Super 8s Saturday

Roscommon host Donegal at the Hyde before the meeting of Tyrone and Dublin in Omagh

Gavin Cummiskey Sat, Jul 21
LIVE: Super 8s Saturday

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  • By Gavin Cummiskey.

    Before we get to Donegal coming down to Dr Hyde Park to face Roscommon, the latest on the Liam Miller tribute match (not yet) at Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

    Go to twitter and see Henry Shefflin to Joe Brolly condemning the GAA decision not to bend the old rules.

    But wait...
  • GAA: "The GAA President and Ard Stiúrthóir, along with representatives of the Cork Committee, are to seek a meeting with the organising committee of the Liam Miller Tribute Match to discuss issues around the game."

    What this means is unclear but ideally Roy Keane will attend said meeting.

    Here is The Irish Times view:
  • Ok, back to Gaelic Games (nothing to see at Carnoustie unless you're a Tiger Woods enthusiast).

    Here is what's coming up in the next four hours:
    PHASE 2
    Group 2: Roscommon v Donegal, Dr Hyde Park, 5.0
    Group 2: Tyrone v Dublin, Healy Park, 7.0
  • Donegal and Roscommon are going through their warm-ups but the main event follows at 7pm with Dublin's first championship journey to Omagh. If you believe the Dubs official team (don't) Philly McMahon and Paddy Andrews come in for Eoin Murchan and Jack McCaffrey. Unless McCaffrey is injured that ain't going to happen.

    Meanwhile, in Boston...
  • Some night to be up in Omagh. Here is Keith Duggan on it all:
  • Kerry can be knocked out of the championship in Clones tomorrow. It got vicious down there this week. Darragh Ó Sé questioned the manhood of a few established names (including David Moran):
  • Roscommon wing forward Enda Smith looks to be in trouble. Busted face in warm-up, plenty of blood, he's getting treatment now.

    Breaing: Donegal's All-Ireland winning (2012) fullback Neil McGee wears number three but he is sitting on the bench.
  • Enda Smith is patched up.
    Roscommon cannot do without him.
    Now, where will Donegal put Michael Murphy after the throw-in?

  • Donegal are playing nobody in on the square's edge. Murphy out around the middle. Ryan McHugh hustles down the end line but can't get a sight of goal or draw a free. Travelling, Roscommon come away and Ciaran Murtagh plants a fine score.

    2 mins: Roscommon 0-1 Donegal 0-0
  • Diarmuid Murtagh goal chance. The corner forward spins and shoots but he can't keep it down. Hands on head. What a chance. Still, the brothers have a point each and Roscommon lead with four minutes played.

    0-2 to 0-0
  • Donegal have two wides.
  • Jamie Brennan's black left boot curls ball between the posts.

    6 mins: Roscommon 0-2 Donegal 0-1.

    Roscommon's Brian Stack steps inside and posts another left footed score.

    0-3 to 0-1.
  • Great save by Roscommon goalkeeper Colm Lavin. Ball dropped into danger area and it breaks for Jamie Brennan who gets a clean strike, despite being fouled as he pulls the trigger, but some stop. Michael Murphy lands the 45.

    8 mins: Roscommon 0-3 Donegal 0-2.

    Good stuff.
  • Rossies look hungry in front of their people (who had to swallow last week's hammering from Tyrone in Croke Park). Diarmuid Murtagh can't add to his earlier score. Punches wide from acute angle.

    11 mins: Roscommon 0-3 Donegal 0-2

  • Cathal Cregg draws a foul from Frankie McGlynn. Ciarán Murtagh free makes it 0-4 to 0-2. Donegal yet to crank into gear. Defeat for either sides brings the curtain down on their Super 8 campaign with a dead rubber to follow.
  • Ciarán Thompson is the new Donegal free-taker (now Paddy McBrearty is cruciated). Nicely taken point from ball in hands.

    14 mins: Roscommon 0-4 Donegal 0-3
  • Cathal Compton bashes into Ryan McHugh.
    FYI: Michael Murphy is playing his usual defensive role. He has a pointed 45 and is about to level the scores from a free on the 45.

    Duffs it. Drops for Lavin, Roscommon move quickly up the left wing.
  • Nip and tuck.
    Odhrán Mac Niallais levels it at 0-4 apiece.

    Eoghan Ban Gallagher looks to have dislocated his right elbow trying to balance himself on the turf. It twisted the wrong way. Neil McGee enters the fray with not 20 mins played. Some sub.

  • Jamie Brennan is a mini-tank. Twists and powers past three blue jerseys before he is hauled down. Murphy to clip the free from the left side. Donegal lead 0-5 to 0-4 with 21 minutes played. Will Roscommon collapse again?
  • Oh. Jamie Brennan posts Donegal's fourth wide (his second) but who needs Paddy McBrearty when Brennan can clip shots off either boot. Still, he missed. Roscommon kick outs are the problem.
  • Murphy goes onto the square. Panic in The Hyde. The damn won't hold to half-time...
  • Last three Roscommon attacks have ended with speculative efforts. No joy. Cathal Cregg the latest pot shot. Still a serious contest but Donegal look superior and smarter.

    26 mins: Roscommon 0-4 Donegal 0-5.
  • Murphy picks out Thompson who steadies and points. Donegal by two. Roscommon keep running into green walls.

    Wait, a chance...

    Brian Stack rifles a shot from 20 metres but Shaun Patton is equal to it. Calculated Donegal transfer possession down to Michael Murphy who makes it five points on the bounce.

    28 mins: Donegal 0-7 Roscommon 0-4.

    Only going one way here.
  • Donegal have 0-7 and six wides.
    Rossies had 15 minutes of energy creating two real goal chances but they need a hero. Enda Smith could be that man? Scratch that, he clips a wide.
    Smith was cut open by friendly fire during the warm-up. Maybe he was hurt worse than we know.
  • 31 mins: Roscommon 0-4 Donegal 0-7
  • Murphy is a beast. Frank McGlynn finds him with a switch pass and the captain flings Brian Stack to the floor before a fine score. Lavin's kick out gifts Donegal possession and the ball find Murphy again. Same result.

    0-9 to 0-4.

    Roscommon are cooked before half-time.
  • Lucky: Cathal Compton lets fly from out the field and Roscommon have their first score in 21 minutes.
  • Ryan McHugh is fuming. For the second time today he needs treatment after being pushed into Tadhg O'Rourke. Ref missed it.
  • First half injury time: Donegal 0-10 Roscommon 0-5.

  • Rossies manager Kevin McStay just laid his hands on linesman Niall Cullen. Pushed him with as much force as Diarmuid Connolly did the Ciaran Brannigan last year. Murphy gets pushed in the throat. There's Liam McHale (Rocommon coach/Mayo legend) out on the field.

    Brannigan (ref here) blows for half-time. McStay continues to rant at the officials as they walk off.

  • Barring a spectacular collapse, Donegal are going to win this game and keep their season alive.

    HT: 0-10 to Roscommon's 0-5.
  • Michael Murphy only has two All Stars. That should be remedied in 2018.
  • Some news away from The Hyde....

    GAA statement this afternoon: The GAA President and Ard Stiúrthóir, along with representatives of the Cork Committee, are to seek a meeting with the organising committee of the Liam Miller Tribute Match to discuss issues around the game.

    Meanwhile, up in Omagh, sneaky Tyrone have narrowed the Healy Park pitch by four metres. Dubs v Mickey Harte's men at 7pm.
  • How on earth have the GAA got the pulse of their membership so badly wrong (again). Ivory tower.

    "The GPA calls on the GAA to make Páirc Uí Chaoimh available for the Liam Miller charity game.The contribution by the GAA & its members to the social fabric of this nation is second to none & we are proud of the part our players past, present and future have and will play in this."
  • Kevin McStay put hands on the linesman (very similar to Diarmuid Connolly who got a 12 week ban last year that contributed to the Dubliner being exiled to Boston). Expect it to be looked at in the coming days. Ironically today's referee Ciaran Brannigan was the linesman Connolly brutally assaulted with his finger.
  • Second half coming up.
    Donegal 0-10
    Roscommon 0-5
  • Goal chance goes over the bar as Brian Stack scoop shot raises a white flag but appears to have hurt Shaun Patton in Donegal goal.
  • Kevin McStay update: the Roscommon manager has been sent off from the technical area. He has been confined to the bench for second half. Not sure about the rule.
  • Odhran MacNiallais kicks a glorious point.
  • Ciarán Murtagh flashes a lovely score with outside of right boot.
    Roscommon to go down fighting?

    40 mins: Rossies 0-7 Donegal 0-11
  • Neil McGee rips the ball off Ciaran Lennon and then he flings Lennon onto the grass. Ball in finds Odhran MacNiallais. Magic left footer. Street football.

    Five point margin. 41 mins played.
  • Kevin McStay has been sent off or sent to the line. TV showed him laying hands on the linesman just before half-time then he followed the officials into the changing rooms with plenty to say.
  • Michael Murphy is a full forward. The Donegal captain loops out from square's edge, turns and plants his sixth point of the day. It's over.
  • Roscommon v Dublin in round three of these Super 8 will be irrelevant.
  • Donie Smith replaces Cathal Cregg. Roscommon need a goal.
  • The real story this evening is the Gaelic Players Association statement:

    "The GPA calls on the GAA to make Páirc Uí Chaoimh available for the Liam Miller charity game.The contribution by the GAA and its members to the social fabric of this nation is second to none and we are proud of the part our players past, present and future have and will play in this. However we feel that the decision being taken here doesn’t align with our values as sportspeople and needs to be revisited."

    So many leading figures agree. Time to wake up.
  • Michael Murphy clocks up 0-7 as Donegal lead by six with 48 minutes played.
  • Here's what we know:

    GAA have themselves a second self-inflicted bloody nose.

    The GPA are up in arms.

    Kevin McStay is facing a Diarmuid Connolly-esque suspension for touching an official.

    Roscommon are all but done for the summer.

    Michael Murphy is king.

  • Michael Murphy has 0-8 now.
    All Star performance.
    Such a slick point, timing of run across the full forward line and a beautiful finish.
  • This game is over.
    But... The Dubs have invaded Omagh.
  • 57 minutes played in Dr Hyde Park.
    Roscommon 0-9 Donegal 0-16.
    Nothing of a game. Roscommon are not of the standard.
  • Odhrán Mac Niallais. is having a savage game. He just wobbled the butt of the Roscommon post with a slick shot. Deserved a goal.

    Up the other end Donie Smith makes it a six point game with ten minutes to play.
  • Kevin McStay has been sat down for the entire second half as the Roscommon manager interfered with the officials.
  • Seven minutes to go at Dr Hyde Park.
    Donegal 0-16
    Roscommon 0-11

    GAA top brass busy dealing with the GPA who just condemned Liam Miller charity match decision.
    Dublin have just rolled into Healy Park, Omagh.

  • Odhrán Mac Niallais and Frank McGlynn and Jamie Brennan have each been excellent but 0-9 by Michael Murphy (five from play) has produced a masterclass.
  • Odhrán Mac Niallais punctured Rossie spirit early and constantly with 0-3 off that cultured left peg (0-1 off the right).
  • Two weeks from today Donegal face Tyrone in Ballybofey for a place in the All-Ireland semi-final.
  • Jack McCaffrey dropped. No way. Don't believe it until we see it.
  • So good we published it thrice.
  • Almost full-time at Dr Hyde:
    Donegal coasting 0-20 to 0-12.
  • FT:
    Donegal 0-20
    Roscommon 0-13
    (McStay's men must still face Dublin in Croke Park but they are out of the championship)
  • Former GAA president weighs in.

    I've been working behind the scenes to get #LiamMiller event take place. @Twitter isn't always best vehicle for subtle diplomacy. Hopefully,everybody will have opportunity to help the family of one of Cork's greatest sporting icons. Where there's a will, there's a way !
  • 23 mins until Dublin v Tyrone throw-in at Healy Park, Omagh.
  • Lads in Sky Sports studio (Horan and Canavan) twisting knife into Roscommon.

    Peter: "Only seven point (win)..."
  • Everything Jim McGuinness says about Dublin v Tyrone will be lifted and published here.

    Mickey Harte: "We are just happy to entertain the All-Ireland champions on our own home venue. It is a very rare occurrence."

    Jesus, I predict four red cards.
  • So McCaffrey for Mick Fitzsimons, Eoin Murchan in for MDMA and Small returns from suspension with Paddy Andrews making way.

    More pace and power.
  • Huge climb down by GAA (within hours).
    Awful bloody nose for top brass but at least they bowed to public opinion.
  • Peter Canavan in praise of Brian Howard now on Sky Sports.
  • Throw-in coming at an electric Healy Park - 16,500
    Eoin Murchan gets his chance for Dublin with MDMA (ankle bandaged up) goes to the bench.
    Mickey Harte has tightened up the pitch.
    Can't wait. Dubs everywhere in Omagh. Greatest people on earth.
  • Unconfirmed reports that GAA will open Pairc Ui Chaoimh for Liam Miller charity match (evil soccer with Roy Keane managing Man Utd XI).
  • Tyrone were milled by Dublin in last year's All-Ireland semi-final. Couldn't stay with 14 men in this venue during the league in February. Diarmuid Connolly played 30 seconds of those games so not much has changed, right?
  • Conor Meyler catches Cian O'Sullivan in the eye/face. Treatment required. The hits are real.
  • Richie Donnelly wide. Rushed into shooting. Dublin in possession now. Slow, slow build up. All the time in the world and James McCarthy draws a free but it's taken quickly. Dean Rock points.
  • 4 mins: Dublin open the score.
  • Dean Rock shot falls short. Tyrone's turn.
  • Niall Sludden hits a mammoth.... wide.
  • Tiernan McCann flips Philly McMahon onto his back. No black, no yellow, just a Dublin free. Ciarán Kilkenny shot floats across the Tyrone defence. Dubs could have 0-3.
  • Gaelic football needs a shot clock.
  • Cian O'Sullivan catches Tiernan McCann (who rolls over and dies; no wait, he's alive. Close one). Tyrone free. Peter Harte over the black spot. 0-1 each. Nine minutes clocked.
  • Peter Harte is so important to Tyrone. Especially in a game like this. He has 0-2, nice score from play.
  • Hugh Pat McGeary is a big strong corner back. He just flung Brian Fenton into the turf. Ref saw it. yellow card. Dean Rock points the free. 0-2 apiece.
  • Ciarán Kilkenny hits the post. McGeary mops up. This is great stuff. Down the other end, cracking block by Johnny Cooper on Connor McAliskey. Cooper eventually forces the turnover.
  • Little sloppy from Dublin. Tyrone are forcing them wide so the sight of goal isn't great. Niall Scully the latest to come up short.
  • John Small fouls Peter Harte and stops him taking a quick free. Tyrone walk ten metres. McAliskey fails to take the chance. Post.

    16 mins: 0-2 each.
  • Oooooo. Jack McCaffrey clips a point while moving diagonally away from the posts. Slick.
  • Fine point by Tiernan McCann. Skins Paul Mannion and keeps calm.
  • Cluxton to Howard. Mark. Play comes back to the Raheny wing back who puts Dublin 0-4 to 0-3 in front. 21 mins on the clock.
  • Paul Mannion is a defender now. The Kilmacud Crokes sharp-shooter tracks 80 odd yards to dispossess Cathal McShane. Philly McMahon is a forward. Great point. Dublin by two.
  • Should be a black card for Colm Cavanagh. The brilliant Mannion broke out of defence and was dragged down before Niall Sludden slapped him in the face.
  • The Pairc is open!
  • Soccer ball will be played in Cork's ancient hurling home.
  • Dean Rock missed a free and quickly got another chance. Nailed it.
    Dublin are slipping out of sight.
  • Frank Burns reels them back in. Nice score from the centre back.

  • Brilliant score by McKernan.
    Stadia comes alive.
  • Points coming from weird sources. John Small gives Dublin a two point lead with half-time approaching.
  • Ronan McNamee took a belt on ankle/shin by one of his own teammates. Struggling to put weight on it. The Tyrone fullback is gone.

  • Dublin 0-7
    Tyrone 0-5
  • The physicality of the game needs highlighting. Tyrone matching Dublin blow for blow.
  • Brian Howard is running the show (not Kilkenny). It's half-time. Dublin by two points. Great craic.
  • As Jim McGuinness says, this is a "real heavyweight" contest with Dublin taken out of Croke Park leveling up matters. Mannion immense. Cian O'Sullivan God-like. Vital scores from Frank Burns and McKernan.
  • By the way, Donegal glided past Roscommon earlier (Michael Murphy was wonderful) and it looks like the GAA took the wrong temperature of how the world should work in 2018 - Liam Miller charity match bound for Pairc Ui Chaoimh (not official yet).
  • Meanwhile, in Omagh, Dublin are poised to tear away from Tyrone.
  • HT Dublin 0-7 Tyrone 0-5
  • Connor McAliskey points. Very good shooting. One score game.
  • Ciarán Kilkenny raises a white flag after Colm Cavanagh was pick pocketed out the field. Almost a goal chance.

    Dublin 0-8
    Tyrone 0-6

    39 mins.
  • James McCarthy's sheer power and ingenuity puts day light between the teams. A fine goal created in Ciarán Kilkenny's head. Dublin's Iniesta has been well shadowed throughout so he drew white jerseys to him while arching back out the field before a simple looking pass found McCarthy at full steam. After a one-two with Brian Fenton, Frank Burns tried to take him down and Niall Morgan even blocked the initial shot but McCarthy slapped the ball home.
  • Ciarán Kilkenny is draining the life out of the game now. It's his ball again. Paul Mannion has been terrific, covering every blade of grass, rather than the striker role he seemed born to inhabit. Not too worry, he's been immense but makes way for Cormac Costello.

    Dean Rock saunters onto a clever ball to make it a four point game.
  • Healy Park is very quiet. This is the Super 8s. This is what Dublin do to teams. Keep ball. Tyrone can't do anything.
  • Tyrone cannot do anything. They are trapped in their system. Dublin have manipulated Gaelic football to the detriment of paying customers. A SHOT CLOCK = instant solution.
  • Kev Mac is on the field.
  • Dean Rock makes it 1-11 to 0-8. Sleep time. The smart Dubs in the crowd are tip toeing towards their cars for the spin home. Be back in your local for last orders if you go now...
  • It's still 1-10 to 0-8 but Kev McMenamon arrives and draws a foul. Rock should kill off what has become a boring spectacle. Sad that Gaelic football's flaws make it impossible for neutrals to enjoy. We are watching piggy in the middle.

    Rock missed the free. He's having a good game but a few wides.
  • Some Keith Duggan at The Hyde:
  • The Kingdom could crumble tomorrow.
    Read Clerking (Malachy not Dick) on what's at stake...
  • Dublin are rolling out their bench experts.
    It's a five point bore.
    Tyrone cannot be faulted. They showed up.
  • Kevin McManamon points off the bench. Six point game. K-Mac one of the disciples closing in on six Celtic Crosses.
  • The GAA need to Dublin-proof their sport. Shot clock could actually make them a more dominant force. But we'd have more fun watching it happen.
  • Nine more minutes. A Tyrone goal would ease the boredom.
  • Ok. Three point game (thanks to Peter Harte's free) with seven minutes to go.
  • Ciarán Kilkenny breaks Tyrone's spirit with a nice point after the Road Runner (Jack McCaffrey) scampered out of defence.

    Dean Rock free.

    Dublin 1-13
    Tyrone 0-11
  • Kieran McGeary nails a long range point to keep the contest alive.
    Hang on, Loughrane just pointed after Cluxton's kick out was picked off.

    Three point game. Three mins to play.
  • Paul Flynn and Michael Darragh Macauley are on to close down the show.
  • Keep Ball
    Keep Ball
  • Ruining the game but Dublin do it so, so well.
  • 5 mins of injury time.
  • Collision: MDMA v McGeary would be some scrap. McGeary pinches his face. Play on.
  • Great point by McGeary and suddenly the place is humming. Two point game. Three mins.
  • Cluxton kick outs have been shocking.
  • Holy smokes. Tyrone free. Should be black card for Kevin McManamon but none going today. Huge moment: O'Neill puts it wide.
  • Good night and good luck.
  • Harte fouls Kilkenny and Dublin can slow it right down.
  • The Dubs never left and now they are singing. Wonderful people they will take their litter with them, I'm sure.
  • Last play...
  • Dublin grabbing hold of Tyrone players off the ball. They win the ball back and kill the clock. We are entering the 78th minute despite five being added on. SHOT CLOCK.

    Great start to this game but terrible second half.

    Paul Flynn insurance point.
  • Tyrone crowd booing as whistle goes.
    Dublin 1-14
    Tyrone 0-14
  • James McCarthy goal should live long in the memory as Dublin come to Omagh and dominate.