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Merkel's reaction to those tapes, flipping land in Limerick and other news . . .

David Cochrane Fri, Jun 28
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  • 09:25
    Colm Keena writing in this morning's Irish Times notes that the Quinn family, in their battle with Anglo Irish Bank, would have gotten access to a significant amount of material from an order for discovery that they were granted last July.

    Keena writes that in affidavits by the Quinns, they mention internal phone conversations between the chief executive David Drumm and a one John Bowe - who featured in phone conversations that are now infamously known as the "anglo tapes" released this week.
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    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
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    And on that, top of the morning to ye! It's David Cochrane here and I'll be liveblogging away throughout the day here on
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    And what could very well be not a completely unrelated item from before, leads right now with a report from Irish Times Berlin Correspondent Derek Scally who says that the revelations from the Anglo tapes were "damaging democracy".
    • Asked early this morning at the European Union summit in Brussels about the disclosures the German leader said the disrespectful tone towards the wider society appeared to be a common problem in the banking community - in Ireland, Germany and elsewhere.

    Merkel is quoted saying: "I have nothing but contempt for this ... it is for us a huge challenge to convince people who get up every day and every day do their work and always pay their taxes, do everything, even show solidarity with other people who are weaker. All of this is destroyed by that and so I have nothing but contempt for that ... for people who go to work every day and earn their money, it is very, very difficult to understand, if at all".

  • 09:41
    A Limerick man who sold his house and land in 2005 for €3m has bought it back for €215,000. The site was sold at the time for a car dealership to be built on, but that never got off the forecourt and was bought back by the gentleman at a public auction.

    >  Man sells property for €3m - and buys it back for €215,000
  • 09:49
    Bill Corcoran reports for us from South Africa that Nelson Mandela is showing signs of improvement, according to the country's President Jacob Zuma.

    >  Mandela showing signs of improvement, says Zuma
  • 10:09
    It's day two of the Irish Open at Carton in County Kildare. John O'Sullivan is liveblogging that here if you're so inclined.
  • 10:14
    One of our most popular articles on this morning is Gerry Thornley's piece from Melbourne on Tommy Bowe's return to the Lions squad following recovery from a broken hand he got just three weeks ago.

    The hand injury was expected to rule Bowe out for up to eight weeks but it took just three, which is down to a Brisbane-based surgeon Dr Peter Rowan.

    Bowe's recovery and return to the game in such a short time is remarkable.

    >  Tommy Bowe grateful to Australians for getting him back on the wing
  • 10:38
    It's interesting in a global effort to influence public opinion and information that countries use the media as a means to do so.

    The BBC's long established World Service is funded through grant-aid by the British Government and allows them to broadcast in 28 languages around the world.

    Following in the footsteps of the BBC other countries and people have also sought to fund international news, particularly on television. In most recent years channels like Russia Today, France 24 and Al Jazeera have all set-up television news operations in their domestic languages and english. BBC has even reported by setting up a number of new news channels for international audiences in Arabic and Persian.

    The latest, which is expected to launch in the coming days is from Israel.

    i24News will broadcast in French, English and Arabic from new studios in Israel but will be officially based in Luxembourg.

    The channel is apparently backed by private investors led by Patrick Drahi who has commercial interests in France. The channels' aim will be to bring an Israeli tint to international affairs, much in the same way Russia Today, France 24 and Al Jazeera in particular present their channels.

    A spokesman for the new channel insists that the channel will not me a mouthpiece for the Israel government. Speak to Les Echos Frank Melloul said that he rejected the idea that it would be "Al Jazeera Israel" and won't be there to make propaganda but to add an Israeli voice to world news.
    •  "We want to cover international news from a new perspective, that of Israeli society and its various components. We want to disconnect the perception of Israel from the Arab-Israeli "conflict, adds Frank Melloul.
  • 11:52
    The Irish Coast Guard has airlifted a man from a passenger ferry off the coast of Dublin after a medical emergency this morning. More >>
  • 12:27
    With summer upon us (not that you'd know that from looking out a window today) one wonders if the long debacle/delays around passports is going to raise it's ugly (and I'm not talking about the passport photos) head.

    This time three years ago the backlog was between four and five weeks and additional staff had to be brought in to deal with the issue.

    Reports on the passport thread are suggesting that it's taking longer than the ten-day turnaround time for Passport Express, with one user saying it's taking thirteen working days, and not the advertised ten.

    This may be compounded from Monday when the only way to actually get a passport in normal circumstances will be through the Passpost Express facility. Last month the Department of Foreign Affairs said the changes would make passport applications 'cheaper and more efficient'.

    The page on the Department of Foreign Affairs website updating people on Passport Express Turnaround times hasn't been updated in six weeks. Hardly inspiring given the more streamlined system from Monday.

    I must admit I've a horse in this race, travelling next Friday with my passport due to issue this coming Monday. A call to the passport office this morning (the second one actually, the first resulted in a recorded message saying they were too busy to answer the phone) and just a few minutes on hold and someone confirmed there was a longer than normal turnaround time, but only by "one or two days".

    Let's hope it doesn't get as bad as it did last time.
  • 12:58

    I've put in a query with the Department of Foreign Affairs asking why they're not keeping their website up to date with details of turnaround times for passport applications. When they get back to me I'll post an update here.

  • 13:56
    • A woman who sued over arm injuries suffered after a man fell on top of her while they were dancing at well-known Dublin nightclub Copper Face Jacks has lost her High Court action for damages, writes Mary Carolan....
    >  Woman loses claim after 'dirty dancing' at Copper Face Jacks
  • 14:13
    CCTV footgage from India shows a leopard sneaking into the lobby of an apartment and leaving with a dog in its it mouth.
    • Last Friday’s 20-second CCTV camera clip shows the leopard silently but determinedly approaching a ground floor apartment outside which Raju, a pet dog, was asleep.

      The leopard is then seen grabbing the terrified dog by its neck and dragging it silently across the lobby before fleeing with it in its mouth.
    Leopard sneaks into Mumbai apartment and takes pet dog
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  • 15:19

    It's the last weekend of Ireland's Presidency of the Council of the European Union and Enda Kenny is at a news conference in Brussels to mark its end. Arthur Beesley and Derek Scally write on that the Taoiseach has said at the news conference that the Anglo taples have "damaged Ireland's reputation".

    The Taosieach went on to say that those beind the Anglo debacle should "stand by the Republic" and come forward with any information they have.

    > Anglo tapes have damaged Ireland’s reputation - Kenny 

  • 15:20
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny at news conference at the end of a European Union summit in Brussels today. Photograph: Reuters
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny at news conference at the end of a European Union summit in Brussels today. Photograph: Reuters
  • 16:18
    Jack Hunter submitted this picture to Tumblr, and it's now been chosen by the New Yorker as their next cover.
    Jack Hunter submitted this picture to Tumblr, and it's now been chosen by the New Yorker as their next cover.
  • 16:48

    There's been a thread running on Reddit for the past three days entitled "What's the most intellectual joke you know?". Some of the "jokes" are huge brain-scratchers, well possible for those a little less intellectual.

    Thankfully has done an idiot's guide - I found it somewhat of use.


  • 16:57

    We're almost at the half-way mark for 2013. How's it been so far for you? And how's the music been for ye?

    Our Jim Carroll has compiled a list of the best albums and tracks so far this year. Lots of great listening there.

    Now that’s what I call far

  • 17:42
    And whilst we're only just at the half-mark for 2013 we are at the finishing line from today's liveblog. The Sports team will have a liveblog running throughout tomorrow covering all the latest from Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Cycling and more.

    From me, in the meantime. Have a good weekend.

    And to those of you planning to spend your day in Dublin City Centre tomorrow, happy pride!