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David Cochrane Tue, Oct 8
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  • 09:58
    Hello, Éanna Ó Caollaí (@eocaollai) here kicking off this morning's news blog. We've a busy day ahead with striking hospital doctors, the fallout from last week's referendum and the budget to contend with.

    To start off with here’s a link to the Guardian’s data blog – the data highlights a marked decline in the number of foreign language courses being taught at UK universitites after they ceased to be a compulsory subject at the age of 14.
  • 10:19
    'If you can't make the news better, make it bigger!' Fox News has made the headlines again - this time following a bizarre redesign of their breaking news studio. The TV station yesterday debuted giant-sized tablets in its newsroom leading some to claim they had recreated the bridge in Star Trek....
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    Good morning, David Cochrane here taking over from Éanna for the rest of today's Live Blog.

    Both the Dáil and Seanad are back today, their first day back since the successful passing of the Court of Appeal Referendum, and, of course, the defeat of the Seanad Abolition Referendum.
  • 11:09
    Speaking of the Referendums (and I suspect we will be returning to it later today) - NUI Maynooth's Adrian Kavanagh writing in The Irish Times today analyses the turnout from the Referendums on Friday and highlights growing anti-government sentiment in ley commuter areas.

    > Urban/rural divide among voters made clear by turnout figures
  • 11:12
    Also big news this morning, confirmation that the budget adjustment will be €2.5bn, down from an originally projected €3.1bn.

    It was confirmed this morning by Minister for Finance Michael Noonan. Tim O'Brien reports on Noonan's comments in advance of this morning's cabinet meeting.

    • Speaking on his way into a pre-Budget Cabinet meeting this morning he [Noonan] said “we can achieve our targets by not going the full way to €3.1billion because there are other savings in the system".
    > Noonan confirms €2.5billion budget ‘adjustment’

  • 11:15
    Also news this morning is the protest by non-consultant hospital doctors that bagan at 7am, and will continue until midnight.

    Irish Times' Health Correspondent Paul Cullen writes that 12,000 outpatient appointments and 3,000 operations have been cancelled because of the strike.
    • More than 3,000 doctors are expected to take part in the action, described yesterday by the Irish Medical Organisation as a “dramatic escalation” of its long-running dispute over the issue of “dangerously long” working hours.

    Doctors’ strike begins at 51 hospitals around the country

    Passing Holles St this morning I noticed one poster which said "Even Jack Bauer won't work longer than 24 hours".

  • 12:02
    Peter Higgs and François Englert have been announced as the winners of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics for their work on the Higgs Boson.

    The full citation declares their prize "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider".

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    Fintan O'Toole Klaxon!

  • 13:04
    Mary Carolan reports from the High Court on a legal challenge by United Left TD Joan Collins to the Government's promissory note payments as part of the €31 billion recapitalisation of the banks.
    • Billions of Irish people’s money was illegally given by the Minister for Finance via promissory notes to insolvent private banks without any vote or authorisation of the Dáil, a three judge High Court was told today.
    Billions of public money unlawfully given to insolvent banks, court hears
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  • 14:37
    Irish Times Brussels Correspondent Suzanne Lynch reports from Brussels that MEPs have watered down the tobacco directive agreed by health ministers in June.
    •  [MEPs] voted to restrict mandatory health warnings to 65 per cent of cigarette packaging, compared to the threshold of 75 per cent agreed by health ministers in June.

    MEPs scale back tobacco legislation proposals

  • 14:51
    The Seanad Order of Business is underway following the defeat of the abolition referendum on Friday.

    Senator Zappone, speaking at the moment, is calling for strong reform that does not require constitutional change.  Senator Zappone wants the Taoiseach to attend the Seanad within a month to outline plans for Seanad reform.
  • 14:52
    Senator Zappone speaking in the Seanad right now, with members of the media in attendance in the background.
    Senator Zappone speaking in the Seanad right now, with members of the media in attendance in the background.
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  • 15:51
    Following up on Suzanna Lynch's article on the MEPs scaling back of the tobacco directive, Labour MEP Phil Prendergast is putting the vote down to "sinister lobbying". Prendergast says it was convervative MEPs who voted to water down the proposals, with lobbyists allegedly present in the visitor's gallery recording the votes of MEPs.
    • "As we were voting, I was astonished to see what I can only presume were tobacco lobbyists' attempts to record the votes of MEPs in the chamber from the visitors' gallery of the European Parliament.

      “If this is true, it contravenes European Parliament rules. I would be concerned that this information could be used to exert pressure on vulnerable MEPs to further the sinister aims of large multinational tobacco companies.
  • 16:08

    Meanwhile in the Dáil...



  • 16:56
    An Examiner has been appointed to clothing retail store A Wear. All 40 stores will continue to trade, and all vouchers will be honoured, according to Examiner Ken Fennell.
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  • 17:25
    If you live in Dublin 4 - your postcode might be about to change to D04. This is according to a spokesperson who replied to a query from The Irish Times in response to the announcement today that a new postcode system will be intrduced in Ireland by 2015.

    Every address to have postcode by 2015
  • 17:25
    And that's today's Daily Wire. Have a good evening!