of 5.   Different points steps are now being used between the new grades which will allow points totals of anything between 0 and 625.   This will prevent large groups of students ending up with the same points ending in 5 or 0 and hence reduce significantly the need for random selection.

  • 11:08

    When viewing scripts can you bring in different people for different subjects or does it have to be just 1 person? Thanks.

    My understanding is yes you can bring in different people for different subjects (and it makes perfect sense to do so). However, you can only bring in one at any one time.   To be certain, give your school a ring and speak to the organising superintendent.

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    Thanks so much for the prompt reply.
  • 11:22

    Hi, my son is very disappointed with his results as he got 378 in the Leaving Cert but over 430 in the Mocks. He is considering viewing his scripts just to get some answers and closure. Are you allowed to view all of the scripts? Many thanks

    To view your scripts, you must return the form to your school by next Tuesday, August 22nd. You must personally view the script, although you may be accompanied by a parent or teacher or someone else that you nominate. You can view a subject or all subjects free of charge.

    The best of luck.

  • 11:34

    My daughter got 461 points, has Dare eligibility, and chose law in Trinity, law in UCD and Arts in UCD as her 1,2,3 choices. If she accepts a place in law in either Trinity or UCD, can she subsequently change course during the year to Arts in UCD?

    Higher education institutions each have their own transfer policies. Many allow a transfer  when  a candidate has achieved enough points and available places exist on the course to which they are looking to transfer.

    I would advise you to contact the admissions office of the particular university once you receive an offer.

    Best wishes.

  • 11:36

    My son has failed his Maths. Is it too late for him to apply for a PLC course in GTI?

    Candidates can and will apply to PLC courses up until mid-September. Popular courses  fill up  fast. I recommend that you contact the further education college as soon as possible. Best wishes.

  • 11:40

    I got 265 in the Leaving. Very, very disappointed, the course I would like is in St Pat's in Maynooth - 300. I have been accepted for HEAR do you think I have any chance? SO WORRIED

    Unfortunately, there is a condition in Maynooth University in relation to HEAR, which states that you must attain a minimum of 300 points in the LC, so based on this it doesn't look like you will benefit from HEAR.   It might be no harm giving Maynooth a ring and see what they have to say.   There are some very good alternative pathways to the Arts degrees through the Fetac system.   You could do a pre-Arts course and enter Maynooth based on your results in this.   The admissions office in Maynooth will be able to advise where these courses are being run and maybe you could do a little bit of research on this option.


  • 11:52

    While the points can rise every year due to interest in a course, will the new grading system in itself increase the points for courses

    The trend is showing that the new points system may reduce the points for courses. Of course, other variables such as exam performance and  the level of interest in the course will also influence the cut-off points.  However, nothing is definite until Monday. Best of luck.

  • 12:07

    Any advice on what to focus on when reviewing scripts?

    First of all, I would suggest where possible a teacher of the subject script being viewed accompanies you to the centre, as they would be very much up to speed with the content of the subject and the exam structure and marking scheme.   I would start with a macro look at the paper and then where necessary bury deeper down into certain sections of the paper.

    Go down through each section of the paper and make sure each section was corrected and make sure the marks allocated for each section have been added up correctly.   Then go back to each section and check your answers against the marking scheme which is available at the centre.   If you feel you should have got more marks according to the marking scheme then you should consider having the paper rechecked.

  • 12:11

    My daughter secured 509 points yesterday and wants to do Science in Trinity, which was 505 last year on Round 1 and 500 on Round 2. With the new changes regarding grades etc this year, do you think she will get it?

    I would be hopeful. However, no one will know for definite until Monday. The trend seems to be that the points will fall. We will have to remain patient and wait until Monday. Best wishes and good luck.

  • 12:17

    I am very disappointed in my results, 423, which is not enough as I'm going for Dentistry. I have been considered eligible for both HEAR and DARE but am still very anxious. My other choices are Pharmacy, OT, Biomed and Biochem. Please help?

    Firstly, don't be disappointed, you have done a very good Leaving Certificate and you should be proud of your achievement.   Don't start drawing any conclusions about what you will be offered on Monday as with the new system in place we can't really predict in any way what is going to happen.  Try to be positive while you wait until Monday to see exactly what you have been offered.   Then think about what has happened and draw up a list of possible ways forward and decide which is the best route.   Possible options are to take up the offer being made to you on Monday and see where this can take you, view your scripts and possibly look at some rechecks,   consider the repeat option, etc.   You will know better what is the best option after you get your offer on Monday.


  • 12:25

    Have you any insight into why the results and offers are published five days apart? In the UK the results and offers are on the same day, which is a lot easier than the anguish and speculation that happens here.

    It's a totally different system. UK colleges make an offer in early March, grade depending. This happens before exams are even sat.

    In Ireland results come first. Admissions officers from each institution meet and work through the variable issues around making offers. They will be working hard to ensure that all candidates get an offer to which they are entitled.

    Best wishes for Monday.

  • 12:39

    My daughter received a letter saying she is eligible for HEAR but is unsure of the next step. Will she be informed through the CAO?

    The next step is to just wait until Monday and see what offer she receives from the CAO.   She does not need to do anything until then.   When the offers arrive she will have a few days to decide what she wants to do with the offers.   If she wants to she could talk to the college involved about their offer.

  • 12:45

    This is a great resource, especially for us first-time Leaving Cert parents. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you. We are here today and tomorrow. Back again on Monday. Get in touch if you need some help. Good luck.

  • 13:36

    Does an O7 mean a fail? I read that the new pass rate was brought down to 30%.

    There is a little confusion around this.   A score between 30 and 39% on the higher level gets a grade H7 and this is now considered a pass and is acceptable for matriculation purposes.   However, a similar score on the ordinary level gets a grade O7 but this is not considered a pass grade.   On the ordinary level, 40% or above (O6 or above) is required for a pass and to meet matriculation requirements.

  • 13:39

    If you are unable to view your paper due to your absence from the country on the 1st and 2nd September, is it possible to have your teacher alone view your paper on your behalf?

    One must be personally present for the viewing of scripts. You can go straight ahead to the appeals process without viewing your script. There is a fee of €40 for this service. You will be refunded if you're granted an upgrade. The results of appeals are published in mid-October.

    Please get back in touch if you need more assistance. The best of luck.

  • 13:47

    Is it possible to use this year's points to reapply to college for next year? I made a mess of my CAO application. I want Galway but only put it as my 1st and 5th options and fall 1 point short on 1st choice. Dublin is choice 2 but I can't go there.

    Nobody knows the points for 2017 courses. This will not be known until Monday. Don't lose hope.

    The answer to your question is a yes. You can use this year's points when applying to CAO in 2018.

    Please get back on if you need more assistance. We wish you the very best.

  • 14:12

    Hi there, My daughter is disappointed with a couple of subjects. We just want to be sure what her options are before she accepts a 4th or 5th choice. Is it possible to repeat a couple of LC subjects and combine them with this year? Many thanks

    I would recommend that your daughter views her scripts. She can view a subject or all subjects. This is  a free service. If she wishes she can appeal. There is a fee of €40 for this work. This fee will be refunded if she is granted an upgrade.   The results of appeals are issued in mid-October and if you are one of the 20 per cent - based on the average of recent years - who appeal each year and are upgraded, the revised Leaving Cert result will be sent to the CAO office in Galway.   CAO will make you a revised offer if appropriate.

    Given that  six or  seven weeks will have   already passed. you can choose to defer your place until the following academic year, remain on existing course or move to a higher preference course straight away (providing that there is space available).

    I hope that I have made it clear enough for you. Get back on if you need more assistance.

  • 14:14

    Because the points system has changed this year, are the points for courses going to be drastically different from previous years? I got 9 points more than what my first choice was last year.

    The trend is tending to say that we should see a fall in points. However, no one knows for definite until Monday. I would be feeling confident. Nothing is certain until Monday though.


    The best of luck.

  • 14:19

    My daughter achieved 430 points in LC. She wants to study Computer Science/Applications in DCU. Points needed in 2016 was 400. Can you see if there is a trend in lower or higher points for this year. Thank you

    As you probably can see from all the other posts and media articles, the overall expectation is that points will drop somewhat given the new points and grading system.   In terms of individual courses, it is nigh on impossible to know what is going to happen with points.   I can tell you that in relation to 2017 and 2016 the number of 1st preference applicants as of February 1st  2017 in the Science area has increased by 4% and in the Engineering / Technology area has dropped by 5%.   Is this information useful; can we draw narrow conclusions in relation to specific courses and what might happen on Monday - I think it would be dangerous to do this.   The best bet is to wait patiently until Monday and work with the facts that emerge then.

  • 14:36

    Hi, thanks for your response in relation to viewing scripts. We will definitely do this, if that doesn't pan .. is it an option to repeat a couple of subjects and combine. Best Wishes.

    Apologies for not answering that previously. You can repeat subjects. Your new grade can only be used to satisfy minimum entry requirements. You cannot add grades from 2018 to grades received in 2017.

    You can however repeat all six subjects. You would   sit exams in June 2018 .  You can then   compare your 2018 points  to 2017 and choose the best one.

    I hope that this is clear enough for you. The best of luck.

  • 14:37

    On Monday, if I have enough points for my second choice and not my first, and I accept the offer; will I be able to accept my first choice on second-round offers if the points are lower to what I got? Thanks

    Yes. Accepting your second offer will have no effect on higher course preferences in round two and future rounds. The best of luck.

  • 14:48

    Hi there. I got 399 points, the only course I want is 400. Is the one-point difference a good chance to be offered the course on 2nd round offers? The course takes 300

    The trend is that points should drop. No one knows this for definite. We will have to wait until Monday. I would feel fairly confident though. I hope that it works out for you.

    The best of luck.

  • 14:51

    If I don't get what I want on Monday, and I appeal some papers and my points go up to what I needed when I get the results back in October, can I still go into my first choice late in the year, so kind of like a transfer. Can they hold my place?

    They will offer you a place on their course subject to availability. If the course is full up you will have to defer taking up your place until the 2018 academic year.

    Best wishes.

  • 14:56

    Because the points system has changed this year, are the points for courses going to be drastically different from previous years? I got 9 points more than what my first choice was last year.

    If you  would like  to have a look at some of the other posts you'll get a sense of the general views on points this year.   Unfortunately, looking at last year's cut-off points is not going to be very informative as this figure could be quite different for a number of reasons.   I'm afraid it's just a wait-and-see scenario until Monday and then deal with the facts that emerge then.

  • 15:09

    My son's combined score is 532 plus 167 HPAT , his chance to make it to medicine in RCS after the new point system is not helping him at all. He did put biomedical science and science in UCD to go into medicine as a graduate, is that possible?

    No points for any course will be known until Monday. Many science graduates have entered into graduate medicine. One must sit the GAMSAT prior to applying to graduate medicine.

    The best of luck and well done on such fantastic scores.

  • 15:13

    My school does not have the appeal application forms yet. Is there another way to obtain the form, e.g. download it online or have it sent to me by post? Is there a limit to how many scripts a candidate can view?

    Yes, you can go to and follow the instructions provided online on the appeal service which will be available in the next few days.   When you have paid your appeal fee online, print off the form showing the subjects which you have opted to appeal.   This form must be returned to the school, who will send it on to the SEC.  There is no limit on the number of scripts you can view or appeal.

  • 15:17

    Are candidates allowed to take photos of exam scripts during script viewing? Is there any other way to pay the appeal fee, other than using a credit card or a bank giro?

    No, mobile phones are not permitted in the viewing centre.   According to the SEC, the only methods of payment for the appeal are the bank giro and the online use of the credit card.

  • 15:23

    My son doesn't think his combined HPAT/LC is sufficient to get offered medicine. He has registered to sit the IMAT in London in September but won't know the result until October. In the meantime, should he accept his CAO and Susi grant

    That's a personal choice. One should study a course in which they have an interest. The fact that he put it on his CAO list suggests that he has interest.  I would recommend that he researches it thoroughly. He should speak with course lecturers and students who are currently on the course.

    Look into seeing if there is  a date at which your son could drop out without suffering financial costs or without using up his registration fee for next year (if he isn't happy in the course). Susi grant would be claimed from September to this date for 2017. You would be entitled to Susi grant the following year minus the payments already received in 2017.

    Is this clear enough? Come back to me if you need further clarity.

  • 15:31

    Thank you for your guidance, our son applied for Medicine in UCD and RCS, he scored with HPAT 40 short. Is there a chance the points for medicine will go down ? He did apply for biomedical and science in UCD ... how can he go into Med as a graduate ?

    Forty points would be quite a decrease. No one will know for definite until Monday. Candidates for graduate medicine apply through the CAO. Eligibility will be on the basis of their degree and GAMSAT score. Fees can be high. It might be worth looking into.

    Get back on if needs be.


  • 15:33

    Hi, my son got 466 points. He is hoping to do Business in DCU, which was 470 last year. I know the grading is different and the CAO points requirement may also be.... Should he be confident of making it?

    Unfortunately, the short answer here is we are not in a position to make a call on individual courses - no one is really, especially this year.   He is very close and is certainly in with a chance.   It's just a case of waiting patiently and positively until Monday.   Best of luck to him.

  • 15:36

    My daughter is unlikely to receive an offer for the paramedics course in UL. She was going to do a pre-paramedics PLC course but we have now learned UL will not accept this next year. Are there other courses/career paths for EMT/paramedic?

    You can train as a  paramedic through the HSE. These positions tend to be advertised on
    EMT courses can be done throughout the country. Probably best to search close to your area.

    If you need further help we're here until six.

  • 15:44

    Tks. His first love would be med but also like science prepared to go post grad. Can you offer advice on med in Italy and the procedure if offered after IMAT result

    I'm no expert in  the Italian education system.  I suggest that you make contact with the colleges directly. They offer many different English language medical programmes. I  recommend that you also  visit the following website -  Eunicas.

    I hope that it works out for you and your son.

  • 15:55

    Great service. Thanks. If the grade on a paper goes DOWN...what happens...???

    It's up to the institution themselves as to whether to keep you on the course or ask you to leave. The latter seems highly unlikely. Although downgrading can occur it's not that frequent.

    Good luck.

  • 16:10

    How do you know if your offer is through Dare? Is it written on the offer

    Nothing is written on your offer. You will know yourself if you get an offer of a course for which you haven't met the points requirement but are still being offered a place.

    Best wishes.

  • 16:11

    My daughter wanted to do Occupational Therapy in Trinity but hasn't secured enough points. Is there a PLC course which she could do this year that will allow her to apply for this course next year or what would you suggest as another option?

    As far as I am aware, Trinity Occupational Therapy is not a Fetac-linked course and so there would be no PLC course linked to it.   I would suggest giving TCD admissions and TCD Occupational Therapy a ring just to clarify if they have any other entry routes, be they direct or indirect. It's better to have a conversation with them just in case.

    Remember there is a postgraduate OT course in Limerick.   You just need to have any undergraduate level 8 degree in any discipline at grade 2.2 and then complete the HPAT Ireland.   Entry is competitive via HPAT score.   The only other option is to study it in the UK, at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

  • 16:12

    What Computer Languages did you have to learn for the Leaving Certificate?

    Sorry, don't understand this question?

  • 16:13

    Hi, thank you for this. My son repeated his Leaving and is very disappointed with two results - Chemistry and Construction Studies. He has a combined total of 705 for Medicine in NUIG - are they likely to drop 18 points?

    I really cannot say as there  are too many variables and I don't have the necessary data. The trend is that points should fall. I'm not sure if this will hold true for all courses.  Eighteen points  of a   drop would be high for a popular course. However, no one will know for definite until Monday.

    The very best.

  • 16:25

    If I accept an offer from the first round of offers, am I able to apply for a course through the available places facilities?

    Yes, absolutely.   After the first round of offers the facility works on a weekly schedule, with offers arriving in the next round of offers.   Click on the vacant place section of the CAO website and you will see all the details and instructions on how to apply.

  • 16:31
    Thank you. I used my son's results in 2016 QualifaX and 2017 assuming he scored on higher end of H2s his 2016 score would have been 545 vs this year 531. Courses should adjust quite a bit to be fair. Hoping!
  • 16:34

    I've been reading your blog and see that the general feeling is that the trend is for a fall in points. I got 465 and want to do Commerce in UCC. Am I safe in your opinion?


    No one will know for definite until Monday. I would be feeling hopeful. Monday will come soon. Best of luck.

  • 16:38

    Is a H7 considered a pass for entry into a UCD course requiring a pass in English?

    Yes, a H7 is considered a pass and will allow you to matriculate and meet the entry requirement.

  • 16:40

    If I appeal my exam, is it possible for my result to be downgraded?

    Yes it is a possibility. More  candidates have been upgraded as opposed to being downgraded.

    Please see comment below regarding being downgraded.

  • 16:47

    If I appeal my exam, is it possible for my result to be downgraded?

    Six out of 9,000 were downgraded last year.

  • 17:09

    I repeated and went up by more than 100 points but still fell short for the desired course. Is it worth repeating again to not give up on what I believe to be my dreams at the moment?

    This really is  a personal choice and only you can make it.  Have you  looked to see if there are other entry routes into this profession e.g. postgraduate route, PLC progression?


  • 17:10

    I currently have 725 points for Medicine and my first choice is UCC, which had a cut-off of 726 last year. I have read here that points may possibly decrease but Medicine applications increased by 1%. Is demand more of a factor than the new system?

    Unfortunately this is the million dollar question.   No one knows for definite what way this is going to pan out precisely.   Until the admissions officers go to Galway and do their work in the next few days no one will know for definite if you are in or not.   All you can do is try to hang in there patiently until Monday, when you will finally know for definite what lies ahead for you.   Best of luck.


  • 17:10

    Hi. Great resource. What is your advice on the likelihood of my daughter getting Law in UCD. She got 509 and minimum points in 2016 were 525.

    I can't be sure. It would be a considerable drop. The trend is for course points to go down. Whether this holds true for some or all courses   will not be known for definite until Monday. Sorry that I can't give you  a definite answer.

  • 17:26

    Where would you recommend to repeat in Dublin apart from IOE? For courses such as medicine in particular.

    This is a list of schools/colleges which provide a repeat option from CareersPortal.   It is very hard to recommend one as they all have their own strengths.   Maybe go through the list below and form your own opinion as to what might work best for you.

    Repeat Leaving Certificate

    Available in Schools [17]

    Bruce College
    Coláiste Mhuire, Mullingar
    Marino College
    O'Connell's School
    O'Fiaich College
    Portlaoise College
    Ringsend College
    Rockwell College
    St. Flannan's College
    St. Joseph's C.B.S.
    St. Joseph's College
    St. Laurence College
    St. Thomas' Community College (Closed Down)
    The Institute of Education
    Whitehall College of Further Education
    Yeats College Galway
    Yeats College Waterford

    Available in Further Education Colleges [12]

    Pearse College of Further Education
    Plunket College
    Rathmines College of Further Education
    Bray Institute of Further Education
    Ringsend College
    Carlow Institute of Further Education
    Cork College of Commerce
    Abbeyleix Further Education Centre
    Northeast College
    Kilroy's College
    Limerick Tutorial College
    Ashfield College

  • 17:29

    Even though a points drop is expected, could that still include courses such as Medicine and Law that are in high demand or in your opinion are they just too popular with students?

    It depends on the examination performance of potential candidates. I don't have this information. Until the admissions officers go to Galway and do their work in the next few days no one will know for definite if you are in or not.   We will have to wait until Monday.

  • 17:30

    Who can I contact for emergency career guidance advice, preferably for free or at low cost?

    In the first instance I would suggest your school if you have access to one.   If not, I would suggest contacting the Institute of Guidance Counsellors on 01-6761975, who may maintain a list of private practitioners.

  • 17:43

    I applied to BIMM for their degree course - points last year were 750. I have 790 so thought I was home and dry. Saw that points for the previous 2 years were 850-ish ... how could that be?

    The examination performance of candidates was higher in the year that points were 850. The supply, ie the number of places on this course, has remained at 150 since 2014.

  • 18:03

    If you accept a place offered through CAO are you financially obligated, ie can you choose later not to take the course, possibly because of repeating the LC, without being forced to pay for the fees (UCD)?

    You will only have to pay for your course if you register as a student in that college. This will be sometime in September. Although you may accept a place next week nothing is definite or comes with a financial cost until registration day.