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Live updates from Roscommon-South Leitrim and Dublin South West byelections with Mary Minihan

Mary Minihan Sat, Oct 11
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    Good morning. Mary Minihan here on The Irish Times live blog covering the byelections in Dublin South West and Roscommon South Leitrim.
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    We will be on the shoulders of tallymen bringing you rolling updates and figures from the count centres: the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght, Dublin and Roscommon's Hyde Centre. We'll be bringing you tallies, pictures, counts and analysis throughout the day.
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    Let's refresh our memories about the lie of the land in the Roscommon South Leitrim byelection first. Here's my colleague Harry McGee's recent profile of the constituency
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    And a refresher (if required!) on the situation in Dublin South West. Here's a recent constituency profile from my colleague Fiach Kelly  
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    Meanwhile on Merrion Street...
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    So some very early indications from Roscommon South Leitrim count, according to my colleague Marese McDonagh,  are that both Fianna Fáil and the so-called "Ming" candidate Michael Fitzmaurice are going strong. Perhaps some sense that FF a little taken aback by the strength of Fitzmaurice's vote but let me stress it's very early days.
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    Boxes of votes have a geographical resonance (naturally!), and the Sinn Féin candidate in Roscommon South Leitrim Martin Kenny is polling strongly in the Leitrim end of the constituency, Marese McDonagh reports.
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    So my colleague Michael O'Regan in Tallaght, Dublin is reporting a neck and neck battle between Sinn Fein’s Cathal King and anti-austerity candidate Paul Murphy for the Dail seat in the Dublin South West byelection is being predicted. Sounds like we have a contest!
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    The tally figures in Dublin South West are preliminary and based on a very early assessment of voting, Michael O'Regan stresses. Part of the difficulty for party activists in making an early assessment of a result is that the turnout was just below 30 per cent.
  • 09:57
    We all know who the byelection front-runners are but here is a full list of who's who in Dublin South West and Roscommon South Leitrim. Transfers patterns should prove interesting later in the day.
  • 10:01
    Ming is in the Hyde Centre, Athlone Road, Roscommon. His man Michael Fitzmaurice is "giving Fianna Fail heart attacks", it has been suggested to us. Dara Calleary, director of elections for Fianna Fail in the constituency, is also around. With only approximately 15 per cent of boxes tallies, Fitzmaurice is on 28 per cent and Ivan Connaughton of FF on 26 per cent. Another contest!
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    A full report from Michael O'Regan bringing you the latest from Dublin South West is here. Sounds like there will be drama in the basketball arena!
  • 10:13
    An alternative view:
  • 10:17
    Final tally in Roscommon South Leitrim expected at 12.30 we're hearing...we'll keep you posted.
  • 10:20
    Miriam Lord tells us that in Roscommon South Leitrim the locals are tentatively calling it. Let's stress again it's very, very early days. But there is a feeling on the ground that Ming's man (if it's ok to describe the  turf-cutter Michael Fitzmaurice that way!) may top the poll. "If so, a big big shock on the cards," says Miriam.  
  • 10:21
    Labour's John Kelly appears to be polling at below five per cent at the moment, according to these early tallies, Miriam Lord tells us.
  • 10:23
    Meanwhile, in Dublin South West (we can't decide which byelection constitutency is more exciting) Michael O'Regan tells us estimates put King with 26.5 per cent of the vote, followed by Paul Murphy with 25.6 per cent.
  • 10:24
    From Michael O'Regan: "With 16 of the 98 boxes open in the Dublin South West byelection count in Tallaght, a narrow victory for Cathal King is being predicted on the representative sample." And of course he sensibly adds: "This prediction carries the inevitable health warning. Still early days in this tight battle."
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    Think we can all relate to this!
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    Micheal O'Regan has more news from Dublin South West. He is using the R word. Early predictions could mean a recount in the byelection constituency...
  • 10:43
    Michael reports based on 30% boxes Paul Murphy could win narrowly eclipsing Cathal King by 27.4% to 27%. Stay tuned...keep our health warnings in mind please.
  • 10:55
    Just thinking about the impact of byelections over the years...midterm ballots are traditionally viewed as allowing voters to register their disillusion with unpopular government policies. After the electorate has satisfied itself by "giving the Government a kicking", the results tend to have no bearing on primary elections.

    And yet...
  • 10:57
    "Second-tier elections have sometimes led to leadership heaves and hastened governments’ downfall, reshaping the destiny of the country. Byelections have had the greatest impact in these cases.

    "Poor results for Fianna Fáil in the 1979 European elections created internal doubts about then taoiseach Jack Lynch, but his fate was sealed later that year when Fianna Fáil lost two byelections on the same day, in Cork.

    "In 1994, four opposition wins in byelections contributed to the break-up of the Fianna Fáil-Labour coalition. The Donegal South West byelection of October 2010 was another watershed, a harbinger of Sinn Féin’s rise and Fianna Fáil’s decline. That too drove an early election."

    That was Harry McGee's assessment of byelections back in May when he was reflecting on the trio of ballots that were taking place.
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    Independent candidate Michael Fitzmaurice is polling well all over Co Roscommon, creating worries for Fianna Fáil in the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency.
    Independent candidate Michael Fitzmaurice is polling well all over Co Roscommon, creating worries for Fianna Fáil in the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency.
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    But back to today...Michael Fitzmaurice ‘early leader’ in Roscommon South-Leitrim, reports Marese McDonagh
  • 11:06
    Latest from Marese in Roscommon is that senior Fianna Fail figures are privately admitting those all important transfers will see Independent Michael Fitzmaurice over the line. FF candidate and favourite Ivan Connaughton is actually ahead according to tallies which put him at 26 per cent but Fitzmaurice is close behinds with 23 per cent.
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    Turnout latest from Roscommon South Leitrim: turnout with 65 pc of the boxes open is 34 per cent, according to tallies
  • 11:19
    Latest from Dublin South West from Michael O'Regan: Latest tally figure suggests Cathal King will have 30.2 per cent, followed by Murphy with 27.3 per cent. Party activists agree that Murphy will be more transfer-friendly but are also saying that quite a significant number of votes are non-transferrable...
  • 11:20
    Meanwhile, Miriam Lord in Roscommon tells us around half of the boxes of votes have been opened. FF candidate Ivan Connaughton appears to be ahead but not, it seems, by enough to win. They're saying at the count he'd need to be ahead by at least 2,000 to have a chance.
  • 11:21
    Miriam also tells us Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has arrived at the Hyde Centre to lend support to Labour candidate John Kelly.
  • 11:22
    There has been no sign yet at the count centre of either Ivan Connaughton or Michael Fitzmaurice, Miriam report. What do anxious candidates do at times like this. Ruairi Quinn used to take a trip to the cinema!
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    "A Mayo man never comes to the Hyde to give up." That's the latest from Mayo TD Dara Calleary, director of elections for Fianna Fail in the Roscommon South Leitrim byelection, my colleague Marese McDonagh reports.  The count is taking place in the Hyde Centre on Roscommon's Athlone Road.
  • 11:37

    Michael O'Regan in the National Basketball Arena where the Dublin South West count is taking place says activists from all parties agree that water charges a huge issue. He points out that there is considerable middle class angst about the charges, as confirmed by yesterday's Irish Times poll, on the doorsteps.

  • 11:48
    In Dublin South West, Michael O'Regan has been speaking to Anti Austerity candidate Paul Murphy. He says he is "hopeful" of winning the byelection. "Either way, we have done incredibly well here, better than anyone would have predicted.. It was because of the revolt about water charges which is happening across Dublin." Water, water, everywhere in these byelections, it seems.
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    And our correspondent in Roscommon South Leitrim, Marese McDonagh reports Dara Calleary is not even entertaining suggestions that a defeat for the party candidate would spell bad news for leader  Michael Martin. “We took 15.9 per cent here in 2011. Now we are at 24pc to 25pc. In any fair measure that is a good improvement." Said he was waiting to see what happens with transfers.

  • 12:06

    Just reflecting briefly on previous byelections that have taken place since the Fine Gael/Labour coalition came to power. Remember the October 2011 Dublin West poll to fill the vacancy brought about  by the regretted death of Brian Lenihan. The Labour Party bucked the traditional trend by securing the seat with Patrick Nulty. That didn't work out to well. He left Labour sharpish over budget cuts. Then  last  March, the Dublin West TD Patrick Nulty announced his resignation from the Dáil after admitting to sending inappropriate social media messages to constituents, including a 17-year-old. The Socialist Party's Ruth Coppinger won the byelection to replace him last May.

  • 12:14
    Then in March last year another byelection took place in tragic circumstances. Fine Gael's Helen McEntee won the Meath East seat that had been held by her late father. Shane McEntee had been  Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture with special responsibilities for food, food safety and horticulture. The Labour vote collapsed in the constituency. Fianna Fail candidate Thomas Byrne, a Senator got 8,002 first preferences: "the largest vote we’ve got in years",
  • 12:17

    Last May saw another sad event prompt a byelection. In Longford-Westmeath a fresh poll took place to fill a seat left empty by the death of the  Fine Gael  deputy Nicky McFadden. Ms McFadden's sister Gabrielle topped the poll. (The Dublin West poll won by Ruth Coppinger  mentioned previously took place on the same day.)

  • 12:24
    So today could we be looking at  a situation where there have been six byelections in this Government's term and not one of them won by the largest Opposition party, Fianna Fail? It would be extraordinary.
  • 12:30
    As my colleague Harry McGee points out here both of the large Opposition parties Fianna Fail (19 TDs)  and Sinn Fein (14) are being challenged robustly by alternative forces today.
  • 12:32
    Short extract from Harry's analysis tells us: "In Dublin South West, Cathal King of Sinn Féin is facing a big challenge from Paul Murphy from the Anti-Austerity Alliance and if he wins, he will do so only by the skin of his teeth. Likewise, in Roscommon South Leitrim, it seems increasingly likely that Fianna Fáil’s Ivan Connaughton will not take a seat in that byelection, with the very impressive ‘Ming’ candidate Michael Fitzmaurice pulling off a surprise victory."
  • 12:38
    First count expected by lunchtime in Dublin South West, according to Michael O'Regan.
  • 12:42
    Near-complete tally in Roscommon South Leitrim has Michael Fitzmaurice just 1,000 votes behind the Fianna Fail candidate Ivan Connaughton. Marese McDonagh reports that 96 per cent of boxes tallied now. Widespread belief that Fitzmaurice will clean up on the transfer front...we'll keep you posted.
  • 12:44
    Worth pointing out the figures for Fine Gael and Sinn Fein in the Roscommon South Leitrim constituency. They won't be in the final mix but the senior Government party's candidate Maura Hopkins appears to have  scored close to 19 per cent while tallymen have Sinn Fein's Martin Kenny on 17.4 per cent.
  • 12:45
    The tallyfolk in Dublin South West have Cathal King of Sinn Fein on 30.5 per cent and Paul Murphy, Socialist (Anti-Austerity Alliance) on 27.7.
  • 12:50
    Michael O'Regan reports that the other candidates in Dublin South West are in single figures. To reach for the inevitable election cliche, it really is a two horse race...
  • 12:53
    Sinn Fein doesn't like the two horse race analogy applying to the other byelection constituency. Party MEP Matt Carty on Roscommon South Leitrim: "This had been bigged up as a two horse race so for Sinnn Fein to achieve 17.5 per cent is a great achievement." Marese McDonagh tells us Labour has polled badly with Senator John Kelly taking 6.17 per cent.
  • 12:57

    Byelectionsurprises will raise questions for FF and SF via @IrishTimes

    — harrymcgee(@harrymcgee) October 11, 2014
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  • 13:19
    Stand by count coming soon in Dublin South West we believe...
  • 13:20
    Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes predicts his Dublin South West seat will be regained in next General Election. Admits water charges letters coming in the doors 'not the best environment to have a byelection'. Speaking on RTE to Brian Dowling.
  • 13:25
    Dublin South West first count. Total poll 24,208. Invalid 256, Valid 24,024 and  quota 12,013. Declan Burke Ind 681; Nicky Coules PBP 530; Francis Noel Duffy Green 447; Cait Keane FG 2110; Pam Kearns Lab 2,043; Cathal King SF 7,288; John Lahart FF 2,077; Ronan McMahon  non party  2,142; Paul Murphy 6,540, Colm O'Keefe non party 74, Tony Rochford 92. No candidate reached quota.
  • 13:30
    So the key figures there are obviously Sinn Fein Cathal King with 7,288 first preferences and Paul Murphy the Socialist running under the Anti-Austerity Alliance umbrella with 6,540. There's a gap to be bridged for Murphy alright but it's not enormous. Can he do it with transfers? We'll keep you posted.
  • 13:35
    Should have mentioned also the figure for the potential electorate in Dublin South West 70,400. And how many people voted? 24,280. An incredible amount of apathy there, if that is the reason. Perhaps people just so disillusioned with politics and the political system.
  • 13:43
    It's goodbye to  Independent candidates Colm O'Keeffe (with 74 votes) and Tony Rochford (92) in Dublin South West. They've been eliminated after the first count. Fair play to them for constesting, I say.  
  • 13:45
    A neck-and-neck battle between Sinn Féin’s Cathal King and Anti-Austerity Alliance candidate Paul Murphy in Dublin South West has developed. Photograph: Eric Luke
    A neck-and-neck battle between Sinn Féin’s Cathal King and Anti-Austerity Alliance candidate Paul Murphy in Dublin South West has developed. Photograph: Eric Luke
  • 13:51
    A view from the Roscommon-South Leitrim count centre. Independent candidate Michael Fitzmaurice is emerging as the frontrunner there. Photograph: Brian Farrell
    A view from the Roscommon-South Leitrim count centre. Independent candidate Michael Fitzmaurice is emerging as the frontrunner there. Photograph: Brian Farrell
  • 14:07
    This detailed breakdown of first count results in the Dublin South West byelection makes for interesting viewing. The pie chart showing vote share is particularly illuminating!
  • 14:12
    Stand by the second count in Dublin South West appears to be imminent...
  • 14:14
    In the meantime our reporter Marese McDonagh has this from the  Roscommon South Leitrim count (no announcements there yet): Fine Gael’s director of elections Michael Ring said he was delighted with party candidate Maura Hopkins’ performance. “She will not be in the Dail this evening but she will be in the next Dail,”he insisted. The Minister of State for Tourism said that the government party had a number of challenges including the controversy about water contamination , and the hospital issue but still polled well.
  • 14:15

    Marese also reports the view of  Labour’s John Kelly that the turf-cutting issues hasn't gone away. He admitted he was disappointed and said the protest vote had been a factor. By-elections were  traditionally about government’s getting a message from the electorate ”and I was the victim on this occasion”.



  • 14:29
    Dublin South West second count: Declan Burke Ind +30=711; Nicky Coules PBP +10=540; Francis Noel Duffy Green +6=453; Cait Keane FG +7+ +2,117; Pam Kearns Lab +10=2,053; Cathal King SF +16=7,304; John Lahart FF  +8=2,085; Ronan McMahon non party  +25= 2,167; Paul Murphy +39=6,579.
  • 14:31
    Non-transferable votes after second count in Dublin South West: 15. It's goodbye to the Green Party's Francis Noel Duffy.
  • 14:31
    And now the third count appears to be imminent in Dublin South West...sit tight
  • 14:39
    Dublin South West  third count: Declan Burke Ind +35=746; Nicky Coules PBP +14=554; Cait Keane FG +77=2,194; Pam Kearns Lab +102=2,155; Cathal King SF +36=7,340; John Lahart FF  +53=2,138; Ronan McMahon non party  +60=2,227; Paul Murphy +43=6,622.
  • 14:40
    Socialist party candidate Paul Murphy waits to hear the count at the Dublin South West by-election in Tallaght today. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times
    Socialist party candidate Paul Murphy waits to hear the count at the Dublin South West by-election in Tallaght today. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times
  • 14:41
    After the second count it's goodbye to Nicky Coules of People Before Profit.
  • 14:42
  • 14:47
    Stand by now for count for in the Dublin South West byelection...
  • 14:57
    Dublin South West fourth count: Declan Burke Ind +72=818; Cait Keane FG +9=2,203; Pam Kearns Lab +15=2,170; Cathal King SF +108=7,448; John Lahart FF +14=2,152; Ronan McMahon non party +38=2,265; Paul Murphy +268=6,890.
  • 14:59
  • 15:04
    Meanwhile in Roscommon South Leitrim, our correspondent Marese McDonagh reports Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams comments: Fine Gael and Labour have been walloped”. He's borrowed a phrase from the Taoiseach following May's local and European elections.

  • 15:05
    <span>Sinn Féin president  </span>Gerry Adams arrives at the Roscommon South Leitrim count centre. Photograph: Brian Farrell
    Sinn Féin president  Gerry Adams arrives at the Roscommon South Leitrim count centre. Photograph: Brian Farrell
  • 15:06
  • 15:13
    Full steam ahead in Dublin South West. Fifth count: Cait Keane FG +64=2,267; Pam Kearns Lab +69=2,239; Cathal King SF +132=7,580; John Lahart FF +48=2,200 ; Ronan McMahon non party +199=2,464; Paul Murphy +189=7,079.
  • 15:16
    Non-transferable votes in Dublin South West this time 117 and it's goodbye to the Fianna Fail candidate John Lahart who was eliminated following the latest count (number 5).
  • 15:19
    Remember how the Dublin South West constituency looked in the early days of this Government's reign? It contained a Cabinet minister, Pat Rabbitte (now on the Labour backbenches) and a Fine Gael junior finance minister, Brian Hayes (now a member of the European Parliament). The other two men in the constituency were (and are!) Sean Crowe of Sinn Fein and Labour's Eamonn Maloney.
  • 15:21
    But let's not forget Roscommon South Leitrim where the first count has just been announced and no candidate reached the quota. Excluded: Gerry O'Boyle and Des Guckian, both Independents.
  • 15:28
    In Roscommon South Leitrim Ivan Connaughton FF 7,334 ; Emmet Corcoran Ind 1,262; Tom Crosby Ind 1,030; Michael Fitzmaurice Ind 6,220; Des Guckian Ind 902; Maura Hopkins FG 5,593; John Kelly Lab 2,037; Martin Kenny SF 5,906: John McDermott Ind 2,944; Gerry O'Boyle Ind 82
  • 15:29
    The quota in Roscommon South Leitrim was 16,656. The total poll 33,572. Invalid votes 262. Total valid poll 33,310.
  • 15:30
    Lively discussion on Shannonside FM. They're talking about local people remarking that 'history is being made' in Roscommon South Leitrim.
  • 15:32
    So the key results after the first count in Roscommon South Leitrim are that Ming's man, the turf-cutting champion, Michael Fitzmaurice has 6,220 first preference votes and Fianna Fail candidate Ivan Connaughton has 7,334.
  • 15:34
  • 15:40
    Stand by for sixth count results in Dublin South West...flying along
  • 15:44
    Dublin South West. Sixth count: Cait Keane FG +308=2,575; Pam Kearns Lab +253=2,492; Cathal King SF +248=7,828; Ronan McMahon non party +585=3,049; Paul Murphy +357=7,436.
  • 15:45
    A total of 2,492 votes to be distributed now ahead of the 7th count and it's goodbye to Pamela Kearns of Labour.
  • 15:53
    Thinking too about how the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency looked in 2011. It had two  Fine Gael TDs, Denis Naughten (first elected for the party in '97)  and Frank  Feighan ('07), and the first-time TD  Independent Luke "Ming" Flanagan. Naughten dramatically left Fine Gael over the local hospital issue. Ming got elected to the European Parliament.
  • 15:54
  • 15:56
  • 16:00
    Update from Michael O'Regan in the Basketball arena in Tallaght. "Matters heating up in Dublin South West. Cathal King leading Paul Murphy by 392 votes as seventh count underway. Distribution of the Labour’s Pamela Kearns’s 2,492 votes. Critical counts ahead."
  • 16:02

    Frank Feighan refers to legal issues on elbowgate when asked on Shannonside if he would like to take the opportunity to apologise to hospital candidate John McDermott. "I'll talk to John first," says he.  

  • 16:07

    Second count in Roscommon South Leitrim Ivan Connaughton FF +168=7,502; Emmet Corcoran Ind +43=1,305; Tom Crosby Ind +33 =1,063; Michael Fitzmaurice Ind +151=6,371;  Maura Hopkins FG +149 =5,742; John Kelly Lab +23 =2,060; Martin Kenny SF +278 +6,184: John McDermott Ind +74 +3,018

  • 16:08
    So no candidate was eliminated in the second count in Roscommon South Leitrim. 65 votes deemed non-transferable. Tom Crosby eliminated.
  • 16:14
    Michael O'Regan reports that Labour's Pam Kearns is apparently transferring heavily to Cait Keane in 7th count
  • 16:19
    Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin is apparently due at the Roscommon count centre at 6pm...
  • 16:26
    Stand by now for the crucial 7th count in 5 mins...
  • 16:41
    Dublin South West  7th  count results: Cait Keane FG +1,282=3,857; Cathal King SF +189=8,017; Ronan McMahon non party +367=3,416; Paul Murphy +290=7,726. The Independent McMahon is eliminated now with Fine Gael's Cait Keane as we wait for the 8th count.
  • 16:42
    Big Coalition  transfer there as huge amount transferred votes from the elminated Labour candidate Pam Kearns went to Fine Gael's Cait Keane. We've said goodbye to her too, however. Just the two men left in the race.
  • 16:43
    Looking like it will be Independence Day in Roscommon South coming there
  • 16:47

    Third count in Roscommon South Leitrim Ivan Connaughton FF +150= 7652; Emmet Corcoran Ind +178=1483; Michael Fitzmaurice Ind +254= 6625;  Maura Hopkins FG +122=5864; John Kelly Lab +30=2,090; Martin Kenny SF +99=6,283; John McDermott Ind +169 3,187


  • 16:49
    So after the 3rd count in Roscommon South Leitrim no candidate has reached the quota but "the Fitzmaurice train is roaring down the track", according to Shannonside FM. Emmet Corcoran the  Independent  has been elminated now and his 1,483 votes will be distributed.



  • 16:50
    But back to Dublin South West where Michael O'Regan has this update: The eight count underway in Dublin South West will decide the outcome of the byelection. After the seventh count, Fine Gael’s Cait Keane and Independent Ronan McMahon were eliminated having accumulated 3,857 and 3,416 votes respectively. The distribution of their votes will decide it. King, with 8,017 votes and Murphy with 7,726 votes are battling it out, with Murphy having to overtake his rival’s lead of 291 votes. The quota is 12,013.
  • 16:59
    More than 1,000 votes non-transferable as we await the final count in Dublin South West...
  • 17:00
  • 17:05
    We think so too Anne-Marie! The state of play now is we are waiting for what will be the eigth and final count in Dublin South West and the fourth count in Roscommon South Leitrim...
  • 17:09
    Stand by final count imminent in Dublin South West...
  • 17:13
    Sinn Fein concede ahead of Dublin South West  8th  count
  • 17:19
  • 17:23
    Michael O'Regan in Dublin South West says party activists monitoring the byelection count say that Paul Murphy will secure enough transfers to win the seat on the eight count now in progress.
  • 17:25
    Meanwhile in Roscommon South Leitrim, John Kelly and John McDermott have been eliminated after the fourth count...
  • 17:27
    So the 4th count numbers from Roscommon are Ivan Connaughton FF +194=7846;   Michael Fitzmaurice Ind +450=7,075;  Maura Hopkins FG +211=6,075; John Kelly Lab +54=2,144; Martin Kenny SF +164=6,447; John McDermott Ind +281=3,468
  • 17:28
    In Roscommon South Leitrim after the fourth count the non-transferables were 129 (total of 255). Yet again no candidate has reached the quota.
  • 17:34

    And the winner in Dublin South West is: Paul Murphy  

  • 17:36
    The Dublin South West Byelection count has come to an end on the eight count with the Socialist Party's Paul Murphy elected.
  • 17:38

    Michael O'Regan confirms that Paul Murphy has been declared elected  ahead of  the favourite Cathal King of Sinn Fein  

  • 17:39
    The final figures in Dublin South West: Cathal King SF  +982  =8,999 and Socialist (Anti-Austerity Alliance)  Paul Murphy +1,839 = 9,565. An exhilirating day for both men and their supporters.
  • 17:40
    Final Count in Dublin South West

    Paul Murphy SP +1,839 = 9,565
    Cathal King SF +982 = 8,999
  • 17:42
    Handing live bolg over to communities editor  David Cochrane now who will keep you posted on Roscommon South Leitrim. Thanks for your company today, Mary Minihan
  • 17:43
  • 17:51
    Despite Sinn Fein losing the seat, many of their members are chalking up their vote as a major success regardless.
  • 18:06

    And so our full attention (for now) turns to Roscommon South-Leitrim, where they're only just about to go onto their fifth count.  

  • 18:25
  • 18:29
    Result of count number 5 is Roscommon South-Leitrim being announced
  • 18:33

    IND Michael Fitzmaurice has now overtaken FF's Ivan Connaughton on the fifth count in Roscommon South Leitrim.

  • 18:36

    That sixth count in full...

    Connaughton FF + 1017  8863

    Fitzmaurice IND + 2136 9211

    Kenny SF +575 7022 7022

    Hopkins FG +1237 7312

    Martin Kenny SF eliminated and his 7022 votes will be transferred on the sixth count.

  • 18:45
    Michael Martin on Shannonside right now insisting that Roscommon South Leitrim is a good result, and that the seat was not there's to lose and they didn't have the seat. Martin highlighting that the party topped the poll.
  • 18:46
  • 19:25

    Sixth count due in the next five minutes apparently.

  • 19:30

    Sixth count result

    Connaughton FF +1220       10083

    Fitzmaurice IND   +2511       11722

    Hopkins FG +1164       8476

    Hopkins FG elminated on the sixth count. We'll have a winner on the next count.

  • 19:34

    Fitzmaurice leads Connaughton by 1639 votes. It's almost impossible to see how Connaughton can take more transfers than Fitzmaurice on FG transfers.

    Harry McGee says we should expect a final result just after 8pm

  • 19:38
    Michael Fitzmaurice, who's been apparently working on his farm for the day, will be at the count centre in 15 minutes.
  • 20:00
  • 20:05

    Fitzmaurice on Shannonside at the moment, says he's going to bring a message of change to Dublin.

  • 20:09

    Roscommon South-Leitrim Fianna Fail candidate Ivan Connaughton has tweeted his congratulations to Michael Fitzmaurice.

  • 20:11
  • 20:14
  • 20:27

    FG's Hopkins on Shannonside says she's very proud of the campaign she ran, saying she set out to win. Says she wants her area to be vibrant, and a place where people can return. When pushed says she will be putting her name forward to run. Joe Finnegan (Shannonside's excellent host all day) is pushing her on whether she thinks Fine Gael can take a seat in the new Roscommon-Galway constituency.

  • 20:48
    We're expecting the result for the final count in a few moments.
  • 20:54
    Michael Fitzmaurice has been declared the winner of the Roscommon South-Leitrim Byelection.
  • 20:55
  • 21:04

    And here's the final vote in Roscommon South Leitrim

    Fitzmaurice IND +3159     14881   ELECTED
    Connaughton FF +1967     12050            

  • 21:19

    And that's it for The Irish Times Byelections Live Blog. A day that's seen an upset for Sinn Fein in Dublin South West with Paul Murphy's election, and Luke Ming's successor safely installed in Roscommon South-Leitrim.

    Coverage continues on and in The Irish Times.