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Joanne Hunt Mon, Oct 14
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  • 08:56
    It's a dry start in the capital and the sun is poking through. Brightening up during the day with sunny spells developing. Highest temperatures 11 to 15 degrees.
  • 08:58
    Good morning. It's Monday October 14th. Joanne Hunt here on the Daily Wire, with you until 5pm. Good weekend?
  • 09:03
    Get a bit squashed on the Dart this morning?

    Commuters on the train are experiencing shorter, busier trains today as capacity has been reduced due to a “driver issue”, says Irish Rail.

    Genevieve Carbery has the story.
  • 09:04
    The Dart leaving Sydney Parade this morning.
    The Dart leaving Sydney Parade this morning.
  • 09:05
    And apparently the M1 is closed near Lisburn due to a security alert. More on that soon.
  • 09:14
  • 09:18

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are asking for the public’s help to identify a man in an appeal they say is of “vital importance”.

    Two e-fit images, believed to be of the same man, which will feature in the BBC Crimewatch episode tonight, have been drawn up based on statements and descriptions from two different witnesses who saw this man in the Praia da Luz town area.

    The sightings are from the evening of Thursday May 3rd 2007 — the night that Madeleine went missing. Read more.

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  • 09:21
    Due to security alert on M1 there is a tailback of traffic citybound back to Lurgan (jct 10) and countrybound to Broadway roundbout.
  • 09:27

    Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the senior investigating officer in the Madeleine McCann investigation, will come to Ireland to seek the support of the public.

    “If you were in and around the Praia da Luz resort on Thursday, 3 May 2007, but you have not yet spoken to police, and you think you may have information, please pass it on."

  • 09:41
    Should tax exiles be allowed spend an extra 43 days a year in Ireland in return for an up-front cash donation?

    At the moment Ireland's rich who live overseas can’t spend more than 280 days in Ireland over a two-year period without being caught in the tax net. The Forum on Philanthropy is proposing that if they make a €5 million contribution and then €1 million a year thereafter for 10 years, they be allowed spend an extra 43 days in Ireland.

    But shouldn't they just pay their taxes like everyone else?

    Business editor John McManus thinks so.
  • 09:44
    Should the wealthy get to pick and choose how they contribute to the society, rather than pay tax like everyone else?
  • 09:46
    Mind the gap.
  • 09:53

    John Gilligan, who was convicted for drug trafficking, may walk free from Portlaoise prison anytime after midnight tonight.

    The 61-year-old, who was an adversary of murdered journalist Veronica Guerin, has already told media outlets not to expect an interview.

    Last week, Gilligan issued a statement through his legal advisers saying he would not grant interviews even if the media were prepared to pay sums of €1 million for access to him.

    Read more.

  • 09:57
    Is that hapless dentist in Love/Hate still there waiting do you think?
  • 10:00
    I was trying to watch Downton, the nine o'clock news and Love/Hate at the same time. Very jarring.
  • 10:04

    "Two grand in Communion money? Two grand?"

  • 10:09

    The intended victim of a shooting in which four people were wounded, three of them women, is a well-known drug dealer.

    Greg Lynch (28) is in a critical condition after he was shot in the face while standing on the roadside at Hanlon’s Corner on the Old Cabra Road in Dublin’s north inner city at 2.25am yesterday.

    He had been attending a 21st birthday party in Hanlon’s pub and was outside smoking, along with other patrons, including the three injured women. A man wearing a balaclava approached Mr Lynch and fired a number of shots to his face.

    Read  more.

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  • 10:29
    Free GP care for children under-five has been agreed by the Government in advance of tomorrow's budget.

    Good news for many parents. Anecdotal chat here in the office of  parent's charged €100 when bringing twins to the GP.

    No wonder  families are heading to A&E instead.
  • 10:35
    Increases in deposit income retention tax are also in prospect.

    Is hitting savings fair on young families trying to save hand over fist to trade-up from a pokey, boom-bought apartment to a family home?

  • 10:46
    Why not put your savings into a good mattress?
    Why not put your savings into a good mattress?
  • 10:51

    Oops. Looks like The Guardian's website is down.

  • 10:56

    Some tragic news from Wicklow this morning. A woman in her forties has died in a house fire in Enniskerry.

    The fire was reported at the house in Monastery Grove shortly before 5am.

    Two children in their early teens escaped the fire. They are understood to be the children of the dead woman.

  • 11:03
    A High Court case involving Rory McIlroy and three defendants, including his former management company Horizon Sports Management, is due to start today.
    A High Court case involving Rory McIlroy and three defendants, including his former management company Horizon Sports Management, is due to start today.
  • 11:11
    As rumours surfaced last week  that Rory Mcllory and  girlfriend tennis ace  Caroline Wozniacki had split, the US Open champion was busy giving a golf lesson.
  • 11:18
    Talks on Ireland's exit from the bailout programme are gathering pace.

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny said at the weekend that Ireland would exit its three-year bailout on December 15th.

    Minister for Finance Michael Noonan set to travel to both Strasbourg and Washington to discuss the country’s options.

    Read more.
  • 11:26
    Could Ireland’s ambitions to exit its bailout without having to take a precautionary credit line from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund be dampened by European concerns about the strength of the Irish banks?

    Simon Carswell and Suzanne Lynch report.
  • 11:34
    Something a little sad about this - the Minister for Children turning the sod on a facility to detain children. The sad fact is there is much need for such places.  
  • 11:41
    Can a family of four eat for less than €100 a week?

    Conor Pope finds out.
  • 11:48

    John Mulcahy, head of asset management and board member at the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), is to retire from both positions next year.

    In 2012, some 10 per cent of the agency’s workforce quit.

    Read more.

  • 12:04
    Great shot Bryan.
  • 12:22
    "There he sat, Fine Gael’s very own pin-striped Buddha, radiating contentment as the others did their stuff around him."

    Miriam Lord's description of Minister for Finance Michael Noonan - read her report on Fine Gael's national conference this weekend.
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  • 12:43

    Unemployment benefits for new claimants aged under-25 are to be reduced in the budget.

    People aged between 18 and 21 years currently receive €100 per week in jobseekers allowance with those aged between 22 and 24 years receiving €144. The rate for those aged 25 years and over is €188.

    A Government source said the €100 rate would be extended to those aged up to 24 years, with €144 payment coming at 25 years and €188 payment at 26 years.

    Read more.

  • 12:57
    Has Cheryl Cole opened a new fuel merchant's in Dungannon, Co Tyrone?
    Has Cheryl Cole opened a new fuel merchant's in Dungannon, Co Tyrone?
  • 12:58
    Has Cheryl Cole opened a new fuel merchant's in Dungannon Co.Tyrone?
    Has Cheryl Cole opened a new fuel merchant's in Dungannon Co.Tyrone?
  • 13:02
    “We had one report of a passenger taking faint on a southbound Dart at Lansdowne Road Station this morning, who was assisted from the train, and declined further medical attention," says Irish Rail.

    Dart trains ran at 50 per cent capacity this morning, leading to over-crowding. Genevieve Carbery reports.  
  • 13:06
    Senator George Mitchell, former Intel chief executive Craig Barrett and Dr Anne Merriman have been named in the 2013 Presidential Distinguished Service Awards for the Irish Abroad.

  • 13:12

    On the eve of Budget 2014, who's been lobbying who, and will they get what they want?

    Steven Carroll reports.  

  • 13:14
  • 13:25
    Signed canvases worth tens of thousands of euro by elusive British artist Banksy were sold at a stall on the New York streets for just $60 (€44) in recent days.  

  • 13:42
    "When Reeling in the Years tackles October 2013 there should probably be some version of Benny Hill music in the background.   The greatest triumphs in farce this month have been driven by journalism as entertainment."

    Una Mullally tackles the Love/Hate cat, and more.  
  • 13:48
    Does competence beat confidence in your office?

    In today's Irish Times Business pages,  Lucy Kellaway writes that we should "Not aim to believe we are good at what we do, we should instead aim simply to be good at it".

  • 13:53
    Could you survive on wearing just 10 items of clothes a week?

    Rosemary MacCabe challenged three women to 'The Clothes Diet'.  

    (Just think of the reduced effort spent on picking out what to  wear/laundry).  
  • 13:57
    Fianna Fail  aren't too happy about budget plans.

    “I and my party are very positive about the concept of children under 5 having free GP care, but in good conscience it cannot be at the expense of the very sick who have been losing their discretionary medical cards," says FF health spokesman, Billy Kelleher.
  • 14:04
    Is he answering questions from the French too? How very European.
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  • 14:22
  • 14:31

    Should you learn how to run properly before taking  to the road?

    John Collins went back to school to get some running tips from the experts.

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  • 14:43
  • 14:43
  • 14:53
    A European Central Bank executive board member has called the Irish bailout programme a “clear success story”, but warned that there are still “pending risks” in the banking sector.

  • 16:05
    Fair play to the Gardai on  twitter. They don't shirk from having attitude where necessary.
  • 16:09
    Hopefully not such a tight squeeze this evening folks.
  • 16:13
    A Dublin man who falsely claimed over €23,000 in Jobseekers Allowance has been given a suspended sentence after the court heard he was trying to repay the money with his legitimate social welfare payments.

  • 16:16
    Will you be filling up the car/buying an extra few bottles of wine tonight?
  • 16:16
  • 16:28

    "Perhaps we should invite some German women over here to show our own how to live on a budget......even though they live in a very wealthy country they do not waste. In fact, here in Ireland the women of a couple of generations ago knew how to manage. What are they teaching these young woman at school????"

    LOVE this reader comment on today's article on how much it costs to feed a family for a week.  

    Because a woman's place is in the kitchen.    

  • 16:30
    News just in from the Travel desk.

    United Airlines has announced that they will increase the Shannon to Chicago service for next summer by an additional 90 flights operating from May 22 to September 14.    

  • 16:31
    Shannon Airport  has announced the fourth consecutive month of growth - September figures 7 per cent higher than last year.

    Passenger numbers were 276,289 with transatlantic services up by 21 per cent.
  • 16:37

    Don't you wish you could prosecute  those who clog up your inbox with spam?

    A company that sent spam to barrister and former Olympic swimmer Michelle Smith de Bruin has ended up in the dock. Read more.

  • 16:55
    <p>Has Cheryl Cole opened a new fuel merchant's in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone?</p>

    Has Cheryl Cole opened a new fuel merchant's in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone?

  • 17:10
    That's it from the Daily Wire for today. Thanks for stopping by.  

    We're back tomorrow when we'll be keeping tabs on the budget for you.    Keep up to date in the meantime on
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    Fog will develop widely tonight under clear skies and almost calm conditions. Cool with lowest temperatures of 3 to 6 degrees.